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9 Signs a Married Female Coworker Likes You

married female coworker likes you

Most men – if not all – spend a large part of their time at work. Due to this, it’s not rare to develop an attraction for a coworker.

Especially when you and her spend long hours together on a project and start sharing personal intimate details.

The tricky part is when you feel your married female coworker seems more than just friendly. And you start wondering if she might want to sleep with you.

Fortunately, there are subtitle signs that a married female coworker likes you so you don’t have to risk any embarrassing situation.

We agree with Fredo Hill about his big sign telling if a married woman likes you, but we prefer to rely on several signs.

By reading this article, you’ll be able to tell if she is into you or just being friendly. So you can make a move on her with confidence.


1. She Dresses Differently Now Compared To Before

Women normally want to keep up with fashion and are mindful of their looks.

Yet once they have kids or get a husband, they often let go of themselves. Their sole focus at this point is their families, so that’s where all their energy goes.

With this said, you should get a bit suspicious of your married coworker’s motives when she starts to dress differently around you.

Did her style change to be more sexy or feminine? And is she wearing more provocative makeup than before?

Odds are high that she desires to get your attention as she has an interest in you.


2. She Notices Changes About You

People’s priorities change when they settle down since their lives are entirely about their families.

As a result, married women at work won’t have much thought for a guy who’s not their husband. They’ll be too busy to care.

But you can be confident that your married female coworker likes you if she notices the changes that go on with you.

Be it something small, like switching the cologne you wear, to something noticeable, such as buying new shoes.

Whatever it is, she’ll be aware of it since she’s always got her eyes and ears on you.


3. She Wants To Have Alone Time With You

alone female coworker in the print room

See if one of these situations happen often with her:

  1. Is a married woman trying to get some alone time with you at your office?
  2. Does she ask for your help after work?
  3. Does she take you out on the field where you guys are all by yourselves?

If yes, it should be clear that your female coworker is attracted to you.

Moreover, she’s moving you two away from your other colleagues cause she doesn’t want them to find out. Any person who sees you guys will no doubt get the idea that something’s up.

Not to mention, she plans to sleep with you since she’s actively pursuing you.


4. She Stops You From Going After Other Girls

This article by Psychology Today reveals that women are generally more likely to get jealous than men.

Hence, when a woman has any sort of interest in you beyond friendship, she won’t be able to hold herself back.

Furthermore, if your married coworker actively tries to get your attention from other girls, you can bet she likes you.


5. She Never Talks To You About Her Marriage

Have you ever noticed that your married coworker never talks about her marriage with you? It’s strange, isn’t it?

Especially since women tend to talk a lot and mention their husbands and children often.

Now, when you guys are only friendly at work, it’s nothing. She might just be someone who’s private and keeps to herself.

Yet if you get along well and are somewhat close, it means something.

In this situation, she doesn’t want you to think of her as somebody’s wife. Instead, she wants you to view her as a single woman.


6. She’s Open To Talk About Sex With You

No matter how pleasant and welcoming the workplace is, people typically don’t want to share too much of their private lives.

In other words, safe topics are fine, while sex and similar conversations are off the table.

There isn’t anybody who would want to expose their slutty side to the people in the office. Much less their bedroom problems.

In light of this, if she’s open to talking about sex, you can bet that your married female coworker is itching to sleep with you.

I mean, why choose you when she could have this discussion with a friend or woman, right?


7. She Treats You Better Than Your Other Coworkers

When people like someone, they can’t help but be nice to the one they’re into. In most cases, they’ll be unaware of just how nice they act to the person as their actions will come naturally.

For this reason, the biggest giveaway that a married woman at work likes you is if she treats you better than your other coworkers.

When you mess up, she’ll help you out. And when you need support, she’ll do what she can.

Whereas she’ll be strict or reluctant to offer help to a different coworker. Those around you may have noticed it as well.


8. She Becomes Flirty When No One Else Is Around

flirty married female coworker

Being that your female coworker is married, she’ll have to restrain herself in front of other people if she likes you. They know she’s taken, so she can’t freely act on her sexual feelings.

That is to say, if there are eyes on you, she’ll simply be like any regular colleague. She can’t risk getting caught, as this will undeniably ruin her image and family.

But the moment no one else is around, she’ll become flirty towards you. Not only that, but she’ll be seducing you every chance she gets.

She might even touch your D… if she’s the aggressive type.


9. She Adds Erotic Innuendos To The Conversation

Want to know one of the most obvious clues telling if a married woman wants to sleep with you? It’s when she adds erotic innuendos to every conversation.

For example, you could be innocently talking about construction at your workplace.

Yet she’ll find a way to slip, “Do you know how to drill?” or “I haven’t been drilled in a while”.

A happily married wife wouldn’t say that, only a woman who wants to turn you on and sleep with you.

Adding erotic innuendos to the conversation is a low-risk move since she can say it’s a joke should someone in the office hear her.




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