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How To Tell If A Guy Wants A Relationship Or Just A Hookup – 22 Clear Signs

Have you recently met a guy, had sex with him, and now wondering what his true intentions are?

Well, there are two ways for you to work around this problem.

Your first option is to directly ask him what he wants. But if that isn’t your style or for some reason you feel hesitant to do so then you don’t necessarily have to ask him.

The signs are always there, you just need to learn how to identify them.

This is why we’ve listed the most common signs if the guy wants to date you or just hookup


11 Signs He Just Wants A Hookup

guy hooking up in a car

We know that a man can sleep with a woman without developing feelings. Even for months and sometimes years.

It’s important to understand if he is in just for a hookup so you don’t waste your time if you’re looking for a serious boyfriend.

And also you can avoid those guys that want just to use you.

Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to tell if a guy only wants to hook up. Look for the following signs to find out:


1) He Makes Every Conversation Sexual

Of course, who doesn’t like sex? But if all your conversations are turning sexual, then that is an apparent sign.

Look for a pattern. Does he only talk about sex? It shows that he’s not interested in knowing you at a deeper level.

He only cares about one thing and that’s getting into your pants.


2) He’s Always Horny When He Texts You

You wait for his text all day long. And when he finally drops you a message, it’s not him who’s talking, but rather, it is his dick.

Before you know it, your texting session turns into a sexting session. Once the nudes are exchanged, he ghosts you until the next time.

This shows that he only thinks about you when he’s horny. Once he has unloaded, you’re the last person who’d come to his mine.


3) All Your Plans are Related to Sex

You’re excited to go out with him and prepare an endless list of places to go. But somehow, the only place you end up is on his bed.

If all he’s plans to go “out”, are actually to book a hotel room or a place on Airbnb then you know where you stand.


4) You Don’t Know About His Personal Life

If the only thing you know about him is his dick size, then there’s definitely something wrong.

Try asking questions about his life, his family or any other general questions. And observe if he’s interested in answering you or changes the topic.


5) He Never Confides in You

Confiding in someone about your problems or frustrations means you want to establish a connection with them.

Hookups are all about having a no strings attached relationship. So if he doesn’t confide in you then he probably doesn’t want to form a string.


6) He Doesn’t Offer or Asks for Emotional Support

A good way to tell if someone cares about you is by seeing if they’re emotionally there for you.

We agree, most guys don’t open up emotionally so easily. But least, if they care, they offer emotional support.

So does he offer you emotional support? If not, then you know why.


7) He Treats You Like a Dirty Secret

He wouldn’t mention you anywhere on social media. Nor he would talk about you in front of his friends.

Usually, this happens because he has a girlfriend but wants to hook up with you.


8) He Doesn’t Question Anything

Whether you’re sad, happy, frustrated or nervous, he doesn’t question anything.

As soon as you two are done fucking, he’d try finding the way out. This makes it apparent that he’s only in it for the sex.


9) He Always Looks for His Convenience

If you love someone, you’d go out of your way to meet them and keep them happy.

But if he looks only for his convenience after every plan, then it’s apparent you’re not worth making effort for him.


10) He Never Stays in Bed After Sex

A study by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shows that cuddling after sex is important to create a bond between two people.

If he’s not staying in bed after sex, then he probably doesn’t want to create that bond with you.


11) He Hasn’t Introduced You to His Friends

If he hasn’t introduced you to his friends then this can mean a lack of interest. But sometimes you can give a guy the benefit of the doubt.

He may feel hesitant for some reason or may not simply be comfortable with it yet.

But if this sign comes with any of the other signs above then you now know why he doesn’t want you to meet them.


11 Signs He Wants a Committed Relationship

guy kissing a girl because wants a relationship

When a guy wants to commit with you, his actions speak louder than words. So here are 11 signs to help you notice it:


1) He Goes an Extra Mile for You

If he’s planning a grand date, birthday surprise or even offers to pick and drop you, then this indicates seriousness.

He’s ready to go the extra mile to win you over.


2) He Listens To You

He can listen to you all day long. He’d stay with you on call for hours.

Whether you’re ranting or sharing casual stories, if he’s listening with full attention, then he’s invested in you without a doubt.


3) He Offers You Emotional Support in Any Way Possible

Being there for someone is one of the best ways to tell you to care about them.

If he’s there for you when you’re emotionally breaking down, then this shows he wants to create a stronger bond with you.


4) His Friends Know About You

Guys often keep their hookups a secret. But if almost all his friends know about you then congratulations!

This is a big achievement and it shows that he doesn’t want to keep his connection with you a secret.


5) He Always Tries Making Time For You

No matter how busy someone is, if they truly care for you, they’d make time for you. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to drop a text.

So if a guy is interested in you, then he’d go out of his way to make time for you.


6) He Makes Plans with You

Traveling and going on dates with someone is a great way to know more about them.

If he’s always making plans to go somewhere with you then this shows that he’s invested in you.


7) He’s Excited to Go On Dates with You

If a guy is really interested in you, then going on dates wouldn’t feel like a drag to him.

He wouldn’t go for last-minute bailouts. In fact, he’d be excited to go on them and may even remind you of the plan.


8) He Makes Future Plans with You

Hookups are all about having no strings attached.

So if he’s making future plans with you, then it’s quite obvious that he’s looking for a serious commitment.


9) He Doesn’t Rush Towards Sex

Romantic touches, deep conversations, foreplay there’s so much build-up you can do before sex. But most guys only do that if they want to commit to someone.

They wouldn’t rush towards sex but rather, make the most out of every moment before they stick in the shaft.


10) He Stays in Bed After Sex

Similar to what we discussed above, cuddling after sex is important to form an emotional bond. And this is where it’s easiest to tell if a man wants a committed relationship.

He’d stick with you even when he isn’t horny and have full control over himself.


11) He Shows You Off to His Friends

Whether it’s your pictures or your achievements, a guy showing off a girl to his friends is a big deal.

If he’s doing that then it’s safe to say that he has already fallen deep for you.




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