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Want To Hook Up With A Married Woman? 3 Best Places

It isn’t uncommon for men to want to hook up with married women. The reason behind that can often be the thrill that comes along with it.

Knowing that you’re having sexual relations with a person who’s tied down can undoubtedly be exciting.

But unlike regular hookups, finding married women to hook up with isn’t that easy. That is exactly what we’ll be helping you with.

So let’s explore the 3 best places to hook up with a married woman:


1. Online – Adult Friend Finder

hook up with married woman online

This isn’t probably the first time you’re hearing about Adult Friend Finder. It is one of the largest sex dating platforms in the world with more than 80 million members worldwide.

There are plenty of married women and even couples looking for no string attached sex.

Some may argue that dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid are also worth a shot. But we don’t believe that is the case when you’re particularly searching for married women.

The thing about married women is that they want secrecy. And on Adult Friend Finder they don’t have to show their faces but only their sexy bodies.

You see, married women avoid extramarital affairs due to the risk of getting caught by their partners. But if they know that their privacy is protected, you’d be surprised how wild most of them would get.

That is exactly the reason Adult Friend Finder is on this list – it is a hookup platform. On AFF, women do not have to worry about creating an emotional connection with another man.

They can simply sign up, find a match, enjoy some passionate sex and move on like nothing ever happened.

And if you want to increase your chances of meeting married women there then that too is simple. All you have to do is specify in your profile that you’re looking for someone who’s tied up.

Don’t forget to mention that you’ll remain discreet about the experience though!

It may take some time, but the more you fill out your profile, the more you’ll stand out. Before you know it, a hot married woman who is frustrated from her sex life will hit you up.


2. Cougar Bars

two married women sitting in a cougar bar

You’d be surprised to know how easy it is to pick up older/married women inside cougar bars.

It isn’t uncommon to find married women facing a sexual crisis. Some have their husbands ignoring them sexually while others might have realized they aren’t sexually compatible.

All you need is to recognize the signs a married woman wants to sleep with you and the right judgment.

At first, they might seem reluctant, but if you have good communication skills, they’d open up. Make sure to listen to what they have to say and offer some emotional support.

With a little bit of sweet talk after that is what you need to get them in the bed. It’s worth learning how to convince a married woman to sleep with you to speed up the process.

Another issue is to find cougar bars in your city?

The easy way is to check out our city sex guides under the section “Where to meet people for casual sex” and directly read about cougars bars from there.

And if that doesn’t work for you, then prepare a list of bars that often host karaoke nights. Married women are often attracted to karaoke bars. They love getting tipsy while listening to music.

Similarly, bars that host board games like bingo and such are also basecamps for married women.

So start hunting, and within no time, you’ll come across plenty of such bars in your vicinity. And before you know it, you’ll meet a vulnerable married woman looking for some action.


3. Oldies Night at your Local Dance Club

Similar to cougar bars, it is also easy to find married women inside dance clubs. However, the only thing you need to be on the lookout for are oldies nights.

What is an oldies night? A special event where 80s music is played.

You can easily find married women coming there in groups to flirt with. In fact, most of these women would also be looking for some added excitement.

It would be easy to start a conversation as they’re usually without their husbands. And when their friends are around, it’s also natural for them to be reminiscent about the good old days.

So if you ask them to come for a dance, there’s a great chance they won’t say no.

Note that some of these women may also act a little “defensive” while dancing. They would talk about their husband and kids often. But that’s doesn’t mean they aren’t interested.

It simply means that they are trying too hard to resist you. And in case you’re wondering, all of this is coming from our personal experience.

So simply continue talking to her, flirt and make her think about you.

After that, ask her to grab a couple of drinks with you. If you’re able to get to that phase, then that’s pretty much all you need.

Once she starts getting tipsy, she would open up in no time. And it’s only a matter of time and privacy afterward that you two start making out.

So in a nutshell, if there’s any oldies night that you know of, then don’t forget to attend it. Going to such events is one of the best ways to find married women to hook up with.


Should I Hook Up with A Married Woman?

Whether you want to hook up with a married woman or not entirely depends on your personal preference. If you’re too afraid of getting caught by her husband, then you might want to reconsider.

But if you like the thrill that comes along with it, then go ahead. Just make sure that you’re discreet about it.

Nonetheless, scoring married women isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You just need to know how to hit their soft spot.

And if you’re still inexperienced, then you should learn how to convince married women to sleep with you. Once you’re ready and understand all the tricks and techniques, start trying out the options we’ve mentioned above.

Have any crazy experiences with married women that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.




  • Peter Brown

    Dr. Peter Brown is a dating and sex expert that writes for several various publications. Having got his doctorate from Yala Univeristy and operating his own clinic, he has a vast knowledge about casual relationships involving married people. He likes to play golf and spend time with his children during weekends.