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How to Get a 50 Year-Old Woman in the Mood

Many women lose their appetite for sex when they cross the age of 50. The reason for that is usually the hormonal changes in their bodies.

But this doesn’t mean that there’s no possible way to turn them on. You just have to learn how to awaken their sex drive.

Just keep in mind that it won’t be as simple as sexually turning on a younger girl. It requires effort and patience since you’d have to take things slow.

So if you’re ready for the challenge then let’s go over 7 tips to get a 50 year-old woman in the mood.


7 Tips to Arouse a 50 Year Old Woman

arousing 50 years old woman


1. Create the Right Atmosphere

The first thing you need to do is to create the right atmosphere. And this can only be done if you have a clear plan in your mind.

So make sure that you set aside time during which there are no interruptions or demands to distract you.

And this might sound cliché, but we also suggest spending some romantic time with her before jumping toward sex.

Perhaps going out for a movie or a long drive would do the trick and also keep the romance alive in the relationship.

This will also help you turn her on mentally – which will make it easier for you to arouse her.


2. Make Her Feel Relaxed

The key to having good sex with an older woman is to make her feel relaxed. Mature women have a lot of responsibilities, so you should be able to ease her mind.

If she has her mind on anything else, then it would virtually be impossible for you to turn her on.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help a woman feel relaxed.

You could drink some wine with her, take a bath together or give her a sensual massage. Massaging will not only help her de-stress, but if done right, it would also get her in the mood.


3. Touch Her Hotspots

Every woman has her hotspots, and whether she’s 20 or 50, pressing the right buttons will turn her on.

So just get into the bed with her, and start a conversation while caressing her thigh, waist, or hips.

The goal here is to make her aware that you are in the mood for sex and build anticipation.

Because remember that as we mentioned earlier, if you’re having sex with an older woman, then it has to be planned.

Just laying down and relaxing as you stroke her body would also help her de-stress as well.


4. Start with Foreplay

Once you’ve set the tone, it’s now time to take the initiative. And for that, we’re going to focus on plenty of foreplay.

That’s right, you might have the liberty to skip foreplay with younger girls, but for an older woman, you must dedicate time to it.

Start by locking lips with her and kissing for a while. After that, slowly kiss and work towards her belly and go all the way to her vagina.

If you want to get her in the mood, then your tongue is going to play an essential role. To get any chance of sex, you have to eat her out for at least a good 15-20 minutes.

The bright side is that, if you master oral, then you can turn her anytime you want.

If you’re looking for some good foreplay tips then here’s a video by Jason Julius to help you out:


5. Use Sex Toys

If 15-20 minutes of oral sex sounds too challenging for you, then another alternative is to use sex toys.

But make no mistake, we aren’t saying that sex toys are an excuse to not give a woman head. You’ll still have to do it, but perhaps having a vibrator in your hand can speed up the process.

While most men think that the vibrator is only used to stimulate the clitoris, this isn’t the case. You can use a vibrator on any erogenous zone of a woman and experiment to see what works.

Either way, sex toys do make the process much easier and can save you from a ton of manual work, especially if you learn how to use them.

So we would recommend throwing them into the mix at least once and see how it plays out.


6. Try Something New

There’s a chance that the reason she doesn’t want to have sex isn’t because of her low sex drive.

It could be because it’s simply too underwhelming and boring. You keep going for the same old vanilla sex and don’t experiment at all.

So what we suggest is to openly communicate with her and ask if she wants to do something new. You never know, she might be into kinky stuff and the idea of trying it would get her in the mood.

Similarly, this might sound weird, but you can also ask her if she wants to try swinging.

If you aren’t sure how to bring this conversation up with her then we’ve shared some tips for that in our how to become a swinger guide.


7. Take it Slow

Lastly, turning on a woman in her 50s is often a game of patience. If you rush into it, then you would likely turn her off.

And even if she somehow allows you to penetrate her, it wouldn’t be pleasurable for her.

That’s because aging can decrease the elasticity in the vagina, which can make sex painful if a woman isn’t turned on properly.

This is also one of the reasons we suggested taking some time in eating her out so she gets naturally lubricated after getting horny.

If you do that right, then the chances are that she would initiate sex herself.




  • Tom Phillips

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