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Milan Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

When it comes to sex in Milan, there are plenty of opportunities to get laid for anyone.

This Milan sex guide will cover a wide range of topics including the local hookup culture, the swinging scene along with the best places to get laid.

Milan sex guide hookups

Milan is the fashion city of Italy with a vibrant lifestyle and where you’ll meet all sorts of people.

There are many international students and young professionals eager to hook up. But also plenty of couples into the swinger lifestyle.

For those people who love fashion, good food, and many opportunities to get laid, Milan won’t disappoint.

So scroll down if you’d like to find nightstands and sexual encounters in the city.


This Milan Sex Guide was last updated on 5 January 2022


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Girls in Milan

Milanese girls like to be taken to coffee shops or a nice restaurant for dates, as opposed to bars (coffee shops are also great places to meet girls).

This doesn’t mean you can’t meet a girl in a bar or take her there, but it isn’t a romantic atmosphere.


Looks And Physical Appearance

There’s no denying it – Milanese girls are some of the hottest in Italy.

Here, girls love fashion, music, shopping and culture. And they love looking pretty for men.

They know they’re attractive, they have options and they want you to work hard to persuade them. Plus, they’re used to the playboy attitude of Milanese men.

Naturally, there are also hipsters in Milan, too, but even if you sport the hipster look, it’s important that you do it with style.


Attitude and Values

Milanese girls are much harder to seduce than other Italian ladies. It’s a cultural thing and the fact that women in Milan tend to have a sense of entitlement.

To get a date with her, you will need to be persistent. We suggest that instead of being too direct, first exchange digits and seduce her on text.

And remember that they expect you to pay for the date, even thoughts most of the time they will offer to pay their half share for the date.

It’s a test to see your response.



When it comes to one-night-stands, it’s a tricky one with the local girls.

Why? Because most young girls still live with their parents and have some sort of curfew.

That said, they still want sex and will be open to getting laid on a first date, especially if you build attraction by touching their hot spots.

So it’s up to you to seduce and take them back to your place.

In conclusion, it’s fair to say that women in Milan aren’t “easy” and if you want to get laid fast, you’re better off hooking up with tourists.


Summary of Milan Girls

  • 3 Traits: slightly entitled, classy and very-well dressed.
  • 2 Tips: Be persistent and don’t expect them to pay on dates.
  • 1 Fact: Harder to seduce than other Italian women.


Men in Milan

Milanese men are proud and highly masculine, so they want to be in control all the time.

In fact, men here will always want to make the first move and ask a girl out – as opposed to the other way around.


Looks And Physical Appearance

Milanese men come in all types of shapes and sizes. The reason is the city attracts men from all over Italy that come here to study and work.

However, the truly Milan men born and raised in the city are tall, have light skin and have brown/black hair.


Attitude and Values

You’ll find guys here to be super confident and touchy-feely.

They won’t give a second thought to touching you on the arm or touching your hair. Even just a few seconds after introducing themselves.

They will only do this if they like you, though. But they also do this because 90% of the time they want to have sex and let you know about it.

For this reason, they’ll think nothing of asking you out a few minutes after meeting you for the first time.



Men here like to act the role of the charming romantic. and keep in mind that they’re afraid of sexual and confident women.

That said, if you’re not interested in a certain guy who’s trying to pick you up, you need to be strong enough to make it known.

Because their boldness can otherwise make it hard to turn them down.


Summary of Milan Men

  • 3 Traits: Milanese men are super confident, touchy and masculine.
  • 2 Tips: Just dress well and let them make a move.
  • 1 Fact: Milanese men want sex on the first date.


Sex Life And Hook Up Culture

Despite the fact that most young Milanese people still live with their parents, hookup culture is strong in Milan.

This is largely driven by single men who want to have sex on the first date.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

People in Milan enjoy having casual sex. Yet, they tend to get to know each other first and have sex later.

So you will need to work hard as a foreigner to land a hookup if you didn’t already get to know someone online.


