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How To Create Sexual Tension With A Man

create sexual tension with man

You don’t need killer looks to make a man go crazy.

All you gotta do is create sexual tension and he wouldn’t be able to resist making a move on you.

But this might make you wonder – how to create sexual tension with a man, to begin with? And what are the signs of men’s sexual tension?

Before we cover that, let’s start with the basics…


What is Sexual Tension?

Before you can create sexual tension with a man, you first need to know what it actually is.

In simple words, sexual tension is a form of mutual attraction. It’s the desire to get physically intimate with a person but not act on it due to environmental or relational constraints.

Marla Renee Stewart added that unlike one-sided attraction, sexual tension is normally mutual and is experienced between two or more people involved.

So if a person doesn’t reciprocate your lust then it wouldn’t be considered sexual tension.

Now that we’ve have cleared what we are talking about in this article, let’s find out if you’re already experiencing sexual tension with him.


Signs of Men’s Sexual Tension

According to our research from the leading sexual experts, these are the main signs of sexual tension in men:

  • Long and intense eye contact.
  • Finding excuses to touch you.
  • Seeing you in erotic dreams.
  • Flirting with you non-stop.
  • Nervous body language when you’re around.
  • He tries to spend time alone with you.
  • Increase rates of sexual jokes.

There are also other signs of sexual tension covered by Joyanima, psychologist and relationship expert:

But it’s worth pointing out that the signs of sexual tension and sexual interest are closely linked.

A man will show most of these signs, if not all when he’s sexually attracted to you as well. It would only be called sexual tension if you reciprocate his lust.

We know, it sounds confusing – so let’s just say that if you two have a deep desire to have sex but don’t do it, then that’s sexual tension.

And in case he doesn’t reciprocate yet that intense desire to fuck you, the good news is you can build sexual tension with a man.


How to Build Sexual Tension with a Man

building sexual tension with a man


1. Show Cleavage

There’s nothing that turns men on more than a women’s breasts.

So if you have the confidence then why not put your sex appeal to use by flaunting your assets?

How to do it? Well, the first step is to wear revealing clothes.

Whether it’s your male friend or a stranger, go grab a seat beside him and start a conversation.

In the middle of the conversation “accidentally” drop something in the direction he’s facing. And then, simply, bend down to pick it up.

The glorious view he’d get of your breasts is sure to leave him stunned.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the confidence to do this in public, then you can also show cleavage by sending him a selfie.

Yet, do it without looking slutty.


2. Whisper in His Ear

One of the fastest ways to build sexual tension with men is to whisper in their ear sexual fantasies.

Perhaps something that you would like him to do at you. For example, “I would love someone to bend me over in a toilet, and eat me out”.

And if you need more ideas to whisper in his ear dirty things, this article from Bridalshower will help you. Try them out and see how quickly he starts feeling sexually turned on.


3. Play with Your Hair

This is a common technique that women use to flirt with men.

Honestly is kind of unfair how easy it is for women to build sexual tension with men. Doing something as simple as twirling your hair while looking at him can get things going for you.

And if you have long hair then you could also flip it over your shoulder to expose your neck to him.

You can either do this while talking to him or when he’s sitting across the room. Just make sure that he’s looking toward you when you do it.


4. Bite Your Lips

Biting your libs while having a sexual conversation will allure him to desire you. The reason is that signal to him that you’re getting horny.

Nothing excites a man more than turning a woman on.

But of course, some women also use it as a way to signify nervousness and to encourage a stranger to initiate a conversation.

Either way, unless he’s inexperienced with women, he’s sure to pick this body language sign up.


5. Get Steamy on Text

You can build sexual tension with him even if you aren’t in the same room. All you need are his digits.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that texting is an enormous part of modern day flirting techniques.

And if you know the right words, then it’ll only take a few minutes for a man to sexually crave you.

That’s why if you’re trying to build sexual tension on text then we have covered that in detail.

The ideal time to use this strategy is during the day so by the time nightfall, he is really turned on for you.


6. Touch Him

When two people feel attracted to each other, it’s just natural to go for a touch. You could either massage behind his neck, touch his chest grab or go for the thigh.

And if you’re bold enough, then gently rub it while looking at him in the eyes.

It’s one of the most prominent gestures of intimacy and sexual desire. And if this doesn’t create sexual tension, then he’s probably a lost cause.


7. Sexually Tease Him

Sexually teasing a man is pretty easy and there’s more than one way to do it.

One of them is to wear a short skirt and sit in front of him with your legs slightly open. And if you really want him to go crazy for you, start pulling up the skirt with your hands.

Although don’t overdo it. Once or twice is more than enough to make him crave for you even more.


8. Smile at Him Seductively

To get him to desire you simply smile in a seductive way. For instance, while having a conversation with him.

And if you want to go the extra mile, put your finger in your mouth while smiling at him.

Don’t forget to look him in the eyes without looking away. That is provocative and sexy. And if you want to make it too obvious then perhaps you could wink at him as well.

If he is into you, he won’t resist your sexual appeal.




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