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El Paso Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking for sexual encounters in El Paso, then this guide has all the info that you need.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics including the local hookup culture, kink scene along with the best places where to find hookups.

Lastly, we’ll also share some general tips to increase your overall chances of finding a sex partner.


The El Paso Guide was last updated on 21 January 2022

Hookups guide El Paso Texas

El Paso is a border city with a strong Mexican influence among the population. Spanish is commonly known and it is helpful to speak the language if you plan to hook up with the locals.

Although the city has a 700k population, the nightlife is pretty quiet and there aren’t that many sexual entertainments for couples.

Fortunately, you can find hookups online as people in El Paso enjoy casual sex but prefer to keep the matter private.


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Girls in El Paso

The sexy and feisty girls in El Paso are impossible to resist with their alluring looks from their American and Mexican heritage.


Look And Physical Appearance

As a result of their mixed background, girls in El Paso have blonde to black hair. Their eye color is typically brown, but blue isn’t unusual.

Meanwhile, they’re a bit short, having a standard height of 5’3-5’4. Concerning their figures, the majority are curvy.

meet pick up girls El Paso Texas hookups

You’ll notice that they have a trendy yet relaxed taste in clothes.

Yet, It’s unlikely for them to go out without wearing any makeup and dressing up a bit.


Attitude And Values

Being that El Paso girls are relatively old-fashioned, they tend to be feminine and superstitious. Some even believe in ghosts up to this day.

They love drinking and frequently go out with friends.

Despite their partying ways, they’re serious when it’s about dating. So to convince them for sex, you’d have to really turn them on mentally.

On the other hand, numerous girls also have a modern approach forward hookups and relationships.



Since women in El Paso aren’t conservative about sex, they start being active around their teen years.

So if you get a chance, then do attend college parties as you’d likely get a girl to sleep with you there.

Overall girls here are modern with conventional traits. You’ll find them a good ride.


Summary of El Paso Girls

  • 3 traits: El Paso women are old-fashioned, superstitious, but outgoing.
  • 2 tips: To appeal to El Paso women, go for a clean look in nice clothes and be confident.
  • 1 fact: Almost 80% of the Girls in El Paso have Hispanic blood and can speak Spanish.


Men in El Paso

Seeing that the majority of El Paso men have Hispanic traces, they have fiery charms and exotic assets that undeniably draw women to them.


Look and Physical Appearance

While men in El Paso commonly have different shades of brown hair, many have black and blonde too. Their eye color’s frequently dark than light as well.

And even if their regular height’s 5’10, there are slightly shorter guys. Besides that, they usually have muscular or chunky frames.

find single men El Paso hookups

In any case, they have a semi-casual style that’s always presentable. Guys here wear casual shirts on top of a nice pair of pants.


Attitude and Values

Those used to busy cities will find El Paso guys slow-paced. It’s because they’re easy-going and take their time in handling things.

Aside from that, they’re very family-oriented and sociable. It’s actually the norm for them to go out with their families after work or during the weekends.

Given that they’re fairly traditional in some parts, they don’t take relationships lightly. Then again, there are several who prefer friend with benefits arrangements.



Considering their male-centered culture, men in El Paso are at ease with their sexuality.

For that reason, 43.7% of students in 9th through 12th grade have ever had sex, according to this report by the El Paso County Health Indicators Report.

Also, it says that 15% had sex with more than 4+ partners, and six out of 10 sexually active high school students reported using condoms.

On that note, you’ll surely appreciate El Paso guys’ kind nature along with their open-mindedness.


Summary of El Paso Men

  • 3 traits: El Paso guys are family-oriented, easy-going, and do things at a slow-pace.
  • 2 tips: To get El Paso men’s interest dress femininely by showing your curves, and be friendly. It helps to know how to seduce a man.
  • 1 fact: Most of El Paso’s men have Mexican heritage.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

find one night stands El Paso Texas

Regardless of their religious views, El Paso’s locals are undoubtedly loose with sex.

Especially the youngsters as most of them have a liberal mindset and do not mind casual flings.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

All things considered, the people here have active sex lives, whether they’re committed to a person or not.

However, even with their accepting outlook, they’re not completely open about sex. It’s cause they need to maintain a certain public image.


Swinger Activities in El Paso

Swingers in El Paso don’t go to sex clubs that often. Probably because the only sex club in the city isn’t capable to attract that many people.

Your best chance is to contact El Paso’s members on Adult Friend Finder and let them know that you’re new in the city.

It won’t take long before you get an invitation to a sex party or private arrangement.


Is It Easy To Hook Up in El Paso?

Basically, those who have good manners and put at least minimal effort will generally have little to no problem hooking up with El Paso’s residents.

However, it also depends on the person you’re trying to hook up with. If they have a traditional mindset, then avoid wasting your energy and move on.


Where to Meet People For Sex in El Paso

El Paso is a large city, so naturally, countless sexual opportunities are lurking around as long as you know where to look.

And the best ways to hook up are:


1. Sex Dating Online

If you want to make sure that you’re able to have sex on your very first visit to El Paso, then adult dating sites like Adult Friend Finder are the way to go.

You can connect with a large community of horny singles and couples online, and without any introductions or formalities, directly meet up for sex.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

The people in El Paso are often family-oriented and can’t bear to see their partners indulging in sexual activities with other people.

This is why there aren’t many swinger clubs in El Paso except for Quiet Encounters.

