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16 Best Places For Outdoor Sex

couple having outdoor sex

There’s a certain appeal to outdoor sex that makes it more exciting than conventional sex.

Perhaps it’s the thrill of not getting caught, or it’s human nature that gives us joy in doing the forbidden things.

Either way, it can be a great way to make your sex life more adventurous. And for couples, it can help you rekindle the spark that you don’t get in the bedroom anymore.

This is why we’ll walk you through the 18 best places for outdoor sex and at the bottom of this article, you’ll find tips to make your outdoor adventure awesome.


The Best Places For Outdoor Sex


1. A Rooftop

What’s better than having sex in the open air while enjoying the cold breeze?

And if you’re at the top of a skyscraper, then the view would make the orgasm even more memorable.

Just duck behind the ledge or a wall and enjoy looking at the world while hiding everything under the waist.

Not to mention, you can bring a bottle of wine to enjoy after you’ve done pounding each other.


2. The Beach

Go to a deserted part of the beach and enjoy having sex with the sound of the waves acting as soft music.

You also have the twinkling stars right above you and your partner underneath you.

It can’t get any more adventurous – just make sure there aren’t too many crabs around.

And don’t forget to bring two blankets. One to lay down so you won’t get annoyed by the sand and one to cover up in case someone passes by.


3. In a Tent

sex in outdoor tent

Fucking in a tent is not only convenient, but it’s also a great place to make out without getting caught.

Show some creativity with the location, and you’ll remember this camping experience for the rest of your life.

Try don’t limit the sexual experience in the tent. You can also have sex in the surroundings behind trees.


4. The Woods

If you want to have a banger while enjoying the beauty of nature, then you can have some dirty time in the woods.

Besides, what better place is there to have wild sex than the wilderness?

But make sure to pack a mospel and perhaps even a weapon if the area is known to have wild animals.

In the case you’re into swopping and cuckold activities, there are forest areas where people meet up to such experiences.


5. A Boat

If you thought it couldn’t get any more adventurous, then try having sex while sailing on a boat.

You’d be completed isolated with your partner around the ocean. That’s enough to turn anyone on.

Don’t be scared if the boat gets shaky, it’ll only make the experience more thrilling.

Lastly, if the weather is bad or you easily get seasick, then we wouldn’t recommend doing this.


6. Abandoned Buildings

If you and your partner don’t get spooked out easily, then abandoned buildings can give you the privacy you need.

Besides, people literally fuck in graveyards, so this isn’t all that bad.

Just make sure there aren’t any crackheads around to make your experience horrifying.


7. A Dark Alley

Dark alleys are a risky but kinky place to have outdoor sex.

There’s a chance that someone would walk by and see you in the darkness. But that’s what makes the experience thrilling.

This scene of the movie 9/12 weeks movie might inspire you to try out something similar…


8. The Car

In the Journal of Sex Research, 14% of the people surveyed lost their virginity inside a car.

And you’ve also probably seen this plenty of times in porn and the movies as well.

This is why if you want to bang on the backseat of your car, then don’t forget to check out the best places to have car sex.


9. Movie Theatres

Movie theatres offer the perfect setting to have sex. They’re dark, comfortable and the sound of the movie can conceal your moans.

Look for a late-night show that doesn’t have many people and book the backseats.

If you’re nervous to go all the way, then the both of you can at least enjoy some foreplay and oral sex.


10. The Elevator

You may have seen in the movies how people usually makeout in the elevators.

Well, we don’t blame them – you have mirrors all around and you don’t know when the lift stop to pick up someone else.

To avoid the problem to face too many interruptions, we suggest only having sex in elevators at night when anyone else is unlikely to come.

Either way, it’s risky and if someone opens the door then the situation can become rather awkward. But that’s what makes it thrilling.


11. Changing Rooms

Public changing rooms are one of the sexiest spots to have sex. There are mirrors that make the experience even hotter.

Just avoid this spot on the weekends because there are likely to be more people so you’d raise suspicion. Instead, go for working hours during the week.


12. Public Toilet

If you want to feel like a high school or college student again then you can have a quick banger inside public toilets.

Toilets are pretty convenient especially after having several drinks in a bar. Why wait to get home?


13. Parks

Parks are another prime makeout spot, but did you know that they can also be a great location for outdoor sex?

Find one of the largest parks in your city or one that has plenty of bushes and trees.

After that, simply go there late at night and find a secluded area. The only downside is that there may be too many insects and mosquitoes.


14. The Backyard

Have a friend with a huge backyard? Well, you could climb the fences at night and make it your secret outdoor sex spot.

Don’t try doing this in a stranger’s backyard because if you get caught, they might charge you for trespassing.


15. Hiking Trails

We’ve talked plenty of times in our hookup city guides about hiking trails for outdoor sex.

Aside from enjoying nature and staying fit, there are plenty of nooks and crannies for you to hide behind.

Similarly, you can get off track and easily find a secluded spot to have a steamy session.


16. The Stairs

You can find outdoor stairs everywhere. From tall buildings to private apartments, there are many stairs where you can have fun.

The good thing about stairs is you can try out several positions thanks to the ergonomy of the place.


Tips For Having Outdoor Sex

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, if you’re planning on having outdoor sex, you should always keep the following tips in mind:

• Pick the Location Smartly: Even though we have listed plenty of spots on this list, you still need to use your judgment.

For instance, we won’t recommend banging in the park during the day as you’re likely to get caught or harassed by lewd strangers.

Similarly, if an area is often patrolled by the police then it’s best to stay away from that as well.

• Double-Check your Surroundings: No matter how secluded an area looks, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So make sure to double-check your surroundings. Especially if you’re choosing to have sex inside an abandoned building.

• Avoid Getting Completely Naked: Outdoor sex always comes with a risk of getting caught – and that’s what makes it thrilling. This is why avoid getting completely naked so it’s easier for you to make the run.

Otherwise, at least wear clothes that you can easily put on again.

Pack the Right Gear: Unless you’re spontaneously hooking up with someone you met, always plan according to your location.

For instance, if you’re going to have sex at the beach, then bring a padded mat. Needless to say, condoms are always a must.


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