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Dallas Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you would like to find a sexual partner or simply get laid in Dallas, this guide can help you.

This Dallas sex guide will arm you with all the info that you need to make your stay sexually memorable.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics including the local swinging scene, hookup culture along with the best places to have casual sex.

So continue reading to learn where you can find a sex partner in Dallas…


The Dallas Guide was last updated on 8 August 2022

Guide Dallas single

Dallas is a modern city home to 10 of the Fortune 500 and with several cultural places. That creates a variety of interesting people to hook up with, from the executive to the creative hipster.

And if you’re looking to spice up your relationship, the city is open to swingers, sex parties and orgies.

In fact, there are several sex clubs and an active swinger community online.

And in case you’re into fetish activities, you’ll find a dedicated fetish club to explore your kinks.


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Girls in Dallas

You’ll find all types of girls in Dallas. There are Caucasian, African-American, Asian, and Hispanic flavors that will suit different tastes.


Look And Physical Appearance

Dallas girls commonly have blonde, brown and black hair. Regarding their eye color, they usually have brown tones, rather than blue or black.

In addition, their height’s barely average for American standards, seeing that they’re roughly 5’4 or shorter.

In the fashion department, they are up to the latest trends love to wear sexy outfits paired with heels and flashy accessories.


Attitude And Values

Despite their glamorous look, Dallas girls are ambitious and hardworking professionals. but there are also several hipsters too.

They’re the ones that focus on their creativity in the music and art scene.

And while most want to date exclusively, some enjoy having an open relationship or to go for casual flings.

So hooking up shouldn’t be a problem as long as you know how to ask a girl to have sex.



Because they’re secure and at ease with their sexuality, girls in Dallas enjoy sex in all its forms.

This research by the Central Track Sex Survey notes that they lose their virginity at 17 and that their lowest age listed for first sex is at 12.

All in all, you’ll definitely enjoy the girls here for both their gorgeous appearances and welcoming attitude in the bedroom.


Summary of Dallas Girls

  • 3 traits: Dallas women are hardworking, ambitious, and creative.
  • 2 tips: To get Dallas girls to notice you, dress up cause they value looks, and be courteous with them. If you want to get laid, visit only places where is easy to meet women for sex.
  • 1 fact: Girls in Dallas love American football as much as the guys.


Men in Dallas

Dallas guys not only have attractive faces to offer but also their gentlemanly traits.


Look and Physical Appearance

Given that the men in Dallas are multiracial, they have light to dark hair. As for their eye color, light brown’s more frequent compared to black and blue.

Besides that, they’re ordinarily around 5’9–5’10 feet tall, which is the standard for US men. And in spite of their typical sturdy build, some are chubby.

Although they’re not as flashy as the women, they’re equally as well-kept. Their style is semi-casual, consisting of a light button-down shirt and jeans.


Attitude and Values

Though they may seem snobby, Dallas men are actually the opposite cause they’re considerate and friendly.

They’re even likely to chat with strangers, making it easy for you to strike up a conversation and seduce him.

On the other hand, they can be very passionate and stubborn, especially about sports. They’re huge fans of their home team, the Dallas cowboys.



In view of their cultural macho ways and habits, Dallas guys are expected to be active in sex.

This Battle of the Sexes article even says that their lowest age for sex was 10. Not to mention, as much as 34% masturbate daily.

Furthermore, they mention that they’ve had 10-15 partners on average, with quite a few having 30 or 40.

In this case, their experience more or less guarantees that you’ll have a satisfying night with them.


Summary of Dallas Men

  • 3 traits: Dallas guys are considerate, friendly, and passionate.
  • 2 tips: To charm men in Dallas, wear stylish clothes and be friendly. It’s worth learning tips on how to hook up with guys if you want to get laid without embarrassment.
  • 1 fact: Dallas men are crazy about sports.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

erotic couple Dallas swingers getting laid

Dallas’ locals are open-minded forward casual sex. As a result, they have several sex partners before getting into a monogamous relationship.

So you can easily find a fuck buddy if you aren’t ready to get serious.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Being that most men and women have an average of 8 up to 15 partners in a lifetime, it’s safe to say that they’re generally promiscuous.

And considering that there are many swingers in Dallas, it seems they don’t stop fucking strangers as a couple.


