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How To Get Over A Hookup – 12 Things You Can Do Right Now

How To Get Over A Hookup

If you’re having a hard time getting over your hookup, then we understand how overwhelmed you must be feeling.

It may have been one of the best sexual experiences of your life – or maybe even your first.

The conversations, sexual chemistry, everything was perfect. Now you’re left with lingering feelings that are disrupting your peace.

So what to do now and how to get over a hookup without regrets?

In this article, we’re going to go through 12 things that can help you speed up the process.

Let’s get started!


1) Rationalize your Feelings

Rationalizing your feelings is the first step of moving on. The whole idea behind hookups is to engage in no-strings-attached sex.

Then why did this happen? Was it the first time you were hooking up?

If so, then you may not know yourself well enough. Perhaps it’s difficult for you to separate sex from love.

But if you frequently hook up and this hasn’t ever happened before then ask yourself, why this time?

Did you enjoy the social interaction too much, was your hookup too attractive, or perhaps it was the sex? Maybe a mix of everything?

Acknowledge why it happened and that it’s there and then think about how you can handle the situation.


2) Accept What It Was

Sure, he may be one of the “best” romantic and sexual men you’ve ever met. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he was good for you.

The biggest mistake you can make is to push down your feelings. Slowly accept the fact that it was nothing more than a fling.

While it’s true that you shouldn’t develop feelings for the person you hook up with, understand that it wasn’t in your control.

The more you blame yourself and feel stupid about it, the more miserable you would become.

So if you do want a relationship, then know your worth. Instead of falling for a nightstand, fall for someone who truly deserves and values you.

In short, don’t fall for a guy who wants to be IN you, but rather someone who wants to be WITH you.


3) Feel the Pain

As philosophical as it may sound, the best way to overcome pain is by coming to terms with it.

There’s no point in masking your feelings and pretending that you’re doing fine.

Every once in a while it’s okay to feel shitty. It helps our body and brain to process what’s happening.

Because don’t forget that at the end of the day, it’s all chemical reactions that are acting up inside of you. So sit with your feelings a while and focus on them.

Doing so may even help you find a solution that how you can divert the energy that you’re investing in this guy into something better.


4) Keep Yourself Distracted

It’s perfectly fine to feel sad. But don’t ponder over it for too long.

There’s a great chance that the reason you’re feeling so miserable is that you don’t have anything else to do.

That’s why try to keep yourself distracted. Maybe you can channel this frustration into working out. After all, people often get in the best shape of their lives right after a nasty breakup.

We know, this isn’t a breakup. But if you’re reading this article, then it probably hurts like one.

And if you aren’t interested in working out, then pursue that hobby you always wanted to. Or maybe, binge some movies or TV shows.

Basically, anything that takes your mind off this.


5) Hookup with Someone Else

Some may think that this isn’t a good idea. But we believe, hooking up with someone else can help you know more about yourself.

There’s a chance that you’re not missing the guy, but rather, the sex you had with him.

Your feeling of misery may be coming from an underlying sense of loneliness or insecurity. It could even be because your sexual desires aren’t fulfilled.

So hooking up with someone else can help you decide whether that guy really was special or not. Sign up with a legit hookup site and get over the bad feelings.


6) Don’t Make Hasty Decisions

Considering how horrible you’re probably feeling right now, it’s easy to make wrong decisions out of haste.

As tempted as you feel, even if you have his number or social media, don’t approach him.

That would probably make things awkward for him, especially if he only wanted just to have casual sex. And the chances are that you might also end up regretting this later.


7) Let Time Play Its Course

Talking to your ex after breaking up comes in between the process of moving on. That’s why most relationship experts advise against doing so.

However, you can consider yourself lucky because you weren’t dating the guy. And it’s highly unlikely that you even talk to him.

Studies show that it takes about 11 weeks to get over a breakup from a low-quality relationship.

And considering this was a hookup, it may take you even sooner to forget about him.

So let time play its course and until then, try to bear with it.


8) Get Drunk with Friends

There’s a difference between getting drunk alone and with your friends. While drinking alone, it’s easy to go over the board.

So we recommend the latter because the last thing we want is for you to turn into a drunkard because of a hookup.

When you’re drinking with your friends, however, they can be there to take care of you. In addition tit’s more fun and a great way to relieve some stress.


9) Block Him from your Life

We mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t contact him out of haste because you might regret that later.

Well, if you can’t control your temptations, then block him from everywhere.

Besides, the more you know about him, the harder it will become for you to move on.

So once you block him, at least then you wouldn’t be able to stalk him.


10) Remember you Only Just Met

You might be thinking how perfect everything was with him. However, you’re forgetting that you only just met him.

Some people look great on the surface, but the more you know about them, the less you’re attracted to them.

So it might be a blessing in disguise that you can’t get in a relationship with him.


11) Learn How to Avoid It Again

Hookups are about having a no-strings-attached sexual connection. This is why you need to know what caused you to develop feelings.

And if you do hookup again, then learn how you can avoid it. Although we did mention above that you can use hooking up as means to get over him.

So that can also act as a great experiment and let you know whether hookups are for you.

Or are you prone to develop feelings for the person you sleep with?


Why Getting Over A One Night Stand Crush Is So Hard?

If it’s difficult for you to get over a one-night stand then it could be because you get attached too easily.

But don’t blame yourself because most women have a hard time separating sex from love. It’s because they release more oxytocin which is also known as the love hormone.

As a result, they are more prone to get an emotional connection rather than a physical one. This video explains it in a fun way…

In conclusion, learn more about yourself and figure out whether hookups are for you or would you rather be in a serious relationship.




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