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How To Hook Up With A Friend – 7 Tips To Get Laid

By itself, hooking up is usually simple with strangers, yet when you want to hook up with a friend can be confusing how to turn the friendship into casual sex.

You don’t know how it can get complicated when you hook up with a friend. The reason is friendships can get complicated when you add sex into the mix.

What is at stake is to lose a good friend only because you didn’t manage properly the intimate part of the friendship. Fortunately, there are simple steps that you can take to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

You wouldn’t want anything to change for the worse, right?

For this reason, we’ve written this article to show you how to hook up with a friend without the hook up doesn’t turn awkward… Or worst, you lose a friend.

But first, we would like to answer a common question we get from our readers.


Is It Okay To Hook Up With A Friend?

Like all things in life, any type of action leads to a reaction. This is why you must know the risks when you figure out how to hook up with a friend as friendship and sex tend to cause problems.

On the other hand, the outcome isn’t always bad, especially if you guys share the same views.

As a matter of fact, if the both of you are into each other, then it is probably okay to hook up with a friend since you want the same thing.

Although you do have to follow specific hook up rules to avoid problems along the way. The most important is to be clear from the start if it’s only sex or something more.

Keep in mind that constant communication is the best way to go about it.

Below some tips to get you started…


7 Tips To Hook Up With A Friend

hooking up with a friend after a party


1. Be Friendly and Flirty

To not get caught in the friend zone, you have to present yourself as a sexually attractive friend. To do this, you have to be friendly yet flirty right from the start.

As a result, your friend will get the vibe that you want more than just a friendship.

If you already know your friend for a while, simply start to have sexual conversations and joke about you would like to try sexual things with her/him.


2. Be Yourself And Create A Connection

You can get close and start on how to hook up with a friend by making a connection with them, as it says in this Healthline article. On that note, you can naturally form this link with someone if you just stay as yourself.

What’s more, your friend will see you in a good light if you treat them with sincerity. Besides, it’ll be hard to click with them if you’re just faking your interests in the first place.


3. Be A Real Friend

No matter how much you want to hook up with a friend, it shouldn’t be your goal in your friendship. At this time, being a good friend should take priority since it’ll earn you more brownie points.

Meanwhile, if you push them to hook up or hurt their relationships with others, it’ll only drive them away.

Moreover, they’re likely to trust you if they see you as a real friend. This, in turn, will make you extra appealing too.


4. Check For The Signs

While it’s normal for friends to be close and touchy, there are definite signs that show up when someone is interested in a person. This particular article by Psychology Today talks about the many physical ways that you can tell if someone likes you.

With this in mind, you should be wary if they display any of these hints. It’s cause it would be better for you to only make a move when you’re sure that your friend is into you.


5. Clarify The Limits

Similar to any relationship, you have to let each other know what you’re down with to avoid issues. Hence, before you begin, you both should clarify what your expectations are from the hook up.

Some of your concerns might be about keeping it a secret or wanting to be FWB.

Whatever it is, you need to be honest about your thoughts and feelings. Since not setting boundaries or being unclear will only mess things up after you get laid.


6. Be Open With The Hook Up

When you decide that it is okay to hook up with a friend, all you have to focus on is enjoying it.

In this case, no one has to be shy about voicing what makes them feel good and what turns them off. This will ensure that you are both at ease, and in effect, will have a great time having sex.

Moreover, it’s also vital that you’re always on guard and use a rubber every time with your partner.


7. End The Hook Up On A Good Note

There’s a huge chance that your relationship might change a lot after you’ve gotten laid. In spite of this, you should still do what you can to end the hook up on a good note.

You see, in case things don’t get too out of control emotionally, is possible to keep it going once you guys have thought things through.

After all, successful hookups between friends can turn into a friend with benefits deal that can last months.




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