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What Do Guys Think After You Sleep With Them? 13 Common Thoughts

Did you recently hook up with a man? And was it someone you’re into?

If your answer is yes to both, there’s no doubt that you’re dying to find out what he thinks after you sleep with him.

Since men aren’t open with their feelings, it might seem complex and confusing to read their minds.

So I’m sharing with you what do guys think after you sleep with them so you can figure out if he likes you or it was just a hook up.


1. They Congratulate Themselves

No matter what age they reach, men will always praise themselves for getting laid.

For this reason, what guys think the most after you sleep with them, is that they’re hotshots. They have it in their heads that they’re great since they landed you in bed.

Furthermore, if the person you’re with is proud of his sexual conquests, then he’ll be extra happy to put another notch on his belt.


2. Did I Make Her Come?

A usual question that guys think of after you sleep with them is “Did I make her come?”

You see, it’s easily visible evidence of a man that ends with an orgasm. But girls are the only ones who know if they have an orgasm.

If your partner is thoughtfully about you, he’ll want to give you a good time. For others, it’ll be for their egos since they want to be great fucks to their partners.


3. Was I Too Fast?

Men are much easier to please during sex than women. This is due to girls needing a longer time to reach climax.

Meanwhile, guys have the opposite problem. Better Health’s article serves as proof of this since it confirms that premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem for men.

As such, guys tend to worry if they come too quickly after you sleep with them.


4. Did She Enjoy It As Much As Me?

Guys normally think about whether or not you truly enjoyed yourself after you sleep with them.

The main reason for this is that many women lie about their experiences. They even have a reputation for faking their reactions in the sack.

As a result, men can get a tad worked up if they feel that they didn’t satisfy you. Those interested in you will be especially sensitive about it.


5. I Hope She’s On Birth Control

Although people generally want to avoid risky sex, there are times when lust takes over all their senses.

Hence, it’s not uncommon for a man to get caught up in the moment that they slip up and do it raw.

When this happens, the first thing that they’ll wonder about is if you’re on birth control. Cause at this point, they’re probably panicking and hoping that they didn’t knock you up.


6. I Hope She Doesn’t Start Any Drama

If they just want a hook up, and nothing else, there’s only one thing that guys will think of after you sleep with them. And that’s, “I hope she doesn’t start any drama.”

You see, now that he’s sober and the excitement from sex has faded, he’ll be wary of you.

It’s because he doesn’t want you to misinterpret any of his actions and develop feelings afterward.


7. This Is Gonna Be A Good Story To Tell

Though women are believed to be chattier than guys, in reality, it’s the other way around. This Psychology Today article reinforces this statement as it reveals that most studies found that men talk more than women.

Given these points, it’s not shocking that men like to share sex stories, especially when they can brag about it.

Therefore guys will want to tell their buddies about your hook up.


8. I Hope She Remembers This

For the most part, men have a lot of pride and naturally have big egos.

Having said that, guys like to think that you’ll remember how amazing they are after you sleep with them. In short, they want to feel like they’re sex gods.

And if your partner believes all your moans and cries of pleasure are real, he’ll declare that he’s the best fuck you’ve ever had.


9. She Knows This Isn’t Serious, Right?

Maybe he did something that surprised you and was too sweet. Or he might have kissed you when it wasn’t part of the deal.

In any event, he wants you to know that none of his romantic gestures during the hook up should be taken seriously.

Basically, everything was done in the heat of things and meant nothing to him. So he’s thinking of confirming this with you.

And remember there is always a reason if guys just want to hook up with you and never get serious.


10. Can We Do This Again?

In this case, he realized that you’re not only physically compatible but that you rock his world with your sexy techniques.

On account of this, most guys will think that they want to meet up again after you sleep with them.

Chances are he’ll want you as a fuck buddy. And if your personality clicks with him, he may even be asking himself if he’ll want something more later.


11. I Wonder How Good She Thinks I am Compared To Others

Many people have a competitive nature, and this trait is more or less consistent in men. Of course, this also shows up in their sex lives.

In light of this, the likelihood is high that he’ll wonder how good you think he is at sex compared to other guys.

If he’s open about it, he’ll want to ask you directly for his ranking. But if he’s too shy, he’ll simply keep to himself.


12. Is She Up For Another Round?

There’s no strict guide for sex and hook ups, even if folks do it all the time. That’s why if this is your first time with each other, you have to play it by ear.

Consequently, your partner won’t have a clue about your stamina. And if they still have lots of it left, they’ll be thinking if you can go for another round.


How To Leave A Positive Impression When You Sleep With A Guy

While it’s okay to be a bit selfish with your wants during sex, it’s also vital that you give back to your partner.

What’s more, since every guy is unique, you’ll have to pay close attention and respond accordingly.

This way guys will think you’re a pleasant partner after you sleep with them.

In turn, they’ll have a great time and will want to see you again. Perhaps he’ll want a casual relationship with you.




  • Ashley Miller

    Ashley Miller is a Dating Coach and author for She teaches women how to deal with self-esteem and insecurities issues and how to flirt, have casual hookups, or get into a serious relationship. She has many years of personal coaching experience and is particularly passionate about helping people to find dating success regardless of race or gender. You will find her cooking delicious pies, enjoying a book, or playing skying in her free time.