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10 Signs He Wants To Hook Up Again & 10 He Doesn’t

You met a guy one night in a bar, club, party or any other place and hooked up with him.

But now, what’s next? How to tell if he’s interested in doing it again?

Simple – regardless of the case, the signs are always there. You just need to learn how to read them.

Fortunately, you don’t have to overthink about it because we’ve got you covered.

First, we’ll go over 10 signs he wants to hook up again and then 10 more that he doesn’t. That way you can see things from different angles.

Let’s dive straight into it!


10 Signs He Wants to Hook Up Again

couple hooking up again after drinking


1. He Offers you to Grab a Drink with Him

Alcohol and sex go hand in hand. If he’s offering you to grab a drink with him, then you two are likely going to fuck afterward.

So if you’re interested in hitting it off with him, then accept his offer and enjoy the night.


2. He is Showering you with Compliments

Girls love compliments, and a smart guy understands this.

If you’ve already hooked up with him, and he’s still showering you with compliments then the attraction is still there.

It’s clear that he wants more of you. So embrace the compliments, and let him make the next move.

3. He Texts you at Odd Hours

Does text you at odd hours of the night? Then it’s as obvious as it gets. He’s not dropping you a message because he wants to “talk”.

It is actually a booty call, and things are likely to escalate from there, given that you give him enough attention.


4. He Tries to Meeting you In Intimate Settings

Do you notice that he constantly tries to make plans that only involve the two of you? This may not look weird to you, because he only wants to meet right?

Well, it depends. Where is he calling you? If it’s a regular restaurant, then it might be a regular meet-up, but he’s still showing interest.

However, if he’s inviting you to his home, then it’s clear he wants to Netflix and chill.


5. He’s Showing “The” Smirk

Some guys who aren’t directly able to ask a girl to hook up resort to plan B, and that is showing “the” smirk.

It may have happened to you at the bar a couple of times as well. You look towards a guy, and he has this flirtatious expression on his face.

Well, in case you don’t know, he’s not trying to be friendly. It is a clear sign that he wants to hook up with you.

So needless to say, if a person you’ve already hooked up with is smirking at you, then that gives you the answer.


6. You are the Center of His Attention

Do you constantly notice that he makes you his center of attention? If you two are at the same party, he’d shower you with attention.

If you drop him a text, he’d leave everything to respond to you. Well, he’s probably not doing that for the sake of being nice.

Given the sexual history you two have, he probably wants to create an opportunity again to hook up.


7. You Catch Him Staring at You

The chances are that you two could already be colleagues or even friends.

If so, do you often catch him checking you out? And the moment you catch him, he starts looking somewhere else.

Given the sexual history you two have already had, it’s probably not a coincidence.


8. He Asks If you Have any Plans “Tonight”

This is one of the most popular hook up text messages men drop.

He’d ask you if you have any plans for the night, and if you don’t, he’ll ask you to come over.

Girls often don’t catch it, but this is a clear sign of interest.


9. He’s Teasing you in a Flirtatious Way

If a guy is interested in you, then he’d probably try making you laugh. Except, along with teasing and jokes, he’d also flirt with you.

These flirtatious gestures can include randomly touching your hair, face or something similar.

Keep in mind that these are all techniques guys often use to get near someone they’re interested in.


10. He Often Asks for your Pictures

If you’re sending him a selfie from time to time, then nothing wrong with that.

But if he exclusively asks you to send him your pictures, then he’s probably fantasizing about you.

And if he’s directly asking for nudes, then come on…how obvious can it get now?


10 Signs He Doesn’t Want to Hook Up Again

guy don't want to hook up with her anymore

There are several reasons why guys ignore you after hooking up and you can tell by paying attention to these signs:


1. He Maintains His Distance From You

If you two are colleagues or have the same friends, then observe how he acts with you around people.

Does he try maintaining distance from you? This can include not even looking at you, and sitting with other people in the room.

Psychotherapist Christine Scott-Hudson also emphasizes on actions speak louder than words in this case.


2. He Doesn’t Respond to Your Texts

Did you drop him a text and he completely ghosted you for hours or even days?

Well, he probably didn’t “forget” or “missed” your message. As harsh as it sounds, he probably didn’t want to reply you.


3. He Pretends He Didn’t See You

Similar to maintaining distance, does he go completely blind while you’re around?

You two would literally be in the same room for hours, without starting a conversation.

And when you finally talk to him, he’d pretend he didn’t see you before.

If so, then simply move on. This man isn’t interested in another hook up.


4. He Hurry Up

Is he always in a hurry? This includes both on call and when you meet him in real life.

Well, unless he’s launching a rocket to space, we doubt his schedule is as packed as he makes it seem.

He’s probably dropping hints that he’s not interested in another round.


5. He’s Avoiding Eye Contact with You

Eye contact is one of the best ways to create sexual tension. This is even truer with a person you’ve already hooked up with.

So if he doesn’t want to hook up, then it’s only natural he’d avoid eye contact with you.


6. He Avoids Being Alone with You

You’ve already had sex with him, so being alone with you will still create sexual tension.

This is why if he’s avoiding being alone with you, then he’s also avoiding hooking up.


7. He Always Appears to be “Busy”

Similar to being in a hurry, every time you text him he’d start telling you how busy he is.

But that’s hardly the case. Ask yourself that was he really that busy prior to your first hook up?

If not, then he probably still isn’t. It’s just an excuse to avoid making things escalate with you again.


8. He Responds Late to your Hook Up Texts

It is easier for girls to ask people if they want to hook up. Most of the men would take the opportunity.

So if you dropped him a text, and he pretends he didn’t “see” it earlier, then he probably did.

The chances are, he doesn’t want to close the option by directly declining your offer.


9. He’s Downright Mean to You

There’s a difference between friendly and flirtatious teasing and being mean. Is he being a douchebag to you?

If so, don’t expect anything from him in the future. He’s doing this to make you go away.


10. He Avoids you In Parties

Did you two bump into each other at a party and he acted like you weren’t even there?

As saddening as a cold shoulder can be, that’s life. He may have other options there as well.

So if he didn’t give you any attention during the party, don’t expect it afterward either.




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