Swinger Activities In Milan

The swinging scene is strong in Milan and the lifestyle clubs are referred to as “Prive”.

There are a variety of sex clubs that both singles and couples can visit to enjoy sex parties and orgies.

However, the best sex parties get organized privately.

Sign up with a popular adult site like Adult Friend Finder where swingers hang out to meet new people. It won’t take long before someone invites you for a private sex party.


Is It Easy To Hook Up In Milan?

Although it might not matter too much what you look like, you will need to be charming, romantic and have a good fashion sense.

All these things matter if you’re to enjoy the local sex life.

If you’re a single woman, there are plenty of opportunities to get laid as Milan men are friendly and aren’t shy to approach. On the other hand for single men, the competition is tough.

Couples into swinging will find easily singles to join for a threesome and couples for swapping partners.


Where To Meet People For Sex in Milan

Places to hook up in Milan are abundant and people aren’t shy at all about it.

But if you’re a man remember that nightstands aren’t that common among the residents. A better option is to pick up tourists or meet horny women on adult dating sites.

With that said, let’s explore some places to get laid in Milan…


1. Sex Dating Online

As we mentioned above, getting laid in Milan is a bit tricky, and the women also often play hard to get.

This is why if you’d like to skip all the formalities and other BS then hop on to sites like Adult Friend Finder. It’s a sex dating platform where it is easy to find horny singles and couples down to fuck.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

swingers in Milan

Milan is a romantic place for couples, but it’s also a good place for swingers. And if you’re single, you can always join a sex party or join an orgy.

Swinger clubs in Milan are known as “Prive” or simply sex clubs. And here are the best ones:

The average price for couples is 50 Euros and for singles is 200 Euros.

Yet, you can get invitations to private sex parties simply by chatting with Milan’s members on Adult Friend Finder. The community is friendly and welcoming forward new members.

Just let them know you’re new in town and looking for some fun.


3. Bars And Nightclubs

The nightlife scene for single is active in Milan. A reminder is that you’re in the fashion capital of Europe, so dressing well isn’t an option if you want to get laid.

Some of the best clubs and bars to hook up in Milan are:

• Hollywood Rythmoteque – Located at Corso Como, a lively nightclub but you need to visit early to avoid long queues.

• Bar Basso – Located at Via Plinio, a renowned cocktail bar where you can also potentially meet mature married women to flirt with.

• Alcatraz – Located at Via Valtellina, one of the most popular disco clubs in Milan. Perfect place if you want to mingle with a younger crowd.

• Just Cavalli – Located at Torre Branca, a gourmet restaurant and nightclub combined. Attracts the posh locals of the city.

• Volt – Located at Via Molino delle Armi, a contemporary nightclub with red lighting and an overall intimate atmosphere.

• Camparino – Located at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Duomo, an elegant cocktail bar where you can relax and grab drinks with strangers.

If you’re looking for an upscale environment in Milan then Brera is unarguably the best nightlife area.

You’ll find plenty of tourists and expats there as the area is known for its glamorous bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Alternatively, Navigli has some cool clubs and bars that are frequently visited by the locals.


4. Strip Clubs

stripper in Milan club

There are several strip joints here where you’ll find sexy girls. Although most girls are from Eastern Europe, there are also a few Italian babes.

Here are some of the best gentlemen clubs in Milan:

• Luxy Club – Located at Corso Buenos Aires, one of the best lap dance clubs in Milan. The staff is also transparent and wouldn’t hide the prices from you.

• Lapdance Sixth Sense – Located at Via Emilio Gola, an intimate place where you can get a private room with hot local Milanese women. But beware, it can be pretty expensive.

• Pepenero Disco Club – Located at Via Gallarate, 224, a strip and disco club combined where you can even enjoy nude performances. Plus, the dancers are also super friendly.

Keep in mind that drinks and companionship in any strip club in Milan are super expensive.

And it’s unlikely you’ll get hooked up with a girl after work for free. Unless you want to marry a gold digger.

