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Newcastle Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re searching for intimacy, sexual encounters, or simply want to get laid in Newcastle, you’ll find all the info in this guide whether you’re a couple or single.

This guide will show you the best places to hook up in Newcastle. But also you’ll get an insight into the no-string attached relationships and hook up culture.

Read more if you would like to have sexual encounters, regular hookups, or find a sex partner in Newcastle.

Newcastle hookups guide sex

Newcastle is a young city due to its numerous universities and pretty multicultural being a popular student and tourist destination.

The high number of youngsters is also the reason hookups sites and apps are active.

Besides that, there are several other options to satisfy your sexual urges including joint sex parties, threesomes, and even bondage experiences.


This Newcastle sex guide was last updated on 16 December 2021


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Girls in Newcastle

More than half of the British women in Newcastle have English, Australian and Irish ancestry. And they are known as Geordie girls.

Then you have all the international women that study and travel here. Meaning you’ll have a blast here if you’re into Caucasian girls.


Look And Physical Appearance

Most Newcastle girls have light skin and brown to dark blonde hair. A huge percent also have brown eyes, but you’ll see the occasional light ones now and then.

The average height for Newcastle girls is 5’3, and they are usually chubby rather than thin.

nightlife university Geordie girls Newcastle Upon Tyne dating

For those who are into the made-up but not over the top look, you’ll be happy with the girls in Newcastle cause they dress nicely and use just the right amount of makeup.


Attitude And Values

Like girls in Leeds, women here are friendly, outgoing and down to earth. In fact, they are notorious for partying until sunrise and having fun with some casual sex.

Yet, Newcastle girls aren’t only about fun, as they are also nice and diligent in general.

When it’s about dating, it’s common to have sex before starting a relationship. Actually, there is not much effort directed at relationships as much as to have sex.



As a result of their sexual outlook, the girls in Newcastle freely enjoy sex and casual relationships along with one night stands.

Despite that, it’s not easy to pick up women during day time as their focus is on school and work.

However, you can still build some tension and anticipation by flirting via text, as they’re very welcoming after the sun goes down.

Compared to most women in the UK, Newcastle girls are more honest about hooking up. They’ll let you know if they want to or not.

So if you want to hook up with Geordie girls, you have to be confident and take the initiative. Show your interest in them without being too pushy.


Summary of Newcastle Girls

  • 3 traits: Newcastle women are down to earth, friendly and nice.
  • 2 tips: To have the best chance of hooking up with girls in Newcastle, dress well, and be confident but not too aggressive. Check out how to get hookups easily.
  • 1 fact: Girls in Newcastle are not easily impressed with money.


Men in Newcastle

Voted as the most desirable men in the UK, Newcastle guys are without a doubt worthy of the title.


Look And Physical Appearance

It’s pretty usual to see men in Newcastle with brown eyes and varying brown to blonde hair color. They’re also mostly 5’9 or above in height.

meet single men Newcastle Upon Tyne bars nightlife

The men here have noticeably slim or fit bodies, but when they get older they might lose shape.

And when comes to the toolbox men in Newcastle commonly have a 6.33-inch penis size.


Attitude And Values

In contrast to London’s men, Newcastle guys are sociable, chatty, and approachable. They’re very outgoing that it’s not uncommon for them to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Unlike most British men they’re straightforward and can be rather loud at times. Moreover, they’re generous and love to shower their woman with attention.

Like the women here, the men in Newcastle aren’t into serious relationships until their late thirties. Instead, they fool around and love to hook up.



There’s a pretty strong macho culture here. Therefore Newcastle men are usually the ones who come on to women.

Of course, some guys will always be shy, but they still make an effort especially if you encourage them to make a move.

The real interesting part is Newcastle men is their reputation to be excellent in bed. And with an average endurance of 24 minutes, an orgasm is a guarantee.


Summary of Newcastle Men

  • 3 traits: Men in Newcastle are chatty, approachable but loud.
  • 2 tips: For successful hookups with Newcastle men, dress your best and use a bit of makeup. Be confident, and try to banter since they love humor.
  • 1 fact: Newcastle men tend to act mainly because of the macho culture here.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

Newcastle is a great place to hook up with young and sexually adventurous singles. In fact, the Geordies of Newcastle are very promiscuous.

It just goes to show how much people enjoy having casual sex in Newcastle.

