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How To Get A Girl To Sleep With You: 9 Tips

guy get a girl to sleep with him

The process to get laid for men is quite different in comparison to girls.

Most men would be ready to hook up with any woman who’s physically attractive, regardless of her personality or intention of having a relationship.

On the other hand, girls are more careful about who they sleep with. They won’t sleep with a man simply because he is attractive as they place more importance on how a guy makes them feel.

This is why if you lack flirting skills, then you might be having a hard time getting laid. Girls need to feel a build-up in sexual tension before having sex with a man.

So, here is what you need to do to get women to sleep with you…


9 Tips To Get Any Girl To Sleep With You


1. Make Her Feel Attracted to Your Personality

Most men think that they need to be good-looking to attract girls. However, that’s not always the case.

While superficial qualities do make a difference, they’re not the final deciding factor.

Women don’t usually decide to sleep with a man just based on his physical appearance.

Sure, a hunky physique, good looks, height, and social status can make a difference. But ultimately, it would be useless if you have a lame personality and low self-confidence.

In fact, if you look around, you’ll often see average-looking guys dating and marrying the hottest women.

So make her feel attracted to your personality by using your humor, flirting skills, and displaying charisma.


2. Build Sexual Tension to Warm Her Up

The first step of getting a girl in bed is to make her think sexually about you. And that can only be done if you build sexual tension.

Try dropping subtle sexual innuendos during the conversation if she’s comfortable enough around you.

Similarly, subtly flirt with her from time to time without being too upfront about your intentions.

In case you’re trying to flirt with her on text, then check out our example of flirty text messages. Alternatively, learn how to flirt with a girl face to face.


3. Act Confident and Make Yourself Stand Out

Your body language and overall confidence play a major role in deciding whether a girl would sleep with you.

If you want to make yourself look more confident, then maintain an upright posture and keep a smile on your face.

While walking, look at the front, not down at the floor. This applies even more when you’re approaching the girl you like.

It shows that you aren’t afraid to take charge of the situation and it makes girls feel more feminine around you.

In this video, you’ll find more useful tips to be more confident…


4. Learn How to Carry the Conversation

The biggest struggle men face while talking with women is that they “run out of things” to talk about.

They end up overthinking that “Hey, what can I say to make her like me?” which is usually a big mistake.

This actually turns her off because women don’t like men who are putting on an act.

Not only that, but the conversation also becomes awkward and she can start seeing that you’re being nervous.

So how can you carry the conversation? Well, just be yourself.

Stop thinking too much about what you should and shouldn’t say. This hides your natural charisma and only leaves you with hesitation and confusion.

Talk about whatever comes naturally and don’t be too afraid to voice your opinions. Trust us, this would attract her and help your chances to bed her.


5. Don’t Make Yourself Look Desperate

Even if a girl is really attracted to you and wants to have sex, she’ll play hard to get.

Why would she do that? Well, to test your desperation.

Unfortunately, most men directly fall under their trap and start looking or saying things that make them look desperate.

The general rule is to not show romantic interest in her until you build attraction. It gives her the impression that you’re unworthy of her, and that she could probably do much better.

That is also the reason the first tip we shared was about how you should attract her with your personality before anything.


6. Make Her Feel Comfortable with Your Touch

Touching a woman is one of the most effective ways to build attraction and sexual interest.

It also shows that you’re confident and it makes her feel more comfortable around you – but only if you do it right.

We’ve discussed already how to touch a girl to build attraction without making her feel uncomfortable. But in a nutshell, start with her upper back, or arm.

For instance, while she’s talking to you, you could tap her upper back to convey support. Similarly, you can also gently touch her arm while you’re asking a question or sharing a story.

The more she becomes comfortable with your touch, the easier it would be for you to make her sleep with you.

But remember to only touch girls when you’re in front of them. Touching women from the back can make them turn on their protective instincts.


7. Try Spending More Alone Time With Her

Spending alone time with women is another great way to build sexual tension. You could take her out to an intimate place, or in the best-case scenario, invite her to your home.

Similarly, if you two are comfortable enough together, then you can also plan a short trip with her. This is also a great way to trick a girl to sleep with you.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, it could be going to a resort over the weekend or a camping trip.

Either way, by the end of the day, the sexual tension would be so high that she’d be desperate to get under the sheets with you.


8. Find the Right Time to Make a Move

Men often miss golden opportunities to bed women due to their inability to make a move.

Always remember to strike while the iron is hot – or in this case, when she’s horny.

Making a move doesn’t necessarily mean having sex. It could even be the first kiss while you’re dropping her home to get things going.

In a nutshell, we’re not asking you to rush things, but that doesn’t mean you should wait forever.


9. Prioritize Foreplay and Don’t Force Sex

Just because a girl is making out with you, doesn’t mean you’ve sealed the deal.

You can still screw it up by being too aggressive. This is why always prioritize foreplay, and don’t try going all the way right off the bat.

Your target here is to get her into the exciting phase so sex becomes irresistible for her. And this can only be done if you engage in foreplay for long enough.

Similarly, it’s also important for you to stay relaxed and not force yourself on her. Women can easily tell when a man is being aggressive and it may turn her off.

So go at a pace that makes both of you feel comfortable.


How To Find A Woman To Sleep With?

get a woman to sleep with you

There are multiple ways to find women to sleep with like nightclubs, bars, college parties, and so on. But nothing even comes close to hookup sites and apps simply because is more convenient and effective.

Unlike social places, online there aren’t several factors at play that make it hard to hook up. For example, you won’t have to deal with her friends who are looking after her like happen often at parties.

And because hooking up online is private and reserved, a girl isn’t afraid to be shamed for sleeping around. On top of that for those guys who lack social skills, asking a girl to hook up over text is much easier than doing it face-to-face.

But if you’re a social animal, then nightclubs and bars are also perfect places to pick up girls. You can further explore the best options in your city by reading our City Sex Guides where we talk about the best places to get laid.




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