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How To Hook Up At A Party –  9 Tips To Get You Laid

Even though parties are the perfect place for hookups, you still need to know how to get someone to hook up with you.

We know how intimidating is to meet someone new especially if attractive. And if you’re been to a few parties and didn’t get any result, something has to change.

If you take it slowly and learn our tips, you’ll meet and hook up with someone attractive at any type of party.

The competition might be stiff because everybody is trying to hook up. But when you stand out from the crowd, all the attention will be on you.

We already have given out hook up tips and tricks, but here are some tips that you can use at the next party:


1. Dress Up And Groom Well

meet hook up with ex at a private party

The first rule on how to get hook ups at a party is to dress up and be clean. Cause not only do you have to be physically desirable, but you should smell nice as well.

In fact, how you smell actually matters a lot when it comes to drawing people to you. This article by GQ writes about this in detail and explains that a person’s body odor plays an important role in being wanted by others.


2. Be Confident

confident guy girl at a high school party

Being confident is sure to boost your attractiveness to a higher level. Besides that, people will think you’re sexy as you’re in control and comfortable with yourself.

And if you plan to hook up with a friend at a party, you’ll be extra appealing since you seem mature and well put together.


3. Don’t Drink Too Much

drunk guy at a party

Another important tip on how to successfully hook up with someone at a party is not to get too drunk.

It’s easy having a few extra drinks while having fun but that puts you in an unfavorable situation. Especially at a high school party where most people are wasted.

Staying sober is a great advantage not only in communication but also in the bedroom. You avoid stupid mistakes like an unwanted pregnancy or get an STD.


4. Be A Fun Person To Be With

Even when you’re good-looking, people won’t want to get near you if you give off a gloomy or downer vibe. Therefore to lure them to your side, you need to show that you’re a fun person to be with.

This style’s an effective way to get attention, especially when you want to hook up with an ex at a party. It’s cause they’ll be reminded of your positive traits and will make them want to feel it again.


5. Be Flirty, But Don’t Come On Too Strong

girl flirting with a guy at a party

For the guys, it’s expected to be aggressive. Yet, a guy shouldn’t be too pushy, or he might scare the girls away.

Instead, a girl should be flirty in a subtitle way. Men are turned off by women who are over the board.

So, it’s always a good thing to keep a balance between aggressive and passive behaviors when trying to hook up at a party.


6. Create The Sexy Mood

my friend at a party

For the most part, sexual tension is hard to resist for lots of people. This article by Mindbodygreen states that it’s possible to build it and that it’s good to have tension with someone you want to have sex with.

Aside from that, it’s a fun and safe approach when trying to get laid with someone at a party. You can even try this with a friend you want to bang since you can do it subtly.


7. Try To Be Cool

guy being cool at the party

There are always people that stand out in any event. They’re the cool ones that everyone in the room wants to meet.

But did you know that you can be like them too? The trick here is to be slightly different from the rest of the people while mingling with many people.

This shows that you’re different but well-accepted within a group. It increases your charm and influence on those around you.


8. Focus On Having A Good Time

fun party with friends

It’s true when they say that a person is most attractive when they’re having a blast. Likewise, it also shows when they’re only after sex.

And while there’s nothing bad with wanting to hook up at a party, desperation never looks great on anyone.

Having said that, your chance of getting laid is at its best when you’re at ease and sincerely enjoying your time. That is to say, don’t try too hard to force things to happen.


9. Hang Out With Friends

party with friends

The easiest way to hook up at parties is to hang out with other people who will introduce you to their friends. This particularly works well with girls, as they tend to loosen up quickly when their social circle approves.

Given these points, the odds of you hooking up at a party improves the more welcome you are with your potential partner’s friends.

In this case, some may even help you out as your wingman.




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