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9 Golden Rules Of Casual Sex

Rules Of Casual Sex

Sleeping around has never been easier since having casual sex is common for most people.

However, if you go about it without any thought, odds are high that you’ll face embarrassing or hard situations. Someone’s feelings get hurt or worst, you get an STD or unwanted pregnancy.

Having casual sex should be fun and exciting, but when things go wrong it becomes frustrating.

Yet, you can have control over the outcome by simply following some rules.


1. Respect The Other Person

It’s best to have some space between you and your hookups to make sure that you won’t catch feelings.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that you can behave in any way you want towards them either.

For one thing, they’re likely to walk out on you when they feel mad or insulted. Who are you going to sleep with when that happens? No one.

In light of this, a key rule to successfully have casual sex is to respect your moment partner. For example, focus on pleasuring them, and not only on yourself.

Also, don’t push them to do something they’re not okay with.


2. Be Discreet About It

No matter how open a person is about sex, they still value their privacy. As such, they wouldn’t want their sex lives to be known to others.

Besides, it’s never good to be seen as a slut or fuckboy.

Considering these factors, being discreet is one of the main rules for having casual sex, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Moreover, if word gets around that you have a big mouth, people won’t trust you.

As a result, those who know about you won’t want to sleep with you.


3. Always Use Protection

Every person who’s had sex knows that doing it feels really good. And that doing it directly feels even much better.

Due to this, a lot of people like to have casual sex without using any kind of protection.

The person you’re about to sleep with could even be one of them as well. But for you and your partner’s safety, you must always use a condom.

As appealing it is to give in to the heat of the moment, your lust will have consequences.

A one time slip up can tie you down to a disease or lifetime responsibility.


4. Don’t Act Like A Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Being flirty and touchy with a casual partner after sex is totally normal. It might even lead you to another round in bed or start a friend with benefits relationship.

And when you find a fuck buddy, make sure to follow the rules for being friends with benefits if you want to avoid disappointments.

Your actions will no doubt be misunderstood if you turn too sweet or caring once you’ve slept with them.

couple romantic after casual sex

In short, don’t act like a boyfriend or girlfriend at any point. This will stop any misunderstanding from developing.

With that said, don’t be too nice, and simply treat them the same way you did before.


5. Avoid Serious Or Unpleasant Topics

Are you going through a bad time? Could you be dealing with a personal problem? Well, whatever your issues may be, you better keep them to yourself.

For the most part, people have casual sex to feel good. Not to hear your problems.

So remember to avoid bringing up any serious or unpleasant topics. It spoils the sexy mood.

Instead, talk about fun and enjoyable topics to keep the mood light. For example, share your own adventures if they’re funny or interesting.


6. Be Clean

When it comes to hookups, in most situations you can’t wash up before sleeping with someone. An example is having car sex.

In this case, people get straight down to it once they’re in a safe and private space.

For this reason, it’s crucial to make sure to be clean all the time you go out to socialize. You never know when the opportunity will come.

You don’t want to ruin the mood simply because you rushed out from home without refreshing yourself.

Trim your bush, take a good shower and clean your teeth while applying deodorant to stay fresh.


7. Stick To Vanilla Sex

When you find a casual partner, you may be tempted to try out all sorts of activities in bed.

Yet, as you’ve only started hooking up, you shouldn’t do anything weird. Cause if you do, you’ll only scare off your hookup.

At this time, the safest choice for you guys is to stick to vanilla sex. it’ll also be easier to enjoy since you’re used to it.

Save the toys and Kamasutra for later.

The only exception is if you already talked about boundaries. Or if you have the same kink and met up to fulfill that craving.


8. Talk About Boundaries

You can skip the vanilla sex once you clarify your and the other person’s boundaries. The reason is you’re two strangers without any clue what the other person likes to do under sheets.

Therefore you need to clearly talk about what you two want from the hookup.

How else can you figure out what you can and cannot do? Plus, this will ensure that both sides will be happy. That’s the main goal, isn’t it?

If not, the two of you won’t fully enjoy having casual sex together.

Try to avoid faking your intentions to please the other person because you won’t enjoy the experience.


9. Don’t Get Emotionally Invested

It’s unfair, but men and women react differently to sex.

Women are prone to develop romantic feelings for their partners, while men can sleep with a woman without developing feelings.

In case you’re a woman it’s a given rule that you must prepare yourself thoroughly before having casual sex. Keep reminding yourself is just sex.

Yet, if you’re a man you should be aware that having casual sex with the same woman over and over again will make you feel for her.

A simple rule is just to have sex with the same person once per week or have one more partner if you enjoy having sex often.


Is Casual Sex Good For You?

The truth is we all react differently to casual sex. Even though most of us are hungry for adventures and novelty, not everyone should engage in casual sex.

So whether you should engage in casual sex depend on who you’re and how you do it.

There are many factors to take into consideration. Yet Dr. Zhana Vrangalova has stated that authenticity is a key factor…

That means you should have casual sex with strangers only if that is in line with who you’re.

Ask yourself: I’m the kind of person that enjoys meeting new people? Do I feel comfortable around strangers?

If the answer is yes, then probably you’re the kind of person that might enjoy having casual sex.

Rember the key is authenticity. Follow your beliefs, needs, and desires.




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