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9 Signs An Older Man Likes A Younger Woman

Older Man Likes A Younger Woman

When it comes to attraction, there’s no age limit. Age is just a number, and desirability has no bounds.

These are the things we tell ourselves when we find ourselves attracted to someone older than us.

But what if that attraction isn’t simply platonic?

You shouldn’t be scared to date him if the age gap is wide. As per Vivian’s experience, you should go with your gut feelings and you won’t regret it…

In the beginning, she just thought to have a casual relationship but over time the feelings grew stronger.

However, it can be tough to tell if an older man likes you for more than just friendship.

After all, older guys are more subtitle than young guys when it comes to flirting. And this is the reason why is hard to tell if an older man likes a younger woman.

There are a few key flirting differences when it comes to older guys, and these signs will help you figure out if he likes you…


1. He Compliments You Often

Do you find yourself being showered with compliments by the older man you’re interested in?

If he regularly tells you how pretty you look or how nice your outfit is, it’s a good sign he’s thinking to himself “Wow, she looks great today.”

He might not even be consciously aware he’s doing it, but it strongly indicates his interest in you.


2. He Listens More Than He Speaks

When you’re talking to an older man, does he make a point to listen more than he speaks?

If he’s always hanging on your every word and responding with thoughtful questions, that’s something you should take notice of.

It means he cares about what you have to say and is genuinely interested in hearing more.

So, if you find yourself telling this man your deepest, darkest secrets, and he’s hanging on to every word, it’s a sign he has started falling in love with you.


3. He Will Buy You Gifts

The love language of older people is to show their love through actions, not just words.

So, don’t be too surprised if an older man unexpectedly shows up with a small gift.

It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive – it could be a book he knows you’ve wanted to read or tickets to your favorite band’s concert.

Or he can also present you with a more sentimental gift like a necklace as a gesture of his feelings for you.


4. He Tries To Spend More Time With You

Does he want to meet up often? And when he meets you by accident in common places is always willing to have a coffee together.

Unlike younger guys who play games and flake, older men are straightforward and want to spend quality time with a younger woman they like.

If he is asking you out often that means he enjoys and values your company.

Just think for a moment about this: Who would spend time with someone who they don’t like?


5. He Asks About Your Relationship Status

Mystery has always been intriguing. But as time passes, he will start being more curious and wonder about your relationship status.

He asks you directly if you’re single or not… And follows you on social media to see who is your boyfriend.

He might make remarks like ”I envy your boyfriend to have a such nice girlfriend” or “I wish to be younger to be your boyfriend”.


6. His Body Language Screams Attraction

older man flirting with younger woman

When an older guy likes a younger girl, he can’t help but show it in a flirty way.

For example, he might:

  • Sit closer to you than usual.
  • Smile more around you.
  • Touch you more often, whether it’s a pat on the back or a brush of the arm.
  • Lean in when you speak

Keep in mind that older men flirt more subtly than younger guys. So a simple touch of an arm is meaningful.


7. His Eyes Seem To Linger on You a Bit Too Long Sometimes

You’ve been noticing the way your older boss looks at you lately. It’s not just a friendly gaze, there’s something more there.

You’re unsure if you imagine things or if he’s fallen in love with you.

The next day, you again catch him staring at you for a little too long. Feeling worried?

Seat back and relax because this might mean he has started to fall for you. When a man feels drawn to her, it’s normal that he takes longer looks.


8. His Family and Friends Know About You

One day you get a chance to come across his family members or friends and instead of being introduced, surprisingly they know you already.

Of course, you feel thrilled, and your heart starts beating fast. After all, he is talking to everyone about you.

And the reason is not only that he likes you, but probably he is already seeing you two as a couple.


9. He Shows That He Is a Provider

It’s not always about the money, but an older guy likes to provide for a woman he likes. He wants to be able to take care of you, whether it’s financially or in other ways.

He might come forward to pay for your dinner and will also pick up the tab when you go out for drinks.

His shoulders are there for you to cry on when you need someone and he will also do his best to make you feel comfortable and secure.

He is definitely into you the moment you feel like you can rely on him.

You know what does it mean? It means you have got yourself a keeper! He is one hundred percent ready to enter a long-term relationship with you.


You Can Tell When An Older Man Is Interested In A Younger Female

you can tell if an older man likes you

Older men like younger women for a myriad of reasons – some evolutionary, some societal, and some just personal.

Whatever the reason, it’s flattering to know that someone older and wiser finds you attractive and worth dating.

The more signs describe above are present, the more he is into you. Now it’s the time to flirt with him to let him know that you’re interested.

But in case you are not, don’t shy away by letting him know that you aren’t reciprocating.




  • Ashley Miller

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