Swinger Activities in Dallas

At the present time, there are several sex clubs in Dallas, including active swinger groups that plan consistent meet-ups.

Just visit any hook up site for couples and you’ll notice how promiscuous people in Dallas are.

For example, the Dallas members on Adult Friend Finder organize private sex parties every weekend. Just introduce yourself, let them know you’re new here and you’ll get an invitation.

Make sure to bring some booze for the host, it’s a way to thank them for the hospitality.


Is It Easy To Hook Up in Dallas?

Basically, everyone wants to enjoy casual sex in Dallas. It’s a loose city that offers plenty of opportunities to get laid.

Hooking up online is the best way to go, but you can also find flings in bars and nightclubs if you’re friendly…


Where to Meet People For Sex in Dallas

Whether it’s during the day or the night, Dallas is full of sexual opportunities.

From hooking up in one of the many pickup bars, to meeting kinksters online, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s have a look at the easiest places to get laid in Dallas…


1. Sex Dating Online

There are endless possibilities to get laid in Dallas and adult dating sites like Adult Friend Finder are the best way to go.

It is the largest sex dating platform, so you can easily find horny singles who’d be down for casual hookups… Or couples looking to spice up their sex lives.

Check out our review for the best hookup apps in Dallas.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

Dallas swingers in club

Polyamory is becoming more normalized in Texas. And whether you want to fuck singles or couples, you’re not short on options.

You can connect with partner swappers not only on AFF but also at different venues. And there are plenty of opportunities to get invited to a sex party in Dallas.

Here are our recommendations for some of the best swinger clubs in Dallas:

• Colette Club – Located at Composite Drive, also having branches in Houston, New Orleans, and Austin. This swinger club welcomes people of all sexualities.

On Wednesdays, there’s also a newbie night for people who are newly exploring the swinger lifestyle, and the membership fee is also waived.

• Velvet Curtain – Located at Good Latimer Expressway, this swinger club is open for both couples and singles who want to spice up their sex lives.

It has a lounge area, playrooms and also, sexy themed nights.

• Eden Club DWF – Located at Pipeline Road, this is also a nightclub where the rule is to look as sexy as you can.

You can go to the dancefloor with couples, and when you’re tired, go to one of the four private rooms.

This club also has themed events like Topless Fridays and Hump Days that do not require any explanation.


3. Nightclubs and Bars

Dallas offers legendary nightlife and it can become exactly what you want it to be.

So let’s have a look at the best pickup bars and nightclubs in Dallas for singles:

• It’ll Do Club – Located at Elm St, this nightclub offers an erotic atmosphere making it the best place for hookups in Dallas.

• Memphis Club – Located at Belt Line Rd, this nightclub attracts people of all ages making it a great option to find nightstands.

• Stan’s Blue Note – Located at Greenville Ave, students come here to find hookups.

• Dada Dallas – Known for its wild nights and intimate atmosphere, this is one of the best places to go on Deep Ellum.

• Single Wide – Located at Greenville Ave, it’s a wonderful bar to meet new people.

• The Mansion Bar – Located at Turtle Creek is a classy cougar bar ideal for cubs that want to hook up with married women.

One of the best nightlife areas in Dallas is Deep Ellum. It is a famous neighborhood that is clustered with party venues making it great to find or go on dates.

Alternatively, streets like McKinney and Cedar Spring Road in the Uptown area of Dallas also offer fantastic nightlife for singles scouring for hookups.

Check out the Upper Greenville area to find the best cougar bars in Dallas.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Cultural District near 7th Street. While it’s not as crazy as the 6th Street in Austin, it still offers naughty nightlife.


4. Strip Clubs

gentleman club Dallas stripper posing sexy

Dallas strip clubs are big, luxurious, and with plenty of sexy girls.

If you’re coming to the city for a business trip and want to spend some naughty time then the gentleman clubs here are the place to go.

However, if you’re looking for regular stripteases and want to enjoy them without spending a fortune, then adult cam sites like Strip Chat are the way to go.

With that said, here are the top strip clubs in Dallas where you can have a naughty night:

• DG’s A Gentlemen’s Club – Located at W Northwest Hwy, this strip club has been around for more than two decades.

