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How To Touch A Girl To Build Attraction – 10 Hot Spots

Touching A Girl To Build Attraction

Nowadays men are losing the art of flirting, especially in person. This is due to the digital revolution where people tend to interact over their phones.

Even though times have changed, human biology hasn’t. Women still need to be touched to convey affection and sexual interest.

If done right, it makes you look confident and help you win that woman you’ve been thinking about. Touching also helps to improve the relationship and the sex life.

First, in this article, we’ve covered several body parts and positions to touch her to build attraction and sexual arousal. Then at the end, you’ll find how to touch her on different body parts.


10 Spots Every Woman Wants To Be Touched


1. Make Her Comfortable by Touching Her Back

Before you move on to the hot spots, you first have to learn how to make women comfortable with your touch.

And there’s no better way to do that other than by touching her back. Touching on the upper back can be a great way to convey comfort and support.

It would normalize physical contact between you and her, and it’s also easy to initiate.

So if you want to encourage her for something, or show her that you’re there, you could gently pat her upper back.

Keep in mind that touch on the lower back is generally considered to be more sexual. Only do that once you think she’s comfortable enough around you.


2. Build Attraction by Touching Her Hands

If you lack confidence, you could touch her hand while you two are walking together and pretend that you’ve done it unconsciously.

Similarly, a great way to show interest and also build attraction is by putting your hand on hers when the two of you are sitting together.

You can do this while she’s ranting to you about something, and just look her in the eyes.

This is a classic way to start flirting with a girl in person by showing affection while demonstrating that you aren’t afraid of taking the initiative.


3. Turn Her on By Touching The Thigh

Want to show her that you’re in the mood? Touch her thigh.

Caress it for a while and then lay her on the bed. Then slowly, move your way towards her legs.

After all, women spend a lot of time waxing and taking care of their legs.

So feel her curves and let her know how soft her skin is. She will surely appreciate it and also feel turned on.


4. Take Control by Touching Her Waist

If a woman likes being dominated, then she’s definitely going to love it when you hold her waist.

This shows that you’re taking control and you can also pull her close for a kiss.

Men also often hold women by the waist while dancing with them. That is a great way to show that you’re confident.

But once again, if you’re flirting with a stranger then this may not be the best idea as it would likely make her feel uncomfortable.


5. Build Sexual Tension by Touching Her Neck

The neck is a true erogenous zone. Touching it is one of the fastest ways to make a woman feel horny.

This is the reason neck kisses are a crucial part of foreplay. So don’t forget to give her some love there.

You can also touch the back of her neck to further spice things up. Do this and you’d make her toes curled and send her to the seventh sky.


6. Make Her Moan by Touching Behind Her Ear

The thin skin behind the ear is often overlooked, but it’s enough to make a girl moan.

It’s quite a sensitive spot and what most people don’t know is that this area is also close to the vagus nerve.

Why does that matter? Well, research suggests that the vagus nerve plays a major part in triggering sexual desire.


7. Tease Her by Touching Her Stomach

Touching the stomach may not be a popular choice, but it still acts as an erogenous zone for many women.

When you’re making your way down from her lips and neck, you can stop by her belly to show it some love.

Hold it and kiss her all over the place and then gently trace your fingertips on her belly button. But not every woman may like this, so make sure to ask about her preferences.


8. Flirting by Touching Her Arm

If a woman gently bumps on your arm, then it’s often a sign she is secretly attracted to you.

But instead of bumping her, you can touch her arm while asking questions.

We especially recommend doing this if you’re planning to ask her to dance with you.

Even research suggests that a person is highly likely to agree to your request if you ask them by touching. You can also gently stroke her arm with your hand, but this is a bit risky because it’s more sexual.

If she isn’t comfortable around you, she might even find it creepy. But in general, it’s a great way to turn up the sexual heat.


9. Make Her Feel Sexy By Touching Her Butt

The butt is one of the most sexualized parts of a woman. If you throw in some spanking, it can also make the experience more adventurous in the bed.

Keep in mind that most women also feel insecure about their booty, especially if it doesn’t fit the conventional “thick” standards.

This is why don’t forget to caress and squeeze her buns. You can even secretly do that in public to tease her if she’s comfortable with it.


10. Drive Her Crazy During Sex by Touching Her Vaginal Margin

The vaginal margin is one of the most sensitive spots of a woman’s body.

It is a small area that’s located between the vagina and anus. It can be found right outside the vaginal opening.

For beginners, it might not be obvious the location at first. But once you do, you’ll see an entirely different side of her in the bed.

To give you some perspective, it’s also referred to as the “secret erogenous zone”. That is how sexually stimulating that area is.


Knowing How To Touch A Girl Is Very Important

touching a girl hand

There are different touches depending on the situation and if she feels comfortable around you. Below are some common situations you might find yourself in…


How to Touch a Girl While Hugging

Touching a girl while hugging depends on your relationship with her.

If she’s a stranger, then don’t try anything too adventurous. Simply wrap both of your arms behind her back to take her in for a hug.

And if you want to display sexual interest, then you can wrap one or both arms around her lower back.

But be careful before you do this. She might find this creepy if she isn’t comfortable around you.


How to Touch a Girl Sitting Beside You

There are plenty of ways to touch a girl sitting beside you.

If you want to show support and make her feel comfortable to your touch, then start with her upper back.

If you want to ask her something, then touch her arm. Otherwise to build attraction, touch her hands.

Lastly, for those who are trying to create sexual tension, touch her thigh. But only do this if she looks comfortable around you.


How to Touch a Girl Without Her Feeling Uncomfortable

If you don’t want to make a girl feel uncomfortable with your touch, then make it look natural.

Don’t touch a place that’s unusual like her lower back or sexual in nature like her thigh and neck.

You can touch her upper back to show support or her arms to ask a question. This would also help you normalize physical contact with her.




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