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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You At Work: 9 Obvious Signs

signs female coworker likes you

There’s a fine line between being flirty and friendly. Thus, it’s not surprising for you to wonder if one of your female coworkers likes you.

The thing is several men are confused about a female coworker who seems to act extremely friendly, sometimes even provocative.

But is it her personality like that, or she wants you?

Knowing the difference between the two is hard, particularly if you’re not familiar with this type of situation.

So, how do you know if a girl likes you at work?

After reading this article you’ll be able to tell if a girl at work likes you or not.


9 Blatant Signs Your Female Coworker Likes You


1. She Always Helps You

A lot of folks are naturally kind and helpful to those around them.

So you shouldn’t pay too much attention to a girl in your office when she offers her aid to everyone. It’s nothing special as she’s just being nice in general.

But a woman probably likes you when you notice that she keeps on helping you out more than others.

In addition, you can confirm her feelings for you if she always goes out of her way to lend you a hand. Like if she’s consistently assisting you in your projects or tasks when she doesn’t need to.


2. She’s Often In Your Area

female coworker working near guy

Whether their role is big or small, all employees have their own workspace. That is to say, you shouldn’t be seeing anyone frequently if you’re not working with them.

This is why if you often spot a female coworker hanging out in your area, chances are high she’s attracted to you. And she’s there just to check you out.

Furthermore, you can be sure that she likes you if she’s constantly near even when she doesn’t have any work related to you.

Why else would a girl in another project or a different department consistently go to where you are?


3. She Regularly Asks For Your Help

Not all women aim to play a motherly role towards the person they like. They sometimes wish to be the damsel in distress and have their hero save them.

With that said, it should be clear that a girl wants you when she regularly asks for your help at work.

Of course, going to you for a few favors is harmless. You may simply be helpful or approachable.

Yet when a woman goes to you for help with everything, you can be confident that she’s into you.

Why would she bother to insist on you if someone else can do it?


4. She Gets Touchy

We know that the strongest sign a girl wants to sleep with you is when she starts touching you.

And if your female coworker purposely touches you, you can bet she is into you.

People of Science also share our point of view. It reports that women create chances to accidentally touch the person they have an interest in.

It doesn’t get clearer than this.


5. She Remembers What You Say

Unless it matters to them or they have a great memory, most people forget info they have no use for. Especially since they don’t even think about things that don’t appeal to them on their own.

Therefore it’s a strong sign that a girl at your office likes you when she remembers what you say to her.

For example, can she recall a story you told her a long time ago? Or does she know what food you like since you shared it with her?

If any of these sound similar to what you’re experiencing, your coworker is into you.


6. She Talks About Being A Couple With You

When a girl can only view you as a friend, her compliments will be along the lines of, “they would be crazy to ignore you” or “you’ll be a great boyfriend to any girl.”

She won’t ever mention being with you since you don’t sexually attract her. What she says will always be strictly platonic.

Yet if your female coworker fancies you, she’ll want to talk about how it would be like if you were a couple.

Her praises will be about how lucky she would be to have you. Or if she were your girlfriend, she wouldn’t let you go.


7. She Wants To Meet You Outside Of Work Alone

It’s normal to go out with coworkers to have a bite or a drink.

But when a female coworker wants to meet outside of work only with you, you can bet that she is interested.

Melannie in this video shares our same view…

Keep in mind that going out somewhere private is a great opportunity to make a move on her. You can be flirty and touchy without having to worry about coworkers seeing you.

Don’t waste the moment.


8. She Supports Everything You Do

Do you have a female coworker who’s on your side all the time? Does she also back you up, even when other people at work are against you?

And above all, does she go easy on you despite your mistakes?

Well, you can take this as a definite sign that she likes you. There’s no denying it since she’s done all that.

Cause if she thinks of you as just a plain old colleague, she wouldn’t want to risk anything for you. The fact that she’s fine with the possibility of a backlash is already enough proof.


9. She Makes Sexual Innuendos

Women usually act cold and distant to guys they have zero interest in. Due to this, a woman won’t give you a glance if you don’t attract her one bit.

You basically don’t exist to her at all.

But when a girl at your workplace likes you, she’ll try to get sexual with you when she has a chance. And if she’s aggressive, she won’t be afraid to express her desires for you.

She’ll take the lead and make sexual innuendos. It’ll be as good as declaring how much you turn her on the moment she starts saying them.




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