Fortunately, the venue welcomes not only females and couples but also single men. Make sure to call in advance before visiting so you’re not turned away.

Apart from that, you can connect with people sharing a similar point of view and philosophy about sexual liberation on adult sites like AFF.


3. Nightclubs and Bars

Here are some of the best bars and nightclubs where to hook up:

• The Tap – Located at San Antonio Ave, this is one of the best cougar bars in El Paso.

• Little Bit of Texas – Located at Doniphan Dr, if you want to get close and intimate with strangers, then this dance club will offer plenty of opportunities.

• College Dropout – Located at Cincinnati Ave, as the name suggests, this is the ultimate party hub for students.

• Escape Nightclub – Located at Kessler Dr, catering to a diverse crowd, this nightclub is ideal to find a nightstand.

If you’re a fan of big crowds, loud music and an overall party atmosphere, then Cincinnati and Mesa Street offer the wildest nightlife in El Paso.

Both students and adults often come here to get drunk, and we all know how quickly the sexual tension can build after that.

Otherwise, if you want to enjoy the clubbing scene of the city, then stick around the venues near Union Plaza.


4. Strip Clubs

sexy girl strip club El Paso

Stripper in Xcape Mens Club – El Paso Texas

Fortunately, there are more than enough strip clubs in El Paso to get some company with hot girls. Although keep in mind that the strip joints tend to be expensive.

A cheaper alternative to enjoy erotic shows is Strip Chat. You can even take privately a girl and ask to do anything that pleases you.

Having said that, here are the reviews of our favorite strip clubs:

•  Dreams Cabaret – Located at Gateway Blvd W, this is one of the best strip clubs if you want to enjoy nude shows in El Paso.

There are more than 150 dancers to keep you entertained at all times and with the right price, you might be able to get more than just a lap dance.

•  Diosa Gentlemen’s Club  – Located at Dyer St, this strip club is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 2 am.

The best part is that aside from being beautiful, the dancers do not try to extort money from the customers by being pushy.

•  Bucks Cabaret – Located at Gateway Blvd W, it’s a small and intimate club.


5. Transsexual Friendly Gay Venues

Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific venues where to meet trans in El Paso.

Yet, it is highly likely that you might meet transsexuals in Touch Bar as they host numerous drag shows.

Apart from that, the N Stanton Street also has a couple of venues like Epic Bar & Nightclub and Briar Patch. There you may meet transgender, but don’t keep your expectations too high.

Alternatively, the best way to get laid with transgender people in El Paso is through transgender hook up sites.


6. BDSM in El Paso

There aren’t any dedicated BDSM clubs in El Paso.

But Quiet Encounters have theme nights that cater to the fetish community so you can unwind your wildest fantasies there.

And if you’re searching for a bondage, disciplined, dominant or submissive partner, then register with a site like

There you’ll find like-minded people eager to explore the different types of fetish.

Anyway, there are better cities in Texas that cater to the BDSM community like Dallas and Austin.


7. Hookups During The Day

As rowdy as the people of El Paso can be during the night, the daytime game is surprisingly dull.

Most are either busy with their social circles, dating their partner, or simply, they are busy with their studies.

Nonetheless, we suggest scouring crowded areas like Downtown Houston.

Downtown Houston

It has plenty of places such as aquariums and musical shows which offer opportunities to meet singles in El Paso.

Apart from that, shopping districts like The Galleria and City Center are always a hotspot to meet new people.

And during summer, don’t miss out on the pool parties.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in El Paso

Like most cities in Texas, the residents of El Paso are liberal and enjoy having an active sex life.

This means that the majority of them aren’t usually interested in typical relationships.

Rather, most prefer friends with benefits kind of arrangements as it doesn’t restrict their freedom.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the sugar dating scene is also growing in the city.

There are plenty of sugar daddies who are looking for the ideal girlfriend experience.

Similarly, there are just as many sugar babies who are down to form a transactional relationship.

In short, you can find a partner to get intimacy and companionship without the worries of long-term commitment.

If you are looking for a similar arrangement, then the easiest way is to use sites like Sugar Daddy Meet.

It’s a platform dedicated to sugar relationships making it easier for you to connect with sugar daddies and babies all across El Paso.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

 If your sex life feels bland then you can make it more adventurous by taking matters outdoor.

Here are some places to have outdoor sex in El Paso:

  • Walmart Supercenter – After 10 pm there aren’t that many cars in the parking so it’s a perfect place for car sex.
  • Hidden Valley Park – Less crowded than other parks in the city, especially after sunset.

  • North Franklin Mountain– One of the largest parks in the nation so you’re bound to a secluded area here.
  • Mammoth Rock – Like other hiking trails, follow the same strategy and stay off the main tracks.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex In El Paso

The best hostels in El Paso to get lucky are:

Gardener Hostel

• Hostal 697

• Paloma Blanca

Alternatively, having sex with your partner in an erotic setting by booking the perfect room can make your sex trip memorable.

Following are some erotic hotels in El Paso:

• DoubleTree Hotel

• Hotel Indigo El Paso Downtown

• Entrada Hotel


Safe Sex And Clinics

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by sexual pleasure and forget about our sexual health.

The use of condoms is recommended to avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

Yet, if you’re skeptical about your sexual health, visit STD Clinic or La Fe Care Center for quick and easy check-ups.

Hope this El Paso sex guide had answered all of your doubts.


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