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When You Want Sex But Not A Relationship: 5 Options

sleep with me but no ne in a relationship

If you’re telling yourself “I want sex but not a relationship” don’t consider yourself abnormal.

Even though having sex usually goes hand in hand with being in a relationship, it hasn’t to be that way.

Unlike in the 50s, nowadays there are several ways to have sex without a relationship. The important is to be honest and open about your intentions with the other person.

Before getting into the several options to get laid without commitment, let’s see when it’s okay to have just sex with someone.


Is It Okay To Have Sex And Not Be In A Relationship?

It’s completely normal for a person to want to have sex without a relationship. And it’s possible for a relationship to be just sex.

The important thing is to be clear from the beginning about your intention. As explained in the golden rules of casual sex, setting boundaries from the start will help to avoid emotional drama.

Also, keep in mind that having sex outside of a serious relationship is frowned upon due to various beliefs and cultural ties.

in this case, it’s best to use an anonymous hook up site and app to avoid getting a bad reputation in your friend and family circle.

We’ve explained in detail how to hook up online so you don’t waste time and money on wrong practices.

What truly matters in sex is that you and your partner are on the same page. And that you two are honest with your intentions to prevent problems later on.

To conclude, as long as you guys agree to it, there isn’t any need to feel ashamed or bad about it.


5 Options To Have Sex Without Committing To A Relationship


1. Contact People On Hook Up Apps And Sites

The easiest way to get laid without having to commit to a relationship is to sign up on any hook up apps or sites and look for horny people in your area.

You’ll surely find someone that has similar sexual interests.

Definitely, you should give a try to Adult Friend Finder as it’s known worldwide for casual sex. There you will find horny single and couples eager to hook up right away.

While hook up apps like Tinder are trickier because many users are looking for a relationship too. So you never know if the other person is fine with having sex without attachment.

Using apps and sites is much more convenient than going to bars and clubs for obvious reasons. You just have to ensure that you make a nice and appealing profile.


2. Find A Friend With Benefits

Although it would be exciting to have different partners, searching for one every time you’re in the mood is a hassle. Especially if you’re a busy person.

For this reason, it would be a good idea for you to find a friend with benefits.

With this arrangement, you can have sex regularly while avoiding the stress of a serious relationship.

Jessie who had a few past experiences can vouch for it…

Since you guys know where you stand, neither side will have to walk on eggshells or guess their limits.

Not to mention, the quality of sex will greatly improve as you get comfortable with each other’s bodies.

What’s more, you could even intentionally seek out a person who has the same kinks as you.


3. Visit A Swinger Club

If you’re sexually open and are up for a wild night out, why not visit a swinger club?

You’ll be able to live out your fantasies and finally satisfy the desires that you’ve always had.

For example, you could have sex with a couple… Or perhaps get into a sex party. There’s no better place to experience threesomes, foursomes, and orgies.

Above all, no one’s going to judge you here. You’re free to be as sexually open as you want.

In our city sex guides, you’ll find a dedicated section about swinger clubs and how to hook up with swingers. Just pick your city and check out what’s going on.


4. Hook Up With A Couple Online

Have you ever thought about hooking up with a couple? Or are you looking to have your first threesome?

There are several hook up sites with couples looking to hook up with singles and other couples. Just sign up and you’ll have direct access to eager couples.

It’s no doubt cheaper than going to a swinger club while it is more private. However, there are other ways to find couples for hookups.

The good thing about having casual sex with couples is there are no expectations from you besides spicing up their sex life. Therefore you can be at ease and focus on the thrill and pleasure of the experience.

But keep in mind that you shouldn’t play favorites with them if you don’t want to spoil the mood.


5. Hire A Sex Worker

Did all of the options we mentioned earlier fail? Perhaps you’re too shy to put yourself out there for any of them to work.

The last resort is to hire a sex worker. We don’t recommend it, but when nothing else works you don’t have other options.

The positive thing is since the person you’ll get is a professional in the field, they won’t be developing any feelings for you.

On top of that, as you’ll be paying for their service, you can be picky with your partner’s looks and ask them to do certain things for you.

Make sure to wear a condom, and you should be fine.




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