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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You After You Hook Up – 7 Clear Signs

Girls – working out whether a guy likes you after a hook up feels like trying to solve a complex algebra equation. It isn’t always clear and that makes your next move uncertain.

Some guys will show interest immediately by asking to hook up again, whilst others will be more discreet.

It’s the latter the hardest to work out, so that’s what we’re going to focus on today — does he likes you and want to see you again?


7 Signs That A Guy Likes You After A Hook Up

girl get contacted from guy after hook up

1. He Contacts You

Ghosting is common for folks these days, especially if they don’t want to be accessible to a specific person anymore. Psychology Today’s article on ghosting supports this statement and notes the several reasons why people do it.

Hence, if your hook up stays in contact after sex, then that is a clear sign that a guy likes you after sleeping together.

Aside from that, it’s even more telling if he reaches out to you first and shows concern. Since at this point, there’s no need for him to be nice if sex is all he wants from you.


2. He Connects With You On Social Media

People, in general, don’t want to keep in touch with their one-night stands. Because they want to avoid any drama in their life. After all, it’s true that out of sight is out of mind.

When a man doesn’t like you, he won’t follow you or send a friend request on social media. He basically won’t have any desire to get close and would rather keep his distance.

So if his name pops up on your notifications, this should more or less tell you that a guy likes you after you hook up.


3. He Enjoys Talking To You

We all know how dull it is to talk to someone we have little to no interest in. A few minutes, in fact, can seem like long hours with them.

Whereas time feels faster when you have fun chatting with a person. In Fact, wanting to talk to somebody is one of the signs of attraction that this article by Mindbodygeen states.

In light of this, a guy who likes you will carry on talking with you after hooking up. Besides that, he’ll want to ask you lots of personal questions because he finds you appealing and entertaining.


4. He Wants To Stay Over

It’s a given that in hookups, most people prefer to leave once they get off. This is reasonable as the after sex glow tends to get awkward when you’re done banging a stranger.

As such, men, on the whole, aren’t keen on staying over or having someone stay over either.

If a guy stays over, that’s a clear sign that he is interested in you and not only for the hook up. Basically, cuddles are a clear sign of intimacy.


5. He Wants To See You Again

There’s nothing that a girl can do or say to make a guy meet up with her again if he’s not the least bit into her.

What’s more, men, in particular, aren’t the type to change their minds no matter how good the hook up was. An average guy will just ghost a person to avoid the stress.

Meanwhile, it’s a big sign that a guy likes you after sleeping together if he does what he can to see you soon.

Whether it’s to hang out outside or to simply stay indoors, he’ll take the chance to be with you.


6. He Shows It Through Actions

Be it due to a deep link or sexual compatibility, it’s not unusual for people to catch feelings after getting laid. Now, since this is based on emotions, this type of thing often becomes clear through actions.

For example, a few behaviors that tell a guy likes you after you hook up is when he cuddles you or offers to eat with you. Another one is that he always texts you to ask if you’re alright or wants to know what you’ve been up to.

In short, he’s essentially showing you that he sincerely cares about you as a person.


7. He Tells You How He Feels

There’s no better sign that a guy likes you after sleeping together than for him to be direct. He’ll tell you how good he feels to be with you and give hints to see you again.

This sort of guy views you as possible girlfriend material. Therefore, he won’t want to risk missing out by being vague.

That is to say, he’ll tell you what his intentions are, such as if he wants to get to know you more or go straight to dating.


How To Know If A Guy Likes You After A One Night Stand

guy like her after one night stand

As discussed already, after a one night stand a guy likes you if he wants to stay over or contact you within 2 days.

If it’s passed already 3 days and you didn’t hear back from him, unfortunately, he isn’t you.

Anyway, you don’t need to wait for a message from him to know if he likes you. There are certain clear signs he wants to hook up with you again just after you had sex with him.

If a guy acts weird after a hook up is because you have done something not pleasant forward him. Keep in mind what is unpleasant for a guy might be pleasant for another.

So, you should not be overthinking what went wrong and what you could’ve done differently. He just wasn’t the right guy for you.

Yet, when that happens too often, you should learn some of the common reasons why guys ignore you after hooking up. It helps to adjust your action so you can get a positive outcome the next time.




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