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How To Flirt With A Married Man: Tips and Examples

Flirting with a married man can seem difficult. The usual approach you take with a single guy doesn’t fit the situation because you need to be discreet.

Aside from that, you can’t just do things without thinking about them thoroughly.

Not only will it be bad for you to get caught by others, but you might scare him away as well if you seem too open and bland.

With that said, it’s possible to learn how to flirt with a married man without getting caught by others. That way you avoid ruining your reputation within a community.

If you want to know how to flirt with a married man at work, over text, or in other situations, carry on reading.

woman flirting with married man


How To Flirt With A Married Man At Work

Being in the same office with a married man that you fancy, will give you lots of opportunities to flirt.

Yet, you should also learn the signs of a flirting married man so you can tell if a married man likes you.

Either way, keep in mind to be careful how you act with him as your coworkers might notice. You wouldn’t want them to spread nasty rumors about the two of you, would you?

With this in mind, you have to do things subtly to avoid their suspicion.

Instead of flirting openly at the office, ask him to go for a coffee after working hours. There you can be flirtatious without any restraints.


How To Flirt With A Married Man Over Text

Since his family could see it, it may sound like a bad idea to flirt with a married man over text. But if you message him when he’s not at home, you should be in the clear.

For this reason, it’s essential that you find out his schedule.

By knowing when it’s safe to contact him, you can freely message him without worrying that his wife will see it too.

You can easily send him flirty messages, and if you’re bold enough, you can even directly ask him to hook up through text message.


How To Flirt With A Married Man In Other Situations

There’s a general rule that you should follow to safely flirt with a married man. That is to always be wary and secretive about it wherever you guys are, but most especially in public spaces.

Why is this crucial?

It’s cause people will think ill of you if they discover that you’re aiming for someone who’s already taken.

Apart from that, the guy you’re into could be put off since your actions may possibly damage his image.

Hence, you should try to be alone with him first before you try anything.


Tips For Flirting With A Married Man

flirting with a married man tips
Before flirting with a married man, you should learn a few things that you can and can’t do.

Below are some tips to set you in the right direction…


1. Never Bring Up His Family

Nothing will ruin the vibe you’ve got going on with him faster than talking about his wife. Not to mention, it’ll make things awkward as it’ll remind him that he shouldn’t be getting this friendly with you at all.

With attention to this, the number one tip to remember when you’re flirting with a married man is to never bring up his family.

In fact, you should get to know him as a man and only ask questions about himself. Make him feel like he’s single in your eyes, and he’ll act like it towards you.


2. Look Sexy But Classy

Usually, married people get too relaxed and eventually let themselves go. Brides’ article backs it up, as it writes that many couples become complacent and stop making an effort after a few years.

In effect, many wives don’t care for their appearance any longer, making their husbands lose interest in them.

So catch the attention of a married man by looking hot. This will make you more appealing to him than his wife, and he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.


3. Show Him That You Value His Opinions

Husbands often feel insecure and unappreciated due to their spouses.

This detail is proven in Paired Life’s article. It says that guys are treated like they’re a work in progress while their wives act like they’re perfect.

Based on this, you can get a married man to turn to you by showing him that you value his opinions.

Tell him how good he is at work or that you think his ideas are great.

In doing so, you’ll lift his spirits up and will make him think you’re better than his wife.


4. Make Him Feel Attractive

Couples who’ve been together for a while don’t notice the things their partner does anymore. Moreover, wives focus mostly on the kids, with their husbands being their last priority.

This leads to men feeling forgotten and unhappy. Then again, this gives you an opening to swoop in and make him aware of you.

In this case, the ideal way to flirt with a married man, even at work, is to make him feel attractive.

You can do this by praising his style or appearance by saying he looks good in what he’s wearing.


5. Keep Things Light

Considering a father and husband’s duties, the married man you’re into obviously has heavy responsibilities.

Therefore, to get him on your side, you need to be someone that he can be at ease with.

In light of this, you must always keep the mood between you two light, even when you’re flirting through text.

At any rate, you just have to make sure he has fun when you’re with him. And that you shouldn’t talk about heavy topics and drop conversations that he’s not comfortable with.


6. Make Him Feel Accepted

For the most part, wives tend to control their husbands and disregard activities they disagree with.

It’s why many married men are forced to give up their interests when they get hitched.

On account of this, you can win over a married guy if you support what he likes as this will make him feel accepted.

For example, ask him about his hobbies and talk about them with him. This will make him open up to you, and you’ll get his affection since he can be his real self with you.


7. Let Him Know You’re Into Him

It’s crucial that he knows for certain that you like him. Because he’s got a lot to lose, he won’t take a chance if he won’t get anything out of you.

As such, don’t be unclear and play coy too much, or he’ll think you’re treating him like a fool. In short, when you flirt with a married man, let him know that you’re definitely into him.

For instance, let him catch you staring and smile at him. Or you could be aggressive by touching his hand directly when you guys are alone.




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