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10 Tips For Single Men To Attend Swinging And Sex Parties

solo man at swinger party

Can solo men go swinging and participate in sex parties? You bet.

In fact, some swinger parties love it when single men turn up! Especially single men who are sexy, know what they’re doing – and offer a great time.

When you know exactly what you need to do at a swinging party, you will secure more invites and have an awesome time.

In this article, we’ll be going through 10 red-hot tips that will show you how to be an awesome single male swinger.


1. Find a Partner

Finding a sex-positive partner is the quickest way to get into the swinging lifestyle and attend sex parties.

The reason is most swinger clubs don’t allow solo men, and private sex parties limit single men’s attendance.

So partnering up is essential to get involved in the swinging and sex party lifestyle.

Also, it’s important you find a woman that enjoys sexual experimentation if you want to have a good time at the parties.

You’ll find this type of woman on adult dating sites like Adult Friend Finder rather than hookup apps like Tinder.

Women sign up with Adult Friend Finder to find a willing sex partner for sexual experimentation but also to get looked after at the sex parties. Instead on Tinder women sign up either to hook up or find a life partner.

Just create an interesting profile and be honest about what you’re looking for. Meet up, experiment in the bedroom, and see where things go.


2. Be Special

Your chances of being invited to a swinger party will hugely increase if you’ve got a specific “talent” that’s needed.

For instance, some women have a big cock fetish, while others want to fuck a Bull (a dominant male).

Some couples, on the other hand, are interested in swinging with a submissive male who’ll do anything they want.

So, find your specialty, identify it and start using it to your advantage.


3. Take Your Time

Etiquette is important at swinging parties and clubs. It’s so important that there are clear rules for swinging.

After all, people don’t want to deal with pushy, aggressive and rude manners.

So when someone doesn’t want to have sex with you, just move along. Remember, progression takes time in the world of swinging. Patience wins.

If you’re just looking for a quick hookup, maybe the world of swinging isn’t for you. Instead, swinging is a lifestyle where people fuck, make connections – and even make friends.


4. Don’t Be Selfish

If you turn up to a sex party as a single male, it’s important to remember that this isn’t about you and your desires – it’s about the desires of the couples.


Because swinging is for couples. And if couples are letting single males in, it means they want to use you to satisfy their specific preferences.

For example, as we saw earlier, they might invite a single male who has a big cock or who is a slave. Or, they might want a single male who gives great blowjobs.

If instead you go to a sex party and start demanding this and that, as well as doing things your way, you won’t last long.

In short, as a single male you need to be prepared to be used like a toy.


5. Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to swinging. Not only is it the correct social etiquette, but by being honest your good name will spread across the swinging community. This means you’ll be invited to more sex parties.

If, on the other hand, you tell lies (about yourself and others), as well as play mind games with people and even cheat, your name will be destroyed, your dishonesty will be exposed and you will not last long in the swinging community.

Swinging by its very nature is built on mutual respect and honesty. It’s only by being honest and open that couples can have sex without being hurt. Abide by the rules and always tell the truth.


6. Dress for Success

One of the first things you’ll notice when you enter a sex party is that everyone is well-dressed. Men are well-groomed and the ladies wear outfits that make them feel sexy.

This video offer an inside how people dress at a swinger party…

Naturally, some sex parties have specific themes, which is why you should find out what these are before you choose your outfit.

Other than that, it’s essential that you are always on your best behavior. This goes for whether you’re fucking, watching, or just chatting to people.

To that end, it’s not a good idea to drink too much, especially if you can’t control yourself under the influence of alcohol. There is zero tolerance for drunken behavior at swinging clubs and you will be ejected.


7. Listen and Learn

If you’re just starting to swing, you’ll encounter couples who have been swinging for many years.

They know more than you do! Listen to them, take their advice on board, and see what you can learn from them.

Even if you’ve read up on the subject of swinging and think you already know it all, there is nothing better than listening to someone else’s experiences.

Couples can give you tips and tricks that will ensure you have lots of success swinging as a male single.

So, meet people, buy them a drink and ask questions.


8. Be Polite

Going to any type of sex party is a lot like going to a regular social event. Even if you attend an orgy or gang bang.

The rules are the same – the friendlier and more personable you are, the more you will attract other people. They will start to feel comfortable around you and you will spark conversations and have great sex.

So, smile and be approachable. Extend your hand and greet people. Introduce yourself, ask questions and spark conversations.

And if you try to initiate sex but get rejected, just remind yourself that this is totally fine. Not everyone is everyone’s cup of tea!

Just spend some time walking around and getting a vibe for the place. Eye up the rooms, watch the entertainment and get in the mood. Hit the dance floor, get into the flow, talk to people – and see where things go.

Do not under any circumstances do anything inappropriate.


9. Be Yourself

Attending an adult party for the first time can make anyone nervous. And because strangers are fucking, it’s sometimes easy to forget to be ourselves.

This is why we remind you to be yourself as much as you can. What we mean by this is being comfortable in your own skin, but also being prepared to admit what sexual desires and interests you have.

If, for example, you’re into BDSM but you dislike voyeurism, then let people know. If you want to try sex with toys, be forward about it. Don’t want to be spanked? Just say so.

The more you assert yourself, the more you will enjoy swinging.


10. Privacy is Essential

If you’re planning to take pictures and videos at the parties, think again. People in this lifestyle expect privacy!

Whatever happens at a party, it must stay within the confines of the venue.

What’s more, it’s highly unlikely that someone will want to share details of personal life with you. That’s totally okay – don’t pry!

And if you do manage to get someone’s number or social media handle, don’t share it with anyone else. Be discreet at all times.




  • Tom Phillips

    Tom Phillips is a Dating Coach for World Hookup Guides who has been helping men to succeed with women for almost 7 years. His coaching career began with one-on-one coaching and has gradually evolved into seminars. He has dated successfully dated several women over the years and now shares strategies and techniques on several national publications in addition to World Hookup Guides.