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How Long Do Casual Relationships Last – What The Experts Have To Say

Casual relationships are becoming the norm nowadays. They usually start as a fling, and there are no weekend plans or commitments involved.

Both sides occasionally meet to satisfy their sexual desires, and part ways until the next time.

But how long do casual relationships last and at what point do they start taking a serious turn?

Most importantly, how can you even identify if he’s emotionally interested in you?

Let’s uncover the answer to all your questions, and conclude the article with the most common signs a casual relationship is getting serious.

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How Long People Casually Date Someone in Average?

Casual dating lasts from a couple of weeks to 3 months on average. But sometimes they can go on for years.

There isn’t a firm answer about how long you should date someone because timing alone isn’t a good indicator.

To add, the level of sexual compatibility, and how good of a time you two are having can also significantly matter.

Also, there are several factors that affect the duration of a casual relationship such as whether you’ve met the person online or in real life. Keep in mind that relationships formed online tend to end faster.

But generally, once the sex partners reach the 3 months mark will decide if to take the relationship to the next level or not.


How Long Should You Casually Date Someone Before Getting Serious?

It is possible for casual dates to lead to a serious relationship. However, you need to give it some time.

But the question still stands, how much time?

Relationship coach and psychotherapist Toni Coleman suggests that three months is an ideal time to make the transition from casual dating to a serious relationship.

By then, you two have likely had sex at least a couple of times.

This will help you decide that do you even like anything else about your partner except for the sex. Or perhaps, you may not love that too much either.

Similarly, spending 90 days casually dating someone also makes it prominent whether there’s love to grow, or if it’s only lust.


Signs A Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious

group of people getting into serious relationship

Want to steer your casual relationship towards a more serious direction but on the fence about whether he feels the same?

Here are some signs to help you decide:


1) More Intimacy

Casual sex more often than not is quite raw. And by raw, we don’t mean without the rubber, but without much emotional intimacy.

Instead of focusing on romantic gestures, it’s more about the hole and the shaft.

So if you want to know if he’s interested in you, then start by observing his body language.

Do you think he’s being more affectionate or romantic in the bed? This could include holding you more tightly, kissing you more than usual and of course, cuddling after sex.

To some, cuddling may not sound as big of a deal. But in reality, post-sex cuddling is a sign of relationship satisfaction.

And if a guy hangs around for too long after orgasm, then it’s also a sign of emotional attachment.

This is why, if he stays in bed after sex then it’s quite obvious that he’s starting to catch feelings for you.


2) More Responsive to Your Texts Now

Most people in casual relationships only talk when they want to have sex.

But don’t mix up casual relationships with hookups. There’s still a subtle difference.

Hook ups are all about one-night stands and no connection after that. In a casual relationship, two people are dating, but there are just no commitments.

So do you notice a sudden change in your relationship? Is he being more responsive to your texts? If so, then your relationship is slowly moving to the next level.

Because ultimately, as we mentioned, he doesn’t have to meet any commitments with you. Still, he’s going out of his way to give you time and attention.

This indicates that he’s interested in knowing more about you as a person. And also, he’s exploring if there’s compatibility between you two.


3) Get Into The Friends Circle

If you’re getting introduced to her/him circle of friends, that’s is a clear sign that there is a future together.

Why would someone let you meet friends when is only about sex? After, he/she is already getting the action, right?

So if you’ve recently got a chance to meet her/his friends, then consider the relationship sealed.

Continue doing what you already are because is working. Go with the flow and within no time, this relationship will take a more serious direction.


4) Getting Emotional

People do not show their emotional side to everyone. It’s a personal kind of thing.

After all, most people get into casual relationships to have fun and plenty of sex.

If sharing vulnerabilities and insecurities with you, then you already getting your feet wet into the relationship.

This is another prominent sign that your casual relationship is getting serious.


5) Wants to Know More About You

Do you notice your sex partner asking more questions than usual nowadays about your personal life? This isn’t too common in casual relationships.

When there is a desire to know more about each other, then it’s highly likely the bond is getting stronger.

And this is one of the main reasons people get into casual relationships, to begin with.

They’re unsure if they will bond with the person and have the compatibility. So if he wants to know more about you, then without a doubt, your relationship is growing.


How To Have A Casual Relationship Without Getting Hurt

Casual dating falls somewhere between hook ups and friends with benefits. You can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The good thing is there’s always a chance that your relationship may turn serious. And if there’s no compatibility, you can still continue having sex for a couple of weeks or months.

As you can imagine, you get hurt from a casual relationship when you have expectations. You expect it turns into a serious relationship.

Just get into a casual relationship with a playful mind, and you’ll be fine.




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