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How To Get Laid Without Your Own Place: 7 Best Ways

Still living with your parents? We understand how difficult it can be to get some privacy.

You would have to wait for weeks or even months for the house to be empty.

And even then, there’s always a chance of someone walking in and leaving you with embarrassing memories.

Now, booking a room in a hotel is too expensive for most folks, so we’ll suggest cheaper, or even free alternatives where to have sex.

get laid without your own place


1. Book a Place on Airbnb

For those of you who don’t know, Airbnb is an online marketplace to rent houses.

The majority of the people who book a place through Airbnb do it for two reasons:

  • They’re travelers
  • They want a place to get laid.

You might be wondering why not book a hotel instead? Well, the price of houses on Airbnb is exceptionally lower. Many hosts have luxury apartments that you’d get for half the price of an expensive hotel room.

The only concern people have while booking a place on Airbnb are the hidden cameras.

But hotels also have that possibility as well. The best way to tackle that problem is by thoroughly inspecting the room you’re about to have sex in.

And only choose hosts who have a high rating and positive reviews. In case anything looks suspicious, simply cover it with a towel.


2. Put Your Car to Use

couples making out in car at the beach

The Journal of Sex Research published that more than 60% of college students have had car sex at some point.

If you or your partner owns a car, then the majority of your problems are already solved.

And you don’t have to search around either. We’ve already covered the best places to hook up in a car in another article.

While car sex may not be as convenient as doing it on the bed, it can still be an experience to remember. At the same time, you wouldn’t have to pay a penny, except, for the fuel cost to run the air conditioner.


3. Find a Guesthouse

get laid in guest house if you don't have your places

Guesthouse with pool

Most people mix it up, but there’s a difference between a guesthouse and a hotel. The reason hotels are usually so expensive is that they’re large establishments with numerous facilities.

But such is not the case for a guesthouse. A guesthouse hardly has 4-10 rooms without anything lavish, which is why they’re also cheaper.

Although make no mistake, you can easily find a well-renovated guesthouse with good service and even a swimming pool where you can have sex in privacy.

So we suggest that you search online, or ask people around. You’ll likely find a cheap guesthouse near you.


4. Search for Outdoor Places

cave for outdoor sex in Tokyo park

Outdoor sex is not only thrilling and pleasurable but also completely free.

The only catch is that you need to make sure you don’t get caught. This is why people often have to put their creativity to the test by finding a good spot.

However, don’t worry as we’ve already done the paperwork. You can find plenty of safe spots in our city sex guides.

And even if you don’t find your city there, take note that you generally want to stick around parks and forest trails. They’re also two of the best places to hook up during the day.


5. Rent a Cheap Apartment

studio bedroom condo to get laid

Renting a cheap apartment is one of the best solutions to your problem. You can have the whole place to yourself and fuck any time you want.

But you might be thinking where will you get the money from? Well, we aren’t asking you to do it alone.

Ask around in your circle if they know someone else who is also facing privacy issues. We’re sure you’ll easily be able to connect with a couple more people.

After that, ask them to share the rent with you for a studio apartment.

Don’t hope for the apartment to be too luxurious. But it would be more than enough for you to satisfy your sexual desires.

So if you find yourself booking a hotel from time to time, then you might as well rent your own place for a similar cost.


6. Ask a Friend to Help You

If you have a friend who lives alone or with a partner, they might be willing to help you.

As long as you aren’t too loud and leave sex litter behind, we’re sure they won’t have any issues.

You can even perhaps offer to pay them some money. No one would mind having free cash flowing in for literally doing nothing.

And if they don’t accept any money, treat them with some food. This way, they wouldn’t get the feeling that you’re using them for their house.


7. Go Camping

couple getting laid in tent while camping

Unless you’re having casual sex, going camping can also be an easy and affordable way to get laid. To make things even more exciting, you can go with a traveling group.

You can easily find plenty of over the weekend camping trips. The organizers will do all the arrangements and set up the camps.

And not only would you get some privacy, but also, get the chance to go on a short getaway with your partner.

Otherwise, if you want to save money, you can set up the camps on your own. Which may be a bit of a hassle, and then you’d also have to find a good place to camp.

But overall, going camping will definitely be a unique experience for both of you.


You Can Get Laid Without Renting A House

You may have heard the phrase “when there is a will, there is a way”. So don’t let not having your own place get in the way of your sexual life.

In this guide, we’ve discussed plenty of options to get laid without buying a house. Some of them are even completely free!

And if you also have any secrets places to share, then let us know in the comments!




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