Even today, you can come here for memorable bachelor parties, and enjoy erotic stripteases and lap dances.

• Dallas Cabaret North – Located at Harry Hines Blvd, this urban strip club is open all 7 days a week and is known for its after-hour parties till 5 am.

Apart from catering to some of the most exotic dancers in the US, you can occasionally also find popular porn stars on stage.

• Bucks Cabaret – Located at California Crossing Rd, here you can enjoy the company of blazing hot dancers and cheap drinks. There are sister clubs in Houston and Fort Worth.


5. Transsexual Friendly Gay Venues

Cedar Springs Road is one of the best districts to meet transgender people in Dallas. There are several bars and nightclubs where trans people come to party and drink.

Here are some of our recommendations:

•  Station 4

•  JR’s Bar and Grill – (famous for its live drag shows)

•  Rose Room – (trans often come here from Thursday to Saturday nights)

Note that the venues listed above are not trans-specific. If you just want to meet transsexual people, use shemale dating sites.


6. BDSM in Dallas

fetish girl Dallas submissive bdsm

The people of Dallas can get very kinky, and there are more than enough venues to cater to their wild sexual desires.

The majority of the swinger clubs host fetish parties, but if that isn’t enough you can also visit Infliction Hall located on Pipeline Road.

The name of this club is pretty self-explanatory, and in short, it is a paradise for fetish lovers. All gender orientations are welcome and it’s also a great place for kinky speed dating.

If that wasn’t enough then sites like are always a hotspot to connect with the online community of kinksters in Dallas.


7. Hookups During The Day

Downtown areas like Deep Ellum and Bishop Arts District have a high volume of foot traffic. In fact, they are good places to meet strangers.

Alternatively, it’s always worth pretending to go shopping in major malls like Galleria and Northpark Center. You’re likely to find the hot “Instagram models” there.

Otherwise, if you’re into cougars, then check out places like the Dallas Museum of Art.

casual hook up Dallas find girls dates

Dallas Museum of Art and Southern Methodist University are two hot spots to hook up in Dallas.

If you would like to mingle with students, the Southern Methodist University (SMU) area is packed with great places to start a conversation.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Dallas

Most people avoid getting into serious relationships in Dallas, and we don’t blame them. The drama and emotional baggage they come with simply aren’t worth it.

Besides, with a flourishing economy, most locals date here for fun and pleasure rather than to form a long-term commitment.

This is also the reason why Dallas is considered to be one of the best American cities for sugar dating.

There are plenty of sugar daddies here who want intimacy and companionship while avoiding the responsibilities of a typical relationship. Conversely, you can find just as many sugar babies who are seeking mature men.

This means regardless of which side you’re on, it’s a win-win situation for you.

So if you’re also interested in sugar dating then the easiest way to find a sexy partner is through sites like Sugar Daddy Meet.

Just make sure to be honest while creating a profile so it becomes easier for you to find the right match.


Best Places For Outdoor Sex

If you’re looking for places to have outdoor sex, then there are a couple of spots in Dallas.

Here are some of our picks:

White Rock Lake– Park in front of the 7/11 store and go for a walk in the nearby wooded areas.

• Kiest Park – There is a cliff off the beaten path where you can have a quicky.

Lakeside Park – Landscaped trails with stunning views and plenty of space for a memorable session.

Trinity Forest Trail – Forest trail that’s usually pretty quiet, making it one of the best spots for outdoor sex.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex In Dallas

If you want to make your stay in Dallas memorable, then the Deep Ellum area offers the highest chances of getting laid.

So ideally, you’d want to book a hostel in a nearby area:

• Deep Ellum Hostel

• The Wild, Wild West Dallas Hostel – (On a 20 mins drive from Deep Ellum, but best for solo travelers)

To enjoy seductive moments with your sex partner, then book a room in an erotic hotel:

The Joule Hotel

Hotel Zaza

Omni Hotel


Safe Sex And Clinics

The wild nightlife of Dallas can make it difficult for you to control your sexual urges, but never forget your sexual health.

Make sure to use the rubber during sex to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Yet, if you feel skeptical about your sexual health, visit AHF Healthcare Center or STD Check for easy and reliable check-ups.

Hope this Dallas sex guide had enough info for you.




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