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How To Tell If A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With You – 13 Obvious Signs

While they may pretend to be squeaky clean on the outside, the reality is that married women are far from saints.

As a matter of fact, they still lust for men who aren’t their husbands. It’s just that they hide their desires well.

Unlike hookup opportunities with single girls where you only risk a rejection, flirting with the wrong married woman might bring consequences.

Not only do you risk facing a hungry husband but lower your reputation if the rumor spreads around your friend’s circle.

Yet, if you know how to tell if a married woman wants to sleep with you, you won’t risk embarrassment and consequences.


13 Signs A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With You

sign married woman wants to sleep with you

With these obvious signs, you won’t have second-guessing the intentions of a married woman:


1. She Says That She Misses Having Good Sex

Married women usually like to show off and brag about their husbands and kids. Or at least keep quiet.

When instead she’ll be bringing her husband down by saying that she misses having good sex, she is communicating her availability.

She may even add that she feels horny. That’s is an obvious sign she wants to sleep with you.


2. She Talks About Sex With You

Married women are picky about who they open up to. They won’t even talk to a person they’re not familiar with unless it’s needed.

But when she talks about sex with you, that is a sign of a flirting married woman that wants to sleep with you.

Definitely, she isn’t seeking new sexual ideas to try out with their husband. She would turn to her girlfriends for that kind of information.

Don’t hesitate to hook up with a married woman who likes to talk about sex with you.


3. She’ll Use Sexual Innuendos

It’s typical for men and women to occasionally drop a dirty joke or naughty suggestion every now and then.

Yet if a married woman repeatedly uses sexual innuendos with you, it’s probably not a joke anymore. She’s basically giving you the green light to make a move on her.


4. She Stares Hard At You

It doesn’t matter whether a woman is married or not when it comes to being turned on. She will continue to produce the same reactions whenever she’s horny.

Teen Vogues’s article focuses on this, as it states that people can’t stop fantasizing about the person they’re into.

Having said that, should you catch a married woman staring hard at you, it might be because she’s imagining getting ridden by you.


5. She Invites You To Her Place

When you get invited to her place and there are only the two of you, it’s action time. A married woman would avoid having a man at her place if it isn’t for the obvious: have sex.

Having a friendly talk while having a coffee would take place outside the house.


6. She Seduces You With Her Body

Women understand what guys want. As a result, they know how to use their bodies to get the attention of the man they’re into.

As such, a married woman who’s interested in you will seduce you with her body. She won’t only dress sexily around you but will also strut her assets in front of you.

You’ll see her bending near you to display her cleavage or ass.


8. She Tells You That Her Husband Doesn’t Satisfy Her

In this report by News, one of the top reasons women cheat on their partners is boredom in the relationship.

In effect, a married woman may turn to you for comfort if she tells you that her husband doesn’t satisfy her any longer. Be it mentally or physically.

At this time, she’s strongly hinting that perhaps you may do a better job than him at nailing her hard.


9.  She Flirts Hard With You

It’s not uncommon for taken people to flirt a bit with others. As long as it’s meaningless and innocent, it shouldn’t be an issue.

So, it’s obvious that a married woman wants to sleep with you when she always flirts hard. She’s practically giving you the go sign to do her.

Why else would she be acting like this if she doesn’t want to get some action?


10. She Wants To Spend Time Alone With You

Another giveaway that a married woman wants your D is when she wants to spend time alone with you.

The thing is, since she can’t openly hit on you, she has to create the opportunity to do it in peace. With this in mind, she’ll want to spend time alone with you – away from other people’s sight.

By being alone in a private space, she can directly let you know she’s into you.


11. She Touches You

Although a married woman can have male friends, she wouldn’t be touching them. Doing that sort of stuff is supposed to be just for her husband.

Yet when she puts her hand on your legs, touches your chest, and similar areas, it should be evident that she’s thirsty for you.

She’s already inviting you to pound her, especially if she “accidentally” touches your groin several times.


12.  She Asks Where You Live

Naturally, a married woman has to be careful when she wants to hook up with other men. She can’t simply go out without thinking things through.

This is why if she asks you where you live, and if you’re by yourself, there’s a big chance that she’s planning on sleeping with you.

Basically she wants to make sure you’re alone at home, and she doesn’t get seen by people who know her.


13.  All Your Conversations With Her Turn Sexual

Do you ever find yourself chatting with a married woman about something PG-rated when all of a sudden it becomes R-rated?

Or maybe you’ve noticed that a lot of your conversations with her always somehow turn sexual?

If so, it’s pretty solid proof that she’s thinking of sleeping with you. She’s intentionally trying to get you hot by talking about sex.




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