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How To Ask For Hookups: 12 Convincing Sentence Examples

There are plenty of enthusiastic singles looking for casual encounters and nightstands nowadays.

If you know your way with words, then there’s nothing that can stop you from enjoying active sex life.

But that’s where the problem starts. Most people don’t know how to ask for hookups.

They end up saying things that make them look needy and desperate. Instead, to be attractive they’re creepy in the eyes of others.

So let’s go over some proven convincing phrases that can help you cast the spell and increase your chances of getting laid.


What To Say To Get Laid: 12 Proven Sentences

What To Say To Get Laid


“Let’s Make The Most of Our Time While We’re Still Single”

What It Means: These are the kind of phrases that you can use to hook up on Tinder.

It’s pretty clear that you aren’t looking for anything serious, but only want to have fun while you’re still single.

Why It Works: It clearly gets the message across that you want no strings attached sex without being too cliché.

Most women receive messages like “Hey, let’s fuck” on Tinder and other hookup apps, so this can be a breath of fresh air for them.


“You’re Gorgeous! It Would Be a Darn Shame If You Aren’t Into Hookups!”

What It Means: If you want to ask for a hookup in a more straightforward, yet, polite way, then you can’t go wrong with this phrase.

The trick here is to flatter her before you move on to your goal.

Why It Works: As this video by Tripp Advice suggests, telling a girl gorgeous is one of the best ways to make her melt:

And once you’re done complimenting her, you’re moving to the point by indirectly asking her for a hookup.


“If You’re Still Awake, We Could Go For a Drink?”

What It Means: This is another variation to the classic booty call message “Are you awake” that people send late at night.

Why It Works: The key is to send this message late at night. You’re asking to hook up without actually saying it.

Otherwise, why else would you want to go for a drink with someone late at night?

Besides, getting tipsy is one of the best ways to convince someone for sex.


“Can You Help Me Find Out if We’re Also Sexually Compatible?”

What It Means: You’re talking to someone who has the same sense of humor as you do.

Now, you want to find out if you two are also sexually compatible – nothing wrong with that, right?

Why It Works: You’re sending this to a person with who you’re already compatible in terms of humor.

So you’re now displaying your sexual interest in them, but of course, in a fun way.


“I’m Only in Town for the Week/Month, Do You Want to Have a Good Time Together?”

What It Means: Another Tinder hookup message, which pretty much means you want to have sex while you’re in town.

Why It Works: This phrase is perfect for those who are into hookups but want to keep things discrete.

Since you’re only in town for a limited time, they’ll know you just want fun and nothing serious.


“Dinner First, or Do We Directly Skip to the Dessert?”

What It Means: Basically you’re asking politely to hook up while giving the other person the choice.

Why It Works: You can send this to a person who you haven’t met in real life yet or know little about.

If she says dessert, then just pick a location and get ready to have sex. But if it’s dinner, then you’ll have to put in some extra effort.


“I’ll Cut to The Point: Can We Have Casual Sex?”

What It Means: There’s no wordplay here, you’re pretty much saying what you mean.

Why It Works: Believe it or not, many people start to prefer having casual sex with someone who is open and honest about it.

By directly asking this, you’re showing that you aren’t a waste of time like others who either go for cheesy pickup lines or can’t find the confidence to ask for hookup.


“I Strongly Believe That Sex is About Mutual Satisfaction. Allow Me To Prove That To You?”

What It Means: Hookups are often underwhelming because everyone is in for their own pleasure.

You want to show the other person that you care about their sexual pleasure just as much.

Why It Works: Most men and women don’t please in bed while hooking up. By giving your commitment, you’re effectively removing a pain point.


“Do You Want to Spend Some Time Together In Natural Clothing?”

What It Means: If it isn’t obvious enough, then natural clothing here means being naked.

Why It Works: Unless the other person is dumb, it’s obvious that you want to have sex. But adding a bit of humor to it can always do wonders.


“I Really Want to Meat You. Want Me To Send You an Uber?”

What It Means: If it isn’t obvious, then “meat” isn’t a typo here. But this phrase is more about playing safe and seeing the response.

Why It Works: You’re making sex easy for the other person by sending an Uber to pick them up.


“Among All the Things on My To-Do List, You’re The Priority”

What It Means: It’s called a “To-Do” list for a reason. A wordplay for saying that you want to hook up.

Why It Works: This is more of a statement that shows you know exactly what you want.


“Don’t Have Anything Special Planned Tonight? Let’s Change That Together”

What It Means: This is a modification to the question “What are your plans tonight?” because you aren’t asking out on a date, but rather, to hook up.

Why It Works: You’re offering to add some excitement to the other person’s dull night.

Go together to a bar, grab some drinks and things will naturally unfold forward a night of sex.




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