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How To Fuck A Married Woman – 9 Things To Do

How To Fuck Married Women

There’s a certain charm about married women that can drive most men crazy.

Perhaps it’s the idea of having sex with women who are committed to another man or maybe it’s their experience in the bed.

Either way, you may have also felt attracted to a married woman at some point in your life.

But you probably thought it was impossible to seduce her and didn’t act on your sexual desires.

What if we told you that it’s actually possible to get her in your bed?

Rather than just fantasizing about her, you can bring your forbidden pleasures to life.

So here are important things you should do if you want to fuck a married woman:


1. Listen to Her When She Talks

Most marriages lose their spark over time. And it’s common for couples to mind their business instead of talking to each other.

This is the reason married women usually crave attention. Their husbands do not listen to them as they used to in the past.

So you probably guessed it by now – you need to make her feel similar to how her husband did before their marriage.

Listen to what she says and pay attention to minor details. Especially pay close attention to her rants, because that’s when it’s the easiest to get close to her.

Remember to be smart enough to know when to pull the trigger. For instance, if she’s ranting about her husband, you can indirectly tell her that she can do better.

Basically, the more emotionally vulnerable she becomes, the easier it would be for you to fuck her.


2. Compliment Her

There’s no denying the fact that women simply love compliments and being married doesn’t change that.

In fact, as Gail Crowder points out in the video below, feeling unappreciated is one of the leading reasons behind why women cheat:

So there’s a great chance that she’s dressing up and her husband doesn’t even notice it.

On the other hand, you could be fulfilling that role by making her feel beautiful with your compliments.

Just avoid being too direct though, otherwise, it would raise suspicion. And don’t compliment her too frequently either.

Remember that flirting with married women is a kind of art because you have to be obvious about your intentions to her but without other people noticing.


3. Be the Man She Dreams Of

Most women have this picture of an “ideal man” in their mind that they think does not exist. As a result, they simply settle down with whoever they find.

What you need to do is to become that man she dreams of. For that, start by saying and doing the right things.

Whether it’s listening to her as we mentioned above, making her laugh, or being a gentleman around her, make her feel special.

In short, do things that she wishes her husband did for her. Though make sure not to go overboard.

You don’t want to make it too obvious that you’re trying to seduce her. Moderation is the key when seducing married women.


4. Look Her in the Eyes

man seducing married woman

When you’re trying to seduce married women, you need to tread with caution.

Being too expressive can ruin your chances and put her off. You need to create a certain bond before you make your move.

And how can you do that? Simple – with the help of eye contact.

As stated in this article by Psychology Today, eye contact is the most effective way to develop trust, intimacy, and mutual attraction.

Besides, you never know the last time her husband stared at her romantically.

He might have lost the spark for her, or maybe he’s too submissive to confidently stare at her.

So take charge and give her “the look” to assert that you’re capable of doing things to her in the bed that her husband cannot even get close to.


5. Tell Her She Can Do Better

If a married woman starts ranting about her husband to you, then it’s safe to say you’re on the right track.

This is when you need to throw your cards and gently convince her that she can do so much better.

Although once again, you need to be careful with your words. Don’t badmouth her husband, otherwise, she may feel offended.

Instead, talk to her in a sympathetic tone and tell her something like “You know, you’re really beautiful and I feel you deserve a man who treats you better.”

By saying this, you’re subtly showing your interest in her and also making her realize that she can do better. Which in turn can potentially create an opportunity for you to sleep with her.


6. Win Her Trust

If you ever want to sleep with a married woman, then you first have to win her trust.

Show her that you’re not one of those scumbags who would blackmail her the moment she gets sexual with you.

So avoid giving the impression that you’re one of those guys who love bragging.

Don’t be like “I’ve slept with 5 girls this month” because that would alert her that you might even brag about sleeping with her later.


7. Flirt with Her

flirting with married woman

If you’ve done everything above properly, then it’s now finally time that you start flirting with her.

To begin with, you need to show that you’re confident because they aren’t usually interested in shy guys. In addition, be energetic and fun around her.

The reason is married women have seen plenty of dull days as a wife or a mother. A bit of excitement in life is what they’re craving for the most.

Overall, we’ve covered how to flirt with married women in detail as it’s different than flirting with single young ladies.

So we recommend that you check that out to avoid making any mistakes.


8. Talk about Sex and Fantasies

There comes a point in a marriage where the sex just becomes too boring and vanilla. This is also one of the main reasons why women usually end up cheating on their husbands.

So if you want to seduce her, then make her have something to look forward to.

The last thing she wants is to cheat on her husband with a man who’s also selfish in the bed.

That’s why learn about her sexual fantasies and let her know that you’ll fuck her so hard that she’ll forget her husband.


9. Get Physical

Married women are never going to take the initiative. So if you want to get physical, then you will have to take the leap and pull the trigger.

You also have to time it right because being too early or even too late would ruin your chances. That’s why you need to learn to judge the situation.

Does she reciprocate your flirting, talks about sex, and rants about her husband to you all the time?

If so, then it’s a good indication that you should make a move.




  • Tom Phillips

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