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How To Prepare For A Hook Up – Full Routine For Her

It’s your first hook up and don’t know how to prepare for it. We know how nerve breaking it feels.

But with some insight, you can prepare for a casual hook up and feel confident that everything will fall into place.

As a matter of fact, you don’t only have to get your mind and body ready. You need to surprise that cute guy if you want him to come back for more.

Although it’s not hard, you do have to put in the work to make sure you don’t hit a snag on your way.

You wouldn’t want to encounter oopsies and ruin the mood, would you?

woman preparing for a casual hook up

We have written a full routine to prepare for a hook up to increase your chances of having a great time…


1. Tidy Up Your Place

The quickest way you can turn off anyone is by having a dirty house or bedroom.

You may be able to hide it when you’re rushing to bang as soon as you get home. But the morning after will reveal the real state of your area.

Now, to have a decent image throughout your interaction, tidying up your place should be one of the things that you should first do when you prepare for a hook up.

The same applies if you’re planning to hook up in the car.


2. Have Drinks And Snacks In Stock

There isn’t anyone that can predict how things will turn out between two people. Yet, since you both want to get laid, you’ll obviously be screwing sooner or later.

But will you be tearing each other’s clothes off the moment you get in? Or will you two need some time to build up the sexual tension?

Given these points, it’ll be handy to have drinks and snacks in stock at your place when you want to have your hook up come over.


3. Clean And Groom Well

Being clean and well-groomed is an absolute must every time you’re going to have sex.

Moreover, you should be extra mindful of your privates and bush by trimming, shaving, or waxing.

Cause not only will it make the hook up pleasant, but it also ensures that you won’t be thought of poorly by your partner.

This detail is confirmed by Solv Health’s article since it asserts that bad hygiene has a negative impact on a person’s social life and relationships.


4. Carry Protection

Nowadays, each person that enjoys fucking should bring their own rubber, not just the guys. This means that you should carry protection at all times when you prepare for a hook for your security.

Keep condoms in your bag to guarantee that you have access to them wherever you’ll be getting laid.

On top of that, having them on hand will save you time from buying new ones while you’re in the middle of foreplay.


5. Have An Overnight Kit

Though you may prefer your place, it’s possible that you’ll be sleeping at his.

For this reason, it’s vital that you prepare in advance when you hook up and regularly bring an overnight kit with you. It’ll make you feel better too since you can freshen up well.

Just bring the basics that fit in your purse. For example, have a toothbrush, wet wipes, tissues, and the like.


6. Regularly Empty Your Bladder

One of the things that you should remember when you prepare for a hook up is to empty your bladder as whenever you can.

It might sound like a hassle, but you’ll have a stress-free time with your partner if you do this.

You see, getting caught up in the moment is fine and all. Yet if you need to go to the toilet you won’t relax or worst spoiled the mood.


7. Keep Mints Or Gum In Hand

Having fresh breath during a night out is hard to do since you’ll be downing alcohol and different types of food.

Can you imagine just how much of a turn off it is to get near someone who has a stinky mouth?

To prevent yourself from going through something like this, you should keep mints or gum in hand. It’s a must if you want to smell nice around a guy.


8. Be Careful With Your Food

Another thing to worry about when you prepare for a hook up with a guy is your diet for the day. You basically have to be careful with your food.

As such, don’t eat stuff that may bloat or upset your stomach.

With that said, you should stick with healthy meals that you’re certain won’t cause you trouble.

And since your food will directly influence how your night will go, steer clear of smelly and spicy ones as well.


9. Wear Sexy Underwear

Clothes give people strength, and sexy lingerie in particular greatly boosts a woman’s confidence. Many psychologists support this as they’re only a few of the many positive outcomes when using fancy undies.

Wearing sexy underwear is a key factor when preparing to hook up.

However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money as anything that makes you feel appealing and hot is good enough.


10. Go Easy On The Perfume

Aside from looking nice, having an attractive scent is also essential when you want to get laid.

Then again, you shouldn’t go overboard with it since having a strong smell can have the opposite effect and repel potential hook up partners.

In light of that, you need to go easy on the perfume when you use it. Apply it on your skin, but only spray it one or two times to get the right balance.


Why Is It So Important To Prepare Yourself For A Hook Up?

Whether it’s your first time doing it or not, hooking up is generally unpredictable. Every person you’ll meet is different and will have their own reactions.

Hence, nothing will beat preparing yourself from top to bottom. It will give you the highest chances of having an enjoyable and satisfying sexual experience.

woman prepare hook up with a man

We’ve also written essential tips to hook up with a guy on most occasions so you can be ready. As a result, you’ll be less nervous.

And make sure to be aware of the signs he want to hook up again with you because you don’t want to get rejected if he isn’t into you.




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