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How To Ask A Guy To Hook Up Over Text: 9 Example Messages

How To Ask A Guy To Hook Up Over Text

“Do you want to hook up with me?”

If the guy isn’t insecure about himself, he would hook up with you after getting such text.

However, this type of text is weak and it doesn’t build any sexual tension. As a result, he would have sex with you but don’t expect to get an orgasm from him.

There are better ways to ask someone to hook up over text without sounding desperate.

And in this article, you’ll find several examples of messages to send him. But before asking him to hook up over text, make sure he’s down to getting it on with you


How To Tell If A Guy Wants To Hook Up Over Text?

asking a guy to hook up over text

While it’s a fact that guys are sex-crazy, it doesn’t guarantee that he’ll want to sleep with you.

But if you understand what to look for, you’ll be able to tell if a guy is open to hooking up with you over text. These are some of the hints to watch out for:

  • He replies quickly – Unlike girls, men don’t play the waiting game. An interested guy will reply as soon as possible since he wants to quickly make a move on you.
  • He engages in the conversation – If he flirts back when you send him flirty messages, he wants to hook up.
  • He mainly texts you at night – Does he message you more at night than during the day? If yes, it’s a clear sign that he fantasizes about you sexually.
  • He’s dropping sexual innuendos – Is he telling you how skilled he is at something? Perhaps an activity that you can connect to fucking? There’s no doubt about it. He wants to sleep with you.

Now that you can figure out if he is up for it, below you’ll find text message examples to ask him for a hook up. Keep in mind that you can also use these texts for messaging guys on the few hookup sites and apps we know work.

9 Text Message Examples to Ask a Guy to Hook Up


1. I’m Alone Right Now, Want To Come Over?

This is the perfect text message to send to a guy when you want to be obvious. Yet it’s indirect about your intentions.

In this day and age, almost everyone alive knows what it means when the words ‘I’m alone’ and ‘come over’ are used in one sentence.

The combination of the two is as good as saying that you’re horny and want to hook up.

The appeal: It’s crystal clear that you’re inviting him for sex. Yet since you’re not straight up asking him for it, you won’t sound like a total slut.


2. Do You Have Any Plans Tonight?

At first glance, this text message may look like a simple and ordinary question.

But, if you’ve been giving hints that you’re interested in him, there’s no way a guy wouldn’t know what you’re actually after.

You can even follow up with something daring like, “how about me?” if you want to hit on him strongly. To be coy, go with “want to meet up?”

The appeal: For shy girls, this is the most discreet text message you can send if you want to sleep with a guy.


3. Hey, I’m Not Ready To Date, But I’m Down For Some Fun

Did you recently meet a guy somewhere and are getting along great? But despite how much you two click, you still don’t feel like you want to be with him as his girlfriend?

Whichever your deal is, you can send this text message if hooking up is all you want from him.

At least this way, you won’t lead him on and can immediately head to the bedroom when you meet up.

The appeal: You won’t have to pretend to be interested in dating since you’re upfront about what you’re looking for.


4. Want To Hang Out At My Place Tonight?

This message won’t have any other meaning if you’ve been treating him strictly as a platonic friend.

Then again, when you’ve been flirting with a guy over text from the start, ‘hanging out’ is a classic code for sex.

It’s apparent that you have ulterior motives since you want to be together at night. Besides, everybody knows that girls don’t ask a guy to visit their place for no reason.

The appeal: This text is recognized as a hook up invitation. Yet you can play it off as an innocent one should you change your mind.


5. I Think You’re Cute, And I’d Like To Have Fun With You

Guys are without question more easygoing about sex in comparison to women. This is why you don’t have to be vague about the topic or walk around eggshells with them if you want to hook up.

Of course, you do have to offer your proposal in a charming way, or else they may think you’re a crude girl.

As such, you should choose messages like this one if you want to be straightforward yet light-hearted about expressing your desire.

The appeal: By complimenting him, you’re not only stroking his ego but also making this text invitation hard to refuse.


6. I Want To Have A Good Time Tonight, You Up For It?

If you noticed the common signs he wants to sleep with you and still he didn’t make a move, then you should do it.

Perhaps the guy is too shy or simply doesn’t have much experience on this sort of things… Or maybe you’re trying to hook up on Tinder or Snap like this girl…

The appeal: You’ll appear like a confident woman with this text. And most guys won’t want to pass up having a good time with a girl like that.


7. I’m Feeling A Bit Lonely, Want To Keep Me Company?

Another common term people use for hooking up is to ‘keep someone company.’

When used it with ‘feeling lonely,’ which basically means feeling horny, the man on the receiving end of your text will undoubtedly realize what you want.

It’s a seductive and flirty line that’s sure to get him excited over you. In addition, this will make a guy feel somewhat special since you’re turning to him to make you feel better.

The appeal: With the way the sentence is phrased, you won’t seem aggressive even if you’re the one who’s asking him to come over.


8. Are You Interested In Having Some Fun With Me?

Go ahead, and ask anybody what it means to “have fun” as an adult these days. You’ll definitely get various answers that all mean the same thing – hooking up.

In light of this, it’s safe to say that the guy who gets this text message from you will know what you want.

It’s one of the ideal texts to let a guy know you want to hook up without coming off as forceful.

The appeal: It basically means the same as ‘do you want to sleep with me?’ but in a seductive and naughty manner.


9. Hey, Do You Want Watch A Movie With Me Tonight?

During a movie many things can happen. Either you watch it at the cinema or at home.

For obvious reasons, if you never hooked up with him before, you should watch a movie at home. However, in the case you had sex with him already, remember that the cinema is a great place to hook up.

Just make sure to watch an erotic movie to get him in the mood.

The appeal: Who doesn’t like to watch a movie with a hot girl?


What To Do Before Letting A Guy Know You Want To Hook Up Over Text

As long as the guy you’re texting with shows an interest in you, any message example that was mentioned will work.

However, before you hit that send button, you’ll need to send some flirting text to build up sexual tension.

Most guys when approached too direct might freak out or think that you’re an easy girl. As a result, he’ll reject you.

So it’s fundamental to be patient and tease him before asking to hook up.

In any case, you have a high rate of scoring a hook up since you’re a girl. Rarely guys refuse an easy and uncomplicated laid.

You simply have to throw the bait, and they’ll come biting for you.




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