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What Does A Hook Up Mean To A Guy – 7 Possible Things

Having some trouble figuring out what a guy wants from you?

Well, you’re not alone in stressing over this. Because contrary to popular opinion, men aren’t as simple as they claim to be.

In fact, they’re particularly puzzling when it comes to sex and relationships.

As a result, girls who lack experience often become confused when they attempt to understand what a hook up means to a guy.

what means to hook up with a guy

It also doesn’t help that many men are vague about their real intentions, which further complicates things for women.

And instead of being upfront with what they feel, they choose to hide it. So they end up sending mixed signals.

We’ve listed 7 possible meanings when a guy asks you to hook up.


1. You Turn Him On

One of the biggest reasons a guy would ask to hook up is because he finds you sexually appealing. Obviously, you turn him on and make him want to score with you.

Then again, this won’t suddenly make him want you to be his girlfriend, even if you’re the hottest and most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

He might simply want to get in your pants and stop it at that.

This is supported by Better Help’s article on attraction. It elaborates that sexual attraction doesn’t always go hand in hand with romantic attraction, which is what gives people the desire to be in a relationship.


2. An Easy Option

When a girl gets a reputation to sleep around, in the guy’s eyes she is an easy option. Basically, he wants to hook up just for sex.

Perhaps the guy doesn’t have other options and he is happy to hook up with her even if he isn’t attracted to her.

In this case, once he empties his balls, he’ll never call her unless he’ll find himself without an option again.

With that said, there’s still a likelihood that he might want a serious relationship if you manage to sleep with him several times.

Yet, keep in mind that a man can sleep with a woman without feelings. So don’t be overconfident with such hookup.


3. He’s Just Horny

Guys are crazy for sex, and a lot of them aren’t picky with their partners. It may hurt to hear, but you just happened to be near and available when he was horny.

Although this shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, considering they commonly have high libidos. This article by Men’s Health strengthens this statement. It reports that research has proven that men are hornier than women.

So you have to accept that at times there’s no special reason why a guy wants to hook up. Except to empty his balls.


4. He’s Testing You Out

Some guys like to test a potential partner first, and if she passes then check out the remaining treats on the list.

You see, there are guys that give enormous importance to sex. Those types of guys usually have a strong sex drive, so it’s natural for them to start to know you more from the bedroom perspective.

Now, if he feels that you match one another, he’ll want to have a deeper relationship. If not, then he can safely back off.


5. He Doesn’t Mind Losing You

Some guy asks to hook up because they don’t mind losing your friendship. They might not enjoy your company as a friend so they try to go for the sex.

In case you accept, it’s a win for them because they might find out you’re a great sport in the bedroom. And if you refuse, they don’t lose anything really.

If you notice that he doesn’t look for your friendship, and out of the blue he asked to hook up… Well, now you know what that means.


6. He Wants Something Convenient

Do you fancy yourself as a modern woman? One that should be able to fool around freely?

If yes, he probably knows it as well. Therefore, he’ll believe that you’re on the same page about sex, making it convenient to hook up with you than with others.

Why would he want to get together with a stressful woman when you already share his views, right?

While this can lead to something more later, it won’t be the first thing that pops up in his mind. After all, he went with you cause he wants a girl who’s down for casual sex and not hung up on relationships.


7. Potential Girlfriend

On the whole, men usually have big egos that they protect all the time. Due to this, they’re not willing to take any risk. Especially if they aren’t sure that they’re going to come out on top.

For this reason, guys want to see where they stand with somebody from the start before they make their move.

When a guy is into you yet isn’t certain if it’s for real, he’ll want to get to know you without the pressure of dating.

In this case, hooking up with you means that a guy feels that you have the potential to be his girlfriend in the long run.

But for now, he wants to figure out if there is enough sexual chemistry before moving to the next step.


Does Hooking Up Only Mean Sex To A Guy?

hook up means sex to a guy

For the most part, the majority of guys prefer to start hooking up rather than go for dates since it’s hassle-free.

Ask anyone, and I bet you that they’ll pick the set-up where they don’t need to go through a hard time.

Plus, most guys in their teens up to 30s are only into sex and aren’t looking to get serious.

In spite of this, though, there are a small number of guys who do hope to turn a hook up into a relationship. You just need to check if the one you’re with is among them.

Fortunately, you can tell if a guy wants a relationship or just a hookup.




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