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How To Hook Up Using Uber

Kissing on Uber

Whether you’re an Uber driver or a passenger, you’ve probably thought about eating the “forbidden fruit” at some point.

That’s right – we’re talking about engaging in sexual activity with one of your rides.

This might sound unprofessional and even illegal to some. But you’d actually be surprised to know that it happens more often than you’d think.

And besides, we aren’t here to discuss the moral side of things because honestly, it isn’t as black and white.

But before we go any further, note that this is NOT about sexually harassing or exploiting anyone because that’s never okay.

We’re just here to talk about how to hook up with a Uber in a fully consensual way.

Now with that out of the way, let’s discuss how to approach the situation, tips for flirting with drivers and passengers, some signs to notice, and more.


Is It Possible to Hook Up With Someone in an Uber?

In short, yes. You can hook up with a driver/passenger in an Uber. When people have been out partying at night, they are often in a flirty mood.

As a result, if they see a hot Uber driver, they might just take the party into the car, so to speak. And some drivers are up for it!

Most stories we’ve heard are about women hitting on male Uber drivers,

Chances are, female drivers will give you a one-star review or report you for harassment if you try.

In other words, if you’re a straight man – stick to friendly banter with female drivers. Unless she hands you her number, don’t try something on.

If you are a man driving an Uber, you might just find some of your passengers hit on you or be open to you hitting on them.


Common Signs an Uber Driver Is Up for Sex

Generally, it’s pretty easy to tell if a man is sexually attracted to you especially if you’re talking face-to-face.

But what happens when you’re sitting in the backseat of a car? How can you tell if someone is into you then? Here are some tips:

  • They keep the conversation going–keep asking you questions
  • They compliment you
  • They don’t change the topic or shut down the conversation if you start talking about dating or hookups
  • If you compliment them, they accept the compliment

Steer the conversation into stuff about dating and hookups, as in the example in the section above, it’s pretty easy to gauge if they’re turned on by you.

If they tell you they are in a relationship or think it’s super inappropriate for girls to hit on them, well, there you have the answer.


When Is The Right Time to Hookup With Your Passengers?

Here’s the deal: NEVER suggest or accept any form of sexual favors then and there. No matter how tense the situation gets. Why?

You may have misinterpreted the situation, which could lead to a complete legal mess. Even if you’re reading them right, they could be drunk/high and confused.

They might very well want sex, but the next day, when the alcohol/drugs have worn off, they remember things differently and decide to take you to court.

Plus, in some states, it’s illegal to have sex with your passengers no matter how consenting all parties are.

So what do you do if someone is hitting on you?

You give them your number. If they call you the next day, that’s on them, not you AND it’s outside of work.

Let’s call this the day-after rule for hooking up with Uber–you always leave the sex to the next day no matter how heated things get in the car.

Apart from that, the main thing to remember if you don’t want to end up in hot water is to let them take the lead if you’re the driver.

That way, there’s no risk of flirting being misconstrued as harassment.

Many drivers even install cameras in their cars to ensure nothing can come back to haunt them.


How to Hook Up with an Uber Driver (For Girls)

Hooking Up with Uber driver

A man practically has zero chances of hooking up with a female Uber driver, but women who hit on male Uber drivers seem to have a lot more luck!

So as a woman, what can you do to entice your Uber driver to have sex with you?


1. Start with the Small Talk

First of all, start a conversation by saying hello to them using their name (it’s on the app).

Ask questions about how their shift has been so far, and whether they like their job. If so, what do they like about it?

And if they have had any interesting passengers lately. Basically, you know, the small talk combined with subtle flirting.

They might ask you about your night – you can then further carry the convo and then ask their opinion on something in relation to it.

Let’s say you went to a cocktail bar. Tell them about the cocktail you had then ask them where they think you can get the best cocktail in town.

Asking for peoples’ opinions makes them feel valued and helps open them up.

