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12 Obvious Signs They Slept Together: Here’s What To Watch Out For

sleeping together

How would you tell if two people had sex in the past or were in a relationship?

You don’t have to stalk them to find out as our body language always tells you just to know what to look for.

We will show you how you can interpret some of these obvious signs by leveraging your closeness and being observant.

Here are all the signs you should look for to know for sure.


1. They Are Clingy Around One Another

Breakups aren’t that simple and for some people is hard to get over it.

In fact, some exes remain clingy to their former partners because deleting memories of a past relationship or fling is complicated.

So if you notice someone appears overly clingy to another person, it could be an obvious indication they slept together in the past.


2. Having a Sense of Being the Third Wheel

Do you feel like you’re alone when you’re with them? Then they may have been having sex with one another.

The reason they’re making you feel that way isn’t deliberate. It’s just because they’re in love with one another.

In other words, pay attention to your feelings of “intruding” on a couple’s private moments. If your intuition tells you that you are, then you are.


3. Keep An Eye Out For Those Lingering Glances

Do you notice stares that stay a second or two longer than usual?

That’s definite evidence of something more than just friendly feelings developing. It’s safe to say things have moved on to the next level.

These stares may be transient, lasting just a fraction longer than usual, but they will undoubtedly be there if two individuals have done the deed.


4. They Act Weird Near Each Other

You can tell if two people have hooked up when they act strangely when near each other. This is an obvious sign when you know them both well.

Let’s say they are your classmate or coworker and after last night’s party, they act weird near each other.

Probably after a few drinks, they hooked up and now feel awkward about what happened.


5. They Laugh at Their Raunchy Jokes

joking after sleeping together

If someone you know tells a raunchy joke and another person joins in on the laughter, it’s a sign.

It’s typical for coworkers or two random people to crack a few jokes among themselves.

But if they are making a lot of private jokes about each other and no one else, it’s a clear indicator there’s something going on.


6. They Mention Specific Things About Themselves

You can tell if your coworkers are sleeping together when they know too many private and intimate details of one another. Perhaps your coworker knows their favorite underwear color or bedroom furniture.

When someone knows too many private details of somebody else, they are either close friends or intimate buddies. Yes, friends with benefits relationships work and are a thing nowadays.


7. An Unexplainable Bitterness Between Them

Most relationships and one-night stands don’t end well. There are always resentments.

Maybe one cheated? Could some sort of regret turn to resentment after a hook up? It could be out of jealousy.

Bitterness after a breakup or a sexual fling is typical and can indicate that two people have slept together before.


8. Avoiding One Another

Did you ever hook up with someone in school or at work and then try to avoid them at all costs?

Yes, that is what happens to most people who accidentally slept together after too many drinks. There is a lingering shame that makes them keep their distances.

Another situation could be they try to avoid each other to disguise others believing they don’t have an affair. This behavior is common at work.

As you can see in this video, people try hard to hide they are sleeping together but they can easily be caught if you observe properly…


9. Observe The Goodbye Hug

Hugs are an expression of warmth and sometimes love. When your partner hugs another individual, does it look like they are physically and metaphorically clutching each other for safety?

This affectionate hugging strongly indicates that two individuals are romantically linked and have had sex together in the past or even currently.

It is unusual to see such sensitivity between two individuals who are just acquaintances or work partners. This sign is difficult to ignore.


10. They Are Usually Close To Each Other In a Crowd

They’ll probably stand near each other in a group, at a party, etc. Perhaps not immediately next to one other, but nearby and visible.

When one is out of view, they often look for the other. As a result, you’ll see them in the same room most of the time.

If you observe them acting like this, it’s a sign that they’re more than simply buddies and are likely sleeping together regularly.


11. They’ve Got a Lot More to Say About One Another

If the other person’s name keeps coming up in discussion more often than usual, some residual feeling may suggest a past relationship.

Then they’ll stutter and stumble when you question them about the other individual and ask you to stop with the questions.

If this occurs, it indicates they had something between them and did not want anybody to know!


12. Your Intuition Tells You Something Is Off

Obvious signs are good and make knowing things more accessible, but sometimes your gut lets you know that things aren’t just right.

For example, you should know your partner better than anyone. So, trust your intuition.

If you notice your partner acting strangely near a person, it could indicate that they hooked up.

I know it’s not easy to explain, but you know. Trust your guts!




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