Especially the university students, since they make up a fair amount of the residents.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

When it comes to casual sex, the locals view it as part of any person’s life. It’s normal for both men and women.

Besides, the singles here aren’t really keen on getting into serious relationships. Most just want to enjoy their youth, focus on themselves, and have a lot of sex.


Swinger Activities In Newcastle

Similar to the Leeds swinger scene, swingers clubs are only starting in Newcastle.

Right now, there’s only one swinger club this is why you’re better off exploring your options on sites like Adult Friend Finder. There you’ll find many members in Newcastle that organize private sex parties.

Just let them know that you’re new in the city and looking for a good time. The community is welcoming, easy-going, and respectful.

Remember to bring some booze to the parties and if you decide to host, make sure there is some food for your guests.


Is It Easy To Hook Up In Newcastle?

Many of the singles in Newcastle like having sex and turn to hookups and one night stands to get laid.

Due to the heavy party scene, bars and nightclubs are the way to go to find hookups for the young.

But if you don’t feel comfortable meeting people in night venues, you can always score on adult dating sites.


Where To Find Casual Sex in Newcastle

Newcastle is a trendy city due to its famous universities and easy hook-up culture. Both local and foreign students here love to party and have casual sex.

Yet, you’ll find also BDSM activities and an active swinger scene online.

So, let’s explore some of the best places and ways to get laid in Newcastle…


1. Sex Dating Online

The online dating culture in Newcastle is rocking due to the young population of the city.

So if you are after no string attached sex the best site to hook up is AFF. Being one of the largest adult dating platforms, you are sure to find horny singles and couples in Leeds and other UK cities.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

Newcastle swingers hookups erotic party swinging night

The swinger scene has been growing in Newcastle but not the number of sex clubs. There is only one option which is Shhh Swingers Club.

From Fetish Fridays to Swinger Saturdays, this club has different themed events for everyone.

There is an annual fee for membership of £30 for couples, £20 for single guys, and £10 for single girls. Plus an entrance fee at the door.

You have also other options to enjoy the swinger lifestyle here without having to visit Shhh Swinger Club. The Newcastle’s members on Adult Friend Finder, are active in organizing private sex parties.

Just get in contact with them by introducing yourself and mentioning you’re new in town. You’ll be surprised how welcome are forward newcomers.


3. Bars And Nightclubs

The single bars and nightclubs in Newcastle are always packed with students and celebrities.

As people from all over Europe come here to study at the prestigious university, you can find a mix of young foreigners and locals to mingle with.

Here are some of the best bars and nightclubs in Newcastle for singles to hookup:

• Digital – Located at Scotswood Road, this club doesn’t need an introduction as it has been ranked 11th best club in the world.

Making it undoubtedly the best nightclub in Newcastle.

• Florita Bar – Located at Collingwood Street, it is one of the three interlinked nightclubs and has a Miami-inspired vibe to it.

You are normally going to find a younger audience here due to the venue’s colorful atmosphere and upbeat music.

• House of Smith – This is the third interlinked club that provides one of the most luxurious clubbing nights in Newcastle.

Rich people often come here to party, so this is a great place to flirt with posh locals and foreigners.

• Livello – Located at the infamous Lower Dean Street, this bar is known for its cocktails. Although it’s on the pricier side.

The benefit is that you can find plenty of hot men and women here to mingle with who may be drunk and looking for some fun.

• Madame Koo – This second interlinked club is a great alternative for the younger audience who do not dig Florida’s vibrant colors list.

Overall, an ideal place to hook up for students.

• Cosy Joes – A lively nightspot where cougars often try picking up younger men. It’s worth learning how to attract older women if you plan to visit the place.

To enjoy the single nightlife you’ll find several bars and nightclubs along Neville Street and Collingwood Street, especially around the central station.

Another good spot is Dean Street and down to the Quayside.

It’s pretty easy to enjoy the nightlife in Newcastle because its nightlife is concentrated near the East of the university campus. Throughout that area, you can find plenty of students eager to hook up.

If you enjoy the Newcastle hookup scene, you’ll enjoy the opportunities for casual sex in Leeds.


4. Strip Clubs

lap dance girl gentleman club Newcastle erotic nightlife

Newcastle use to have 3 strip clubs, but unfortunately one of them (Some Like it Hot) closed due to Covid-19.

These are the ones left:

• Blue Velvet – Located at Newcastle’s Dean Block, this is a premium strip club where you can find some of the most beautiful dancers in town to keep you entertained. They offer both private dances and stage shows.