When chatting, if you hit on something you both have in common, make a comment about it. You build rapport that way.


2. Start Building Sexual Tension

If the conversation starts flowing, gauge if the guy would be interested in casual sex. Tell them you just came from so and so bar and it was boring because you didn’t get any hookups.

Then, ask them what bars they recommend for meeting singles. See if they seem keen to chat about the topic.

Twist things around and ask them if they like hookups, or do they prefer more serious relationships.

Throw in some good old negging – you love their hair, but that shirt, seriously? Did they pick it themselves? Say it humorously.

Or you can skip the negging and just tell them they look so hot – do they always dress that nice when driving their Uber? Remember, your goal here is to create sexual tension.

Then, ask them if they get hit on a lot, especially by girls from out of town. (This is to keep it open-ended).


3. Exchange Numbers

If they seem open to your compliments and start talking about girls, dating, one-night stands, or just generally look very friendly, ask them to exchange numbers.

Then ask if they’re up for doing something the next day, and they can text you. Again, don’t suggest sex right off the bat.

While it might be uncommon for guys to file for sexual harassment, it happens. So never push for anything. Leave it up to them to follow through.

And remember – this is a lighthearted conversation. Allow yourself to be giddy and giggly. If you get too serious, it takes the flirtation out of the equation, so to speak.


How to Hook Up as an Uber Driver (For Guys)

You have to tread carefully if you’re trying to hookup as an Uber driver.

Some girls are super sensitive and something as innocent as telling them they look nice can freak them out when stuck in a car with you.

Basically, saying one wrong thing can give them the impression that you are a creep and blow your chances.

If you want to increase your chances keep the following things in mind:

  • Choose the night shift, around 8 o’clock is fine. People are often in a party mood at night.
  • Make sure your car is super clean and smells nice but not overpowering (some air fresheners can make sensitive people puke).
  • Also, make sure you’re clean and smell nice–remember girls are sensitive to scents so go LIGHT on aftershave/perfume.
  • Dress to impress–a shirt and some jeans or chinos will do.

From there, you need to make the conversation flow, especially if the passenger is friendly.

You don’t have to ask lots of questions – once the conversation gets rolling flow with it. Play with innuendos but make sure it’s back and forth, not one side pushing the other. It flows.

You’ll gauge if they want to flirt and if they do, remember the idea is for them to hand over their number.

Ryan shows in his video how you can take things naturally. As you can see, he just went with the flow and by the end of the ride, the girl asked for his number:

After that, you can take the flirting over text messages. But they need to hit on you first, not vice versa!


Is Uber Better Than Adult Friend Finder for Casual Sex?

No, certainly not. But it’s something happening in real life, just like picking someone up in a bar – which is easier for some people.

If you don’t have game in a bar, chances are you won’t have game in an Uber. The reason is in both scenarios you need top-notch communication skills.

If you’re the driver, almost all passengers expect you to chat with them. If they aren’t in the mood to respond, you’ll notice it pretty quickly.

With Adult Friend Finder the situation is different as it’s online and you know people want sex. Unlike Uber, you don’t have to play the guessing game.

So if you cannot pick up on signals of men/women hitting on you, then Uber hookups aren’t for you.

Hone your craft on Adult Friend Finder where you don’t have to worry about putting your job at risk or facing legal repercussions.


FAQs About Uber Hookups


Is Uber a dating app?

No, it’s a riding service. But sometimes passengers and drivers do mingle with one another to make it something more than just a car ride.


Is it legal to hookup in Uber?

It isn’t legal to hookup with a Uber driver in the United States because their terms of service prohibit unwanted contact between drivers and passengers, even when the ride is over.

But depending on the country, the law may vary.


Is it possible to hookup in Uber?

It’s rare but it’s possible to hookup in Uber. Yet, we wouldn’t advise doing it the same day you take the ride.

Exchange numbers, and then maybe do it the next day or sometime after.




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