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How To Convince A Girl To Have Sex: 9 Tips

There is no doubt it takes skill to persuade a girl to have sex, unless you’ve met her on a site like Adult Friend Finder.

The reason is most girls like to play hard to get, and they’re also pretty fickle as well. One minute they’ll be giving you the green light. And in the next, they’ll be flashing you the stop sign.

If you know how to deal with this situation, you can turn that ‘not yet’ into a ‘yes.’

But if you don’t, you may never reach a happy ending.

To avoid disappointments and wasting time, learn these 9 tips on how to convince a girl to have sex with you:


1. Bribe Her With A Gift

sexual favor

When you give a present to a woman, she’ll want to reciprocate the favor.

Sometimes, you might have sex with a complete stranger by buying her drinks. This works in nightclubs because people are intoxicated and into a party mood.

But otherwise, it won’t work because the “gift” is too cheap and most guys to it.

So you need to go with something which is specific to her. But something highly appealing to her desires.

Does she desire a new pair of glasses from a certain brand? Gift that to her and you can ask anything in return.


2. Make Her Feel Sexually Desirable

A confident woman won’t think twice about enjoying her body. Yet a girl who has a poor view of herself won’t have the courage to share it with others.

If she doesn’t feel sexy, how could she be open to sleeping with someone else?

For this reason, if you want to spend the night banging the girl you’re into, then she’s got to feel sexy.

In other words, making a woman feel sexually desirable is one of the key factors in persuading her to have sex.

By raising her self-esteem with compliments and encouragement, you’ll make her feel good and confident.

In turn, she’ll have the push she needs to get busy in sheets with you.


3. Turn Her On

turning on a woman sexually

Unlike guys, women usually need a lot of time to get into the mood. In a sense, they’re similar to cars that you have to warm up first.

So you shouldn’t attempt to get in a girl’s pants right at the start, as you’ll only get rejected.

Besides that, if she’s not feeling it, there’s no way she’ll want to have sex unless you can stimulate her.

The easiest way to turn a girl on is to touch her while. And don’t forget how to let her know what you would like to do to her to trigger her sexual fantasies.


4. Present Yourself As An Amazing Partner In Bed

It’s a sad truth, but many girls don’t have satisfying sex lives. There’s no helping it since males and females have different sexual practices.

As a matter of fact, many girls simply choose to put up with average sex.

The good news is you can convince a girl to have sex with you if you present yourself as better than the average joes.

Let her know that you’re an amazing partner in bed without being arrogant about it. Drop casual hints into the conversation to stir her interest.

If she’s sick of bad sex, she’ll want to experience the pleasure you’re offering. This approach works well especially when you want to convince a married woman to sleep with you.


5. Set Up The Right Mood

sexual environment

If you want to pressure a girl to have sex with you, make sure to set up the right environment. Going somewhere alone with her it’s a sure thing to get laid.

Obviously, you shouldn’t be too obvious that you’re taking her there just for sex. Being indiscreet is essential.

Organize some fun activities to do together, have some romantic moments and you won’t get rejected when going for it.


6. Make Her Lust After You

It’s a common fact that men have a weakness for sexy bodies. And even if they don’t want to admit it, women are no different.

Considering this, you’ll be able to smoothly hook up with a girl when you get her to lust after you. Should you happen to be a guy with a nice body, this is the ideal way to get the woman you want.

Tempt her with your body at every chance you get. Brush your muscles against her and subtly flex them when you see an opening. Give her a glimpse of what you have.

Basically, tease her enough so she’ll want to find out what’s under your clothes.


7. Drink Alcohol With Her

convince a girl to have sex with alcohol

Having a few drinks together not only creates a bond but also helps to relax nerves.

Alcohol is a great ally especially with those women who are too tense. Perhaps she is shy or a career woman always in rush.

Not to mention, her whole attitude towards sex will be more welcoming. She likely won’t mind getting intimate quickly after a couple of drinks.

Psychology Today’s article strongly strengthens this statement as well. It reports that women are generally more open to casual sex under the influence of alcohol.


8. Appeal To Her Emotionally

No matter how independent or tough a girl is, you can bet that she’s got a soft heart. That’s just how women tend to be since they’re in touch with their emotions.

And luckily for you, this is something that you can use to your advantage.

The most effective method would be to make her feel sad for you. Maybe casually talk about a loss you recently went through or an issue that you’re having trouble with.

She’ll instinctively want to make you feel better. What’s better than sex?

However, don’t be pathetic about it. You need to make her sympathize with you, not think you’re a loser.


9. Make Her Believe That You’re Not A Player

You have to bear in mind one thing since your goal is to bed women. And that is, you shouldn’t give them a reason to think that you’re a womanizer.

Otherwise, the girl you’re interested in will doubt the sincerity of your actions. Furthermore, she’ll be thinking that you treat all women the same way.

To avoid this, show that you’re genuinely attracted to her with your actions not only your words. Focus on her the entire time, and praise her qualities.

Once she feels secure that you’re a good guy, she’ll be more than willing to have sex with you.


10. Challenge Her Ego

In this day and age, you’ll meet various kinds of girls.

Now, when you have your eyes set on someone with a strong will, just being a gentleman won’t impress her much.

You have to stand out from other guys in a way that she can’t ignore. You can do this by challenging her ego and provoking her need to be wanted.

In short, don’t fawn over her or let her wrap you around her finger. It’ll drive her crazy that she can’t put you under her spell.

She’ll want to do everything she can to capture you. This will make it easy for you to trick her to end the night in bed with you.


11. Let Her Know That You’ll Satisfy Her Sexual Desires

Girls often have the upper hand whether they’re in search of a relationship or a hookup. All they have to do is dress up a bit, and they’ll get lucky with little effort.

Even an average-looking lady will have guys hitting on her.

This means that if you want to persuade a woman to have sex with you, it’s vital that you give her a solid reason to pick you.

And the easiest way to do that is to assure her that you’ll satisfy her desires. She’ll find this hard to resist since men are known to be selfish in bed.

Promise her to do all that it takes to give her several orgasms, and she’ll allow you to prove it to her.


Remember Consent When Trying Convincing A Girl To Have Sex

As Leeza mentioned in her video, remember that the whole point of consent is that she should be given it to you…

Don’t be that guy trying to convince a girl to have unprotected sex against her will… Or convince a virgin to give herself up to you if she isn’t ready.

There is a fine line between convincing someone and forcing someone to have sex. Don’t cross it.




  • Tom Phillips

    Tom Phillips is a Dating Coach for World Hookup Guides who has been helping men to succeed with women for almost 7 years. His coaching career began with one-on-one coaching and has gradually evolved into seminars. He has dated successfully dated several women over the years and now shares strategies and techniques on several national publications in addition to World Hookup Guides.