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Why Do Guys Act Weird After Hooking Up: 7 Common Reasons

Recently hooked up with a guy only to find him acting weird afterward?

You might now be overthinking what went wrong and what you could’ve done differently. But as surprising as it may sound – it happens more often than you’d think!

We know how it feels to be ignored by guys after hooking up, and so do many other girls.

The majority of girls will go through the “Why do guys act weird after hooking up?” phase at least once in their lives. That shows you aren’t alone in this.

We want to tell you isn’t your fault. There are several reasons why this happens, and most of the time it isn’t about you but his insecurities.

guy act weird after hook up

This article will lay out the top 7 possible reasons why do guys act weird after a hookup, and what you should do if a guy ignores you after having sex.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room…


1. He Wanted a One-Time Thing

It’s often easy to mistake one-time flings for long-term commitments. And then after sex, the guy starts acting weird.

There’s a great chance that such is the case in your scenario as well. You may have developed expectations deep down, but the guy may not even know about it.

This usually happens for two reasons.

The first is the fact that the communication wasn’t probably clear. Did you meet him a couple of times, and he asked you for sex? Well, that’s your answer.

Unless he explicitly expressed any feelings for you, he probably wanted something more casual.

But wait, did he seem to be “into you” prior to hooking up?

Then the second reason is that he was probably faking it. We’ll dive more into manipulation later on, but if that’s the case, then good riddance.

So regardless of the reason, there’s a fair chance that he wanted a one-time thing.


2. There Was Too Much Awkwardness

Awkward sex isn’t uncommon, especially for first-timers. People don’t know what to do and how to act in certain situations.

And once everything is set and done, the guy can often feel weird.

There are a couple of causes for awkward sex. One of them is once again, lack of communication.

You can accidentally do something that your sex partner dislikes or vice-versa. Similarly, one of you may be going too fast in bed. The reasons are endless.

Also, something might have happened during the flirting stage that made him feel weird around you. It’s worth learning a few hook up tips and tricks to make the transition to sex less awkward.


3. The Sex Wasn’t Good

weird intimacy with a guy after hook up

Coming from our previous point, let’s face it. As exciting as sex can be, it doesn’t always live up to our expectations.

While most guys don’t know how to satisfy a woman, the opposite can also happen.

Guys often get into sex thinking they’re hooking up with a porn star goddess. But in reality, you only get good with experience.

Lack of foreplay, intimacy, and verbal expressions also contribute to bad sex. So some more effort to show the guy that you’re enjoying having sex with him is going to make the difference.

Yet, communication is the most important aspect for a successful outcome – even if it’s casual sex.

Ask your sex partner what do they like, what turns them on, and what are their turn-offs.

The difference all of this would make will surprise you.

Even if a guy wants only to have casual sex, the chances are he wouldn’t act weird after it.

Why? Because the experience would be so good that he’d keep coming back for more.

In short – bad sex can turn a guy off and make him act weird.


4. He’s Just Not Into You

This study suggests interacting with women can make a man lose their basic cognitive function. But whether it’s true is still up for debate.

However, all can agree on one thing and that is men often think with their dicks.

The chances are that even if he’s not into you, he didn’t know about it. Now in any way we aren’t making an excuse for a douchebag.

But it often happens that only after sex does men realize that they aren’t interested. Maybe that’s because once they get laid, they start using their brain again.

Nonetheless, their lack of interest is probably the reason they’re acting weird after a hookup.

They may have given you some signals before. But now, they’re wondering how to get out of it.

If such is the case, then you can either confront them or leave things as they are.


5. He Was Being Manipulative

As hurtful as this may be, there’s a great chance that the guy was a manipulator. He wanted to get into your pants, and he did.

Before sex, he was saying all the things you wanted to hear. And you can hear the ugly truth from other women who are been manipulated…

The reality is as soon as he got your body, his sexual desire was satisfied. And after that, he started being weird simply because he doesn’t want it anymore.

This happens far too often, and girls keep wondering what went wrong.

While, it’s easy to get deceived by them, with experience, you can learn to identify them. They often show red flags from the get-go.

In fact, they would never leave behind the chance to make the conversation sexual.

So did you see a completely different tone after sex? The chances are that this might just be the reason.

Learn from your experience, and next time, try catching such red flags from early on.


6. He Needs Time to Recharge

It takes some time for a man to recharge after sex. While youngsters can get ready for round 2 in 15-20 minutes, older men require more time.

During the arousal stage, foreplay and of course, sex – the testosterone of a man goes up. While the testosterone levels are up, men feel like they’re in the seventh sky.

But right after orgasm, the oxytocin increases which as a result, lowers the testosterone.

This makes them feel less “manly” and suddenly, all of their excitement disappears.

And after ejaculation, the sexual attraction is temporarily gone. So it’s only normal for him to act weird for the time being.

Keep in mind that most guys need space after intimacy, and it’s normal when a guy ignores you.

man playing with phone after intimacy

Yet, if it’s taking longer than a day, then there’s probably another reason.


7. He’s Simply a Player

Now there’s a difference between being a player and a manipulator. Not all manipulators are players, but all players are manipulators.

Some manipulators often pretend to be a “nice guy” to get what they want.

On the other hand, players are probably busy having sex with other women while courting you.

If that’s the case, then it isn’t surprising why the man is acting weird after sex. Identifying them can be just as big of a challenge.

However, one of the most common signs is that they know how to catch your attention. They usually aren’t around much, but when they are, they’ll shower you with affection.

After sex, things would feel awkward and you’ll be left wondering if you got used.

Has it happened multiple times that they act weird after sex? If so, there’s a great chance that they are a player.

Lastly, for your own sake, don’t try to embark on the quest to “change them”. That never works and you’ll only waste your time and ruin your mental health.


What To Do When A Guy Ignores You After Sleeping With You

It isn’t your fault if guys act weird after hooking up with you, it’s very common. If you experienced it then is probably due to one of the reasons we discussed above.

While you could always confront them, it isn’t normally worth it. And if he stopped texting you after hooking up, it means he wanted only to have sex.

The only thing you can do to prevent this from happening again is to communicate clearly your intentions, don’t give in too early, and understand their intentions.

It isn’t easy to know what guys think after a hookup, but usually, their thoughts are about the quality of sex.

We hope after reading this you’ve got your answer. In case we’ve missed anything, let us know in the comments below.




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