• Some Like it Hot (Closed) – Located at Mosley Street, this is one of the most popular gentlemen clubs in Newcastle. From the finest champagne and spirits to beautiful strippers and impeccable customer service, this strip club has it all.

• For your Eyes Only – Located at Grainger Street, this is the most luxurious strip club in Newcastle. From VIP and private booths to stunning girls this strip club is the hotspot for adult entertainment.

Yet you don’t need to visit a strip club if you’re looking for some hot show. On sites like StripChat you can interact with girls, guys, couples, and even trans.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

meet trans Newcastle dating relationship get laid

Similar to other trans-friendly cities in the UK, also Newcastle welcome transsexual and transgenders.

In fact, the Shhh Swingers Club hosts a transsexual and transvestite night every Thursday from 9 pm to 2 am.

Another way to hook up with Newcastle trans is by joining popular trans dating networks.


6. BDSM in Newcastle

Surprisingly, Newcastle has more to offer for people into BDSM than swinging.

For example, you could chain up, spank, choke and have rough sex with your partner in Unleashed. It’s the wildest BDSM and fetish club in Newcastle.

If you don’t have a partner yet, then you can connect with the UK’s large BDSM community on


7. Hookups During The Day

The majority of the people here are busy with their studies and universities during the daytime. So finding daytime hookups can be challenging.

But there are still some locations where you could score a date for the evening.

Collingwood Street is a great place to start as it hosts some of the best pubs in town. And if you aren’t into drinking, the Central Arcade is where you can find people shopping.

Central Arcade

The students here are always open to meeting strangers and hooking up. So it’s worth a visit to the cafeterias of the University of Newcastle.

The same goes for gyms like PureGym. Youngsters can often be found hitting the weights during their break.

However, not all girls and guys appreciate it being hit on by a stranger in broad daylight. That’s why hook up sites may be a better alternative for most people.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Newcastle

Being lonely is painful but also to be in a serious relationship can be stressful… So what to do about it?

Go for the middle terms by getting into a relationship with benefits.

Just imagine having intimacy and companionship without the unreasonable demands and nagging.

What’s the point to get into a serious relationship when you can simply get all the benefits without any of the downsides?

That way you can keep your mind sane and focus your energy on the things that matter the most.

Yet, you don’t have to be lonely or live a sexless life as you get the perks of a relationship but without going crazy.

No fights or hysterical crying. Especially no passive-aggressive drama.

Newcastle has plenty of sugar daddies and babies in the form of bureaucrats and university girls. Yet, don’t expect to find an agency to arrange this sort of relationship.

The best way to find a friend with benefits in Newcastle is to use a site like Sugar Daddy Meet.

To get started, create a profile and write what you’re looking for. It won’t take long to find the right person for you.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

If you don’t have enough privacy at your home, then you can either makeout in a car or in the wilderness.

If you prefer the latter, then here are some places for outdoor sex in Newcastle:

• Big Waters Nature Reserve – Not as many people visit this place due to its bumpy roads, so this can become your next makeout spot.

• Heaton Park – This park is a bit crowded during the day, but at night, you can easily find a secluded area.

• Watergate Park – It’s generally less crowded here in comparison to other parks in Newcastle. Just avoid having sex in broad daylight.

• Hedley Hall Woods – The woods are always a great place for a banger. Just remember the trail as this place is badly signed.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex In Newcastle

If you fully want to immerse yourself in Newcastle’s party life, then the best way is to stay in a party hostel where you can also find casual sex.

Here are 3 best hostels in Newcastle to have fun:

• The Albatross Hostel

• Heroes Hostel

• Sleeperdorm Hostel

Similarly, whether you want to rekindle your love with your partner, or have passionate sex with your fuckbuddy, you can stay at an erotic hotel.

Here are 3 best erotic hotels in Newcastle:

• Malmaison Newcastle

• Motel One Newcastle

• Vermont Hotel


Safe Sex and Clinics in Newcastle

Before you get too indulged in Newcastle’s sex life, make sure to keep your health in check. You can visit either CityDoc Clinic or the Pacific Clinic to get periodic health check-ups.

And don’t forget to wear or ask to wear protection during sex, to avoid STI and unwanted pregnancy.

We hope this Newcastle sex guide has inspired you and given you all the info you were looking for.



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