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How To Get Laid Whenever You Want

Getting laid is awesome, but when you’re not getting any, life can be pretty crappy. You’re low on confidence and you feel unattractive.

And by getting laid I mean having casual sex like a nightstand or similar.

casual hook up one night stand

See, when you know how to get laid whenever you want, the world seems so much better all of a sudden. You’re getting regular sex and you’re not even weighed down by a relationship. You’re just having fun.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know where to look for hookups and don’t know how to approach the matter. As a result, frustration kicks in.

In this article, I’m going to clear a few things up for you. I’m going to show you exactly:

  • How to get laid with a girl or with a guy.
  • And I’m going to lay down some killer tips and tricks for both guys and girls who want to have sex fast.


Steps To Get Laid

Basically, you need to:

  1. Hang out where people look for casual sex
  2. Talk to people
  3. Flirt with her/him so they know you want to get laid
  4. Go in private
  5. Have sex

Now, getting laid for a woman is much easier than getting laid for a man. But it seems things are changing in the last decade, and probably in the future, the effort will be even for both sex. But for now, it’s better to look into each situation individually.


How To Get Laid With A Girl

So, you’re a single man who’s looking for sex with a woman ASAP. The good news is that there are LOTS of hot single girls out there who want the exact same thing as you.

single girl want to get laid now

All you need is to know where to find girls hot for action and hook up with them.


Go To Bars And Nightclubs

One night stands happen a lot – and they often happen as a result of alcohol. Girls might try to play innocent in bars and nightclubs, but secretly a lot of them want to have sex and maybe a relationship.

It’s first of all important that you research which bars attract singles rather than couples. You’ll also increase your chances if you can find a busy bar/club, as opposed to a dead one. And don’t forget to go to those places where girls outnumber the guys.

Often, you can learn this just by heading to the busy parts of the city center and watching which bars groups girls are entering.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to your city, you could also book a hotel room and visit different cities. Some cities are better for getting laid than others, especially those which attract lots of tourists and bachelor parties.

Other than that, you must dress to impress. Find out beforehand what the dress code is so that you don’t stick out for all the wrong reasons. Dress smart, dress in clothes that fit you, but which you also feel comfortable in.

Once you’ve caught the eye of a girl, you need to time your approach just right. If you move in too soon on a girl, you might be rejected because you haven’t read her signals properly. If you move in too late, well, another guy might get there first.

For example, when she’s been sending you all the right signals – she keeps looking over, she smiles at you – head over there when she isn’t deep in conversation with her friends or otherwise distracted.

Then, just break the ice by introducing yourself and asking the girl her name. Be confident at all times, make eye contact with her, smile and flirt.

flirting with girl in bar get laid nightlife

All the while, you need to escalate and make your move as soon as possible so that you know whether a girl is interested in having sex that night… Or whether she would rather meet you for a date first instead.

Escalating is all about moving things forward in a bar or club – testing how far you can go with her (such as soft touching, kissing her) and seeing how she reacts.

If she goes along with your tests, you should be able to get laid the same night if you keep escalating. Otherwise, you can at least get her number, set up a date and then get sex on that night instead.


Use Adult Dating Sites Or Hookup Apps

Naturally, going out to a bar most nights in search of getting laid is not only time-consuming, but it’s also bad for your wallet.

As such, it’s really important that you know how to get laid fast online because this is your EASIEST and FASTEST option.

girls online want to hook up tonight

The key to getting laid online fast is to sign up for the right adult dating sites and hookup apps.

And to upload photos that tell a story. Meaning seducing women online isn’t only about showing how you look but also show your personality.

And then work on your profile to convey the right message and hookup with someone compatible with you. If you’re into adventure, you don’t want to meet up with a girl go regularly to church on Sundays.

Having said that, here the best adult dating sites and hookup apps to get laid around the world:

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the best adult dating site if you’re looking to get laid – fast!

You’ll find singles and couples who aren’t afraid to experiment sexually and are down for a quick fuck. No need to waste time in long conversations and go out on several dates, it’s a matter to find the right sex partner and hook up.

Yet, on this site, you can find fuck buddies near you, swingers, swinger parties, orgies, dogging opportunities, and practically any other kind of casual sex encounter you can think of.


Tinder was born as a hookup app but in recent years is turning into a dating app. You can still find hookups near you, but it’s really important that you don’t waste your time talking to girls who are just looking for a relationship.

To that end, avoid girls who write “no hookups” in their profile, keep your conversation light and flirty, and aim to get her number ASAP so that you can escalate things.

OK Cupid

OkCupid is a dating app thought for Millenial who aren’t ready for a serious relationship but also don’t like the superficiality of Tinder to select mates based only on look.

However, as it isn’t a strict hookup app, you should be respectful and keep things casual.

There is an option for “hookups” but you shouldn’t use it. You don’t want to be seen like other guys that want only sex. It’s better to show that you have little expectations for a serious relationship but still is a possibility if the right girl arises.

Swing LifeStyle

SwingLifestyle is a site aimed specifically at swingers. It’s been around since 2001, it’s completely safe and reputable, and it’s your best entry point into the world of swinging where getting laid is pretty much guaranteed.

Speaking of that …


Go To A Swingers Club

Another way guys can get laid with a girl is by visiting a swingers club. This is probably the most obvious way to get laid, and if you just want sex and don’t really care who you have it with, it’s the best way to get laid fast.

