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How To Hook Up With A Girl – 8 Steps To Get Laid

how to hook up with a girl

Guys often eye-down girls and fantasize about having sex with them.

But usually, fantasies are the only thing they live in as they don’t know how to take things forward.

If you’re in the same boat and are wondering how you can master the art of hooking up then don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

In this guide, we’ll look at how to hook up with a girl in 7 easy steps. And not only hook up at school or ask a girl to hook up over text, but in any situation.

So let’s dive straight into it!


Step 1: Find your Target

The first step is to, of course, find a target.

There are multiple ways you can find a girl to hook up with. Yet, the easiest way is to use a local hook up apps.

The reason being girls on those apps are there for obvious reasons.

It isn’t like going to a bar or nightclub where she might be out just to spend time with friends or worst, her boyfriend.

Yet, you can find local hookups near you in other places especially if you live in a sexually liberated city like Dublin.


Step 2: Break the Ice

The saying “the first impression is the last impression” cannot be truer. Breaking the ice is often the most challenging aspect of hooking up with a girl.

But when you’re initiating a conversation, keep the following general pointers in mind:

  • Act confident even if you feel nervous.
  • Walk towards her with an upright posture.
  • Don’t stutter when talking to her.

Similarly, you also have to assess the surroundings. If she’s busy with her friends, then wait for an opening.

Approach her either when she’s sitting alone, or when she’s not too invested in the people around her.

flirting trying to hook up

As for knowing what to say, it depends on the situation.

If you’re on the streets, you could ask for directions. This, in particular, works like a charm for foreigners and it’s what we suggest in most of our hook up guides.

In case you’re trying to get laid in a bar, you can ask her to grab a drink with you. Whatever you do, keep it natural and don’t sound too cheesy.

And if you want to hook up online, make sure to upload several personal photos and write an attractive bio.


Step 3: Flatter Her

guy flattering with compliment a woman

Women love being complimented, so you need to flatter her in any way that you can.

But something as cliché as “you look hot” wouldn’t do the trick. Such one-liners sound insincere and make it prominent that you only want sex with her.

Find her smile enchanting? Compliment her by saying that she has a pretty smile.

Like her figure? Let her know that she’s in pretty good shape.

Remember, the key to a women’s heart – and also her pants, is to make her feel flattered.

And this article Scientific American further backs up that how flattery can work like magic.


Step 4: Flirt with Her

flirting before hooking up

Now that she likes you it’s time to show her that you have sexual intentions. In other words, you let her know that you don’t want to be just a friend.

Flirting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw cheesy lines at her. Doing so will only ruin your chances as she probably super-lame one-liners every day.

Instead, use your humor by making double-meaning dirty jokes. That shows that you’re a confident guy by talking naughty with her but not a pervert or desperate as you’re joking around.

Similarly, let her know how you’ve been thinking about her. It adds a romantic dimension to the erotic one.


Step 5: Build Sexual Tension

Before you move on to this step, you first have to observe how receptive she is to your flattering.

If most of your compliments are being ignored, perhaps you need to change tactics.

But if she’s flirting back with you then it’s time that you start building the sexual tension.

There are many ways to go about this. But it’s generally easier on text, especially if you familiarize yourself with common hook up text messages.

Yet, even in person, there are multiple ways for you to build sexual tension such as:

  • Touch her but make it look “accidental”.
  • Maintain eye contact while flirting with her.
  • Close-in the distance while sitting with her.

couple build sexual tension before hook up

These are only a couple of many ways for you to take things in a sexual direction. But keep in mind that the dynamics in real life may be different.

So before you implement any of the tips above, make sure to judge the situation.


Step 6: Look for Her Cues

Now that the stage has been set, start looking for the cues.

Observe her body language because by now, the signs she just wants to hook up with you are probably there.

signs she wants hook up

Some of the most common signs include:

  • She’s playing with her hair while talking to you.
  • She’s biting her lips.
  • You feel nervousness in her voice.
  • She’s showing cleavage.
  • She’s maintaining extended eye contact.

This step is once again where your judgment comes into play. But some of the cues that we’ve mentioned above are the most common.

So if you notice any of them, then you know the girl is down to hook up


Step 7: Make the Move

guy kissing a girl

What are you waiting for? While there is sexual tension, make the move.

If her signs are too prominent then you can slowly come closer and kiss her.

Notice her reaction, if she doesn’t pull away, then slowly hold her from the waist, bring her close and start making out.

However, if you’re still skeptical or feel that kissing is too direct or isn’t possible due to where you are, then put your arm around her shoulder.


Step 8: Take Her to your Place

couple hooking up again after drinking

It’s now time to invite her back to your place. You could word it something like “So, would you like to go back to my place to hang out?”

Once she’s in your room, consider the deal to be sealed.

Now keep things natural and the sexual tension will go over the roof.

Start slowly with kissing and foreplay. And most importantly, if you’re unsure about her sexual preferences, then it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Communication will only make the night better for the two of you.

All that’s left to do now is to enjoy the session – and make sure that you don’t forget the rubber.


How Do You know if a Girl is Down to Hook Up?

Even if a girl wants to hook up, she’d expect the man to make the first move. But she will always drop subtle signs that you need to catch on.

She may give it away through her body language, or even, flirt with you and show cleavage.

Regardless of what she does, you won’t get anywhere if you aren’t courageous enough to take the initiative.

So if you don’t know how to hook up with a girl, then follow our steps above.

Before you know it, you’d be bedding most girls whom you lay your eyes upon.




  • Tom Phillips

    Tom Phillips is a Dating Coach for World Hookup Guides who has been helping men to succeed with women for almost 7 years. His coaching career began with one-on-one coaching and has gradually evolved into seminars. He has dated successfully dated several women over the years and now shares strategies and techniques on several national publications in addition to World Hookup Guides.