That’s why if you don’t want to put a dent in your bank account but still enjoy a sexy show on cam sites like StripChat is the way to go.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

Milan is the most open-minded city in the country, and most probably the best destination to hook up with transgenders in Italy.

When there are fashion shows, there are transgenders flocking to the city from all over the world.

Porta Venezia is a popular nightlife area for trans, and you can have a look at some of these bars and clubs below too:

  • Plastic in Via Gargano, 15
  • Amnesia in Via Alfonso Gatto angolo Viale Forlanini
  • Mono in Via Panfilo Castaldi, Via Lecco, 6

There is also a swinger club called Club Prive Milano that welcomes everyone including trans.

And if you want to make hooking up with trans even easier then consider signing up with a trans dating site.

6. BDSM Clubs

There is a large BDSM community in Milan, but most of the action takes place behind closed doors.

Usually, people into BDSM activists hook up with like-minded people on sites like

There is also a fetish nightclub called Sadistique where you can have a good time.

And of course, in a fashion city like Milan you can’t miss out on some kinky shopping in these places:

  • Bushido – V. Andrea Doria 48/a (in galleria)
  • Paradise Lounge – 5 Giornate c/o Coin (piano 7)
  • Agent Provocateur – V. Radegonda 5 c/o La Rinascente


7. Hookups During The Day

There are plenty of opportunities to hook up with people during the day.

For example, a short chat at the cafe` with a stranger can lead to a dinner date and sex later.

Or simply walk around important sightseeing like the Duomo and the nearby Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Hook up with Milan girl in Duomo

There is a lot of traffic in this area with many tourists and the chances to score a date that leads to a hook up are high.

In addition, large malls like CityLife Shopping District and Bicocca Village are also always crowded and can be great pickup spots for the daytime.

All in all, dress well and keep an open attitude forward people around you if you want to increase your chances to find someone for fun.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Milan

Finding casual sex in Milan can be a bit tricky, mainly because the men have established their image as a playboy.

On the other hand, Milanese women appreciate the attention of a mature man who knows what he wants in life. They want a responsible man, and that trait isn’t often found in younger guys.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that sugar dating in Milan is on the rise. Sites like Sugar Daddy Meet have 5:1 in favor of sugar daddies (there are 5 sugar babies for every sugar daddy).

Besides, sugar dating is more than just sex. You get both companionship and intimacy without having to deal with the drama that comes with typical relationships.

So in a way, it’s even better than nightstands and hookups.

Just define your expectations before entering into the arrangement and both of you would have a great time.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Even if the people here keep their kinks behind closed doors, they do feel adventurous from time to time.

So it’s worth knowing some places where you can enjoy outdoor sex in Milan:

• Parco Monte Stella Hilltop park that’s open 24 hours, and it’s also less crowded after sunset.

• Parco Lambro – One of the biggest parks in Milan with botanical trails. Easy to find cover here for a quick session.

• Anello di Corsa Per Runner – Hiking areas are always a great place for public sex. The strategy remains the same – get off the trail.

• Sempione Park – A huge park with plenty of trees to bang against. The only problem is that it closes at 9 pm, so plan accordingly.

Sempione Park


Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Milan

Probably if you’re looking for a hostel, you’re a young guy or girl that wants to hook up with some stranger.

Instead, if you’re looking for a naughty hotel you might be a couple who wants to spice up their sex life.

Our favorite hostels in Milan for hookups are:

NB: private rooms are quite expensive as opposed to the normally shared rooms.

Erotic hotels that you don’t want to miss out on in Milan are:

Moxy Hotel is conveniently close to Malpensa airport in case you’re hooking up with another traveler.


Safe Sex and Clinics in Milan

One thing about hookups is that they are quite interesting and fun, but you need to ensure you’re safe while you play.

First, always have a condom with you as it can keep you safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Second, the coolest thing to do is to get tested regularly.

The best STI clinics in Milan is MTS di Milano ATS Citta’ Metropolitana di Milano next to Lancetti Station. Not only it’s free but the staff is super friendly.

I hope this Milan sex guide is been helpful. Have fun!



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