However, it’s not easy for single guys to get into a swingers club because most aim only at couples or they put a limit on the number of single males that are allowed inside.

The best way to enjoy sex with strangers in the swinger clubs is to first find a sex partner online on a site like AdultFriendFinder and SwingLifestyle, and then visit a sex club together. 

Once you get into these communities and make connections, you’ll get regular invitations to sex parties.


How To Recognize When A Girl Want To Get Laid

signs girl want to get laid immediately

So, let’s say you’re with a girl. Either you’ve just met her at a bar, or you’re on a date with her after meeting online.

Does she want sex with you tonight? Is she giving you the right signals?

When a woman wants to have sex, she probably won’t come out and explicitly say it. Instead, she’ll send you unconscious signals that are your job to pick up.

This is because women don’t want to get rejected, and neither do they want to look like a slut. They give out a few signals expecting you to pick up the hints and invite them back to your place.

Here are a few signals to watch out for when a woman is ready to get laid:

  • she smiles submissively
  • she leans in when talking to you
  • she touches you
  • she uses sexual innuendos
  • she laughs at your jokes
  • she bites her libs
  • She stares at you for a long time


How To Get Laid With A Guy

Ladies, this article isn’t just for guys. In this section, I’m going to show you how YOU can get laid with a guy in a few easy steps.

And whilst they always say that women find it easier to get laid than men (this is probably true because they generally have more options), there are still a few things you need to do if you want to get laid whenever you want.

Like guys, you should of course improve your odds by using online dating apps (Tinder, AdultFriendFinder, OKCupid and SwingLifestyle are among the best for hookups), as well as heading out to bars and clubs.


Know What You Want

Whilst it may be true that women generally have an easier time getting sex whenever they want than men, there are still lots of women who struggle on this front. And one of the reasons is because they simply don’t know what they want.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you just want a quick, nasty fuck with a guy who’s experienced and knows what he’s doing.

guy getting laid with girl in bedroom

That’s all well and good, but if you end up flirting with a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, you won’t get what you want.

On the flip side, if you want to explore yourself sexually with someone else who also wants to explore themselves sexually, you won’t get laid if you’re flirting with an experienced guy who wants someone on his level.

Knowing what you want sexually will help you get laid a lot faster because it means you’ll be able to target the right guys straight off the bat.


Hook Up In The Right Places

Once you know what you want, you can go out to bars and nightclubs to get laid… Or simply go online for a quick and private hook-up without your friends knowing about it.

See, there are different adult dating sites and apps for different things. Some are straight-up hookup apps, others are more for short-term dating, whilst others are great for exploring your sexuality and kinkier side.

I’ve covered them already in details above, but here’s a quick overview:

AdultFriendFinder – Hookup app perfect for fuck buddies, swingers and getting laid tonight.

Tinder – Great for short-term dates and casual sex. Can definitely be used as a hookup app.

OK Cupid – Ideal for those who want to explore their sexuality without getting into a serious relationship.

When you create your profile,  you need to be really direct with what you want. Here’s what I mean: Let’s say you just want casual sex. If so, then you should state this on your dating profile. There’s no reason not to if that’s what you want!

If, on the other hand, you want a fuck buddy, you should again state this. Doing so helps you to get straight to the point, and it will ensure you don’t waste your time talking to guys who aren’t going to help you get what you want/need.


Go For A Date

I’m not going to say it again that it’s easier for girls to get laid than guys. But all too often on a date, a guy is so unsure of himself that he won’t let you know that he wants to fuck tonight (this is literally why I wrote a guide for guys just above).

As such, it might well be on you to make the move. This is especially true in 2020 after the #MeToo movement when guys don’t want to be too forward in case they overstep the line.

Essentially, if you go out on a date with a guy and the chemistry is good, you need to keep flirting and give some hints that you want to fuck tonight. It means there’ll be no misunderstanding and you’ll both get exactly what you’re here for: Sex.


Give Him The Right Hints

Girls generally won’t explicitly tell a man that they want to get laid tonight. This is because they’re either shy, nervous, or worried that they’ll come off like a slut.

Instead, they’ll give him a few signals that it’s up to him to read. If you’re chatting to a man who’s clearly flirting with you, you need to give him the confidence he needs to escalate this and invite you back to his place.

After all, it’s usually up to the guy to take the lead when it comes to hooking up. But you need to give him hints so that he knows you want to drop your panties for him.

For example, you should get close to him when you’re talking to him. Lean in, show him that you’re interested in what he has to say.

girls lean in close to a guy to get laid

If he takes a step back, you should take a step forward.

Make eye contact with him, too, and bite your bottom lip. Don’t be afraid to touch him as well. But when you do touch him, make sure it isn’t just a friendly pat on the shoulder.

For instance, you could squeeze his arm or playfully punch. Whenever you do anything like this, make sure you look as though you’re enjoying it.

You could even touch him on the chest. All these physical gestures are signs that you want him physically tonight.

And don’t forget to compliment him too, laugh at his jokes while making an effort to keep the conversation going.


Is Getting Laid So Easy?

Knowing those steps will help you to get laid more often. However, now that you’ve come this far, what’s really important is that you remain patient.

Even if you implement the tips above, that doesn’t mean you’ll get sex straight away. But as long as you keep doing the right things and keep working on yourself, you will get laid – and then you’ll get laid more and more.

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