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How To End A Casual Relationship Nicely – 7 Steps

As much as we don’t want to hurt a person, it’s unavoidable at times, especially when it comes to relationships. It’s only natural, though, since emotions can make things quite messy.

However, it’s possible to have a casual relationship without getting hurt when we follow a few golden rules from the beginning. Yet most people get into a casual relationship without much thinking.

Fortunately, there are ways to end a casual relationship in a nice way.

In this article, we’ll help you learn the process so you end up on good terms with your partner without hard feelings.


How To End A Casual Relationship Badly

couple ending a casual relationship

Nobody wants to be a bad person. Although if you’re the one who wants to break things off, it’s hard not to feel guilty about it.

So, with all the stress that’s part of ending a casual relationship, it’s not a shocker that many people don’t want to do it properly.

Some simply stop caring while others can’t deal with any kind of conflict and choose to ghost their partners.

Leaving like this won’t only upset your partner, it’ll make them hate you as well.

So below you’ll find seven steps to end a casual relationship without hurting anyone.


How To End A Casual Relationship The Right Way


1. End It Personally

couple ending an unofficial relationship in a bar

No matter how unpleasant it is to end a casual relationship, you should always try to do it face to face.

Of course, there are instances where it’s impossible, like when you’re miles or oceans apart. But if you can do it personally, you should.

It’s only right, after all, to show respect to a person you once had a close bond with, even if it was a casual one.

Plus, it’s also important that you clear up the confusion on both sides to get rid of regrets.


2. Don’t Prolong The Relationship If You Want Out

Those who can’t be frank might think it’s better to wait for their partner to call it off.

Through this method, you can just stop being nice and make them not want you any longer. As such, the blame won’t be on you since they’ll be the ones to end things.

But doing this would be a great disrespect to your partner as they’ll notice what your plans are.

Moreover, they’ll be mad at you for it cause you wasted their time and treated them poorly.


3. Be Honest, and Talk To Them About It

Whatever your reason is, the best way how to end a casual relationship in peace is to honestly talk about it. Most people need closure to accept that what you had together is over.

Its significance is discussed in this article by The Conversation, which explains the value of closure and notes that every person’s need for it is different.

This shows that parting doesn’t always have to be full of drama. And that you just have to show the other party enough respect.


4. Don’t Blame Them

It’s a given that we all want to appear good and flawless. But since we’re humans, we’re not safe from making mistakes and the like.

With this in mind, you should be able to own up to your faults and tell the real reason you want to stop seeing your partner. This doesn’t mean that you have to overshare with them.

Just that you place the blame where it’s supposed to be, whether it’s cause you lost interest or want to be with a new person.


5. Don’t Keep Their Hopes Up

It may seem like a good idea to ease the blow by being friendly.

And that it’s also fine to check in every now and then after ending your long term casual relationship. It’s not as if you’ve suddenly turned into enemies, right?

Yet what you’re doing is bad cause you’re stringing them along. What looks like goodwill to you can be misread by them and keep their hopes up.

Therefore, once you’ve called it quits, don’t give them mixed signals and don’t get too close.


6. Stop Having Sex

When you’re horny and lonely, it’s normal to want to hook up with a person you’re used to.

As a result, it’ll be tempting to get in touch with an old sex partner even when you’ve ended your casual relationship.

But you should stay away as it won’t do either of you much good.

This article by Insider proves that they’ll have a problem moving on from you, as it says that the chances of catching feelings are high when a person has sex with someone.


7. Cut Contact With Them

At first, being friends with someone you ended a long term casual relationship with might sound harmless. Yet, if they have feelings for you, then you’ll only get in their way.

Furthermore, it’ll stop them from healing their heart, or worse, they’ll fall deeper in love.

For this reason, you should cut contact with them, to save everyone from the hassle and headache.

We know how hard is to end a long term casual relationship this way, but there is no use keeping tabs on each other at this point.

In case you feel sad and it’s overbearing, learn how to get over a casual relationship with some simple tips.

Yet what we recommend to get over the emotions is to meet a new face on a popular hookup app or site and have a good time. That way you’ll become aware there are many interesting folks out there.




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