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Why Does A Married Man Want To Sleep With Me – 9 Reasons

married man want to sleep with me

People tie the knot to always be with the one person they want, right?

So it’s natural that you’ll get confused when you realize that a married man wants to sleep or have a relationship with you.

After all, why would a guy want another woman when he already has a wife looking after him?

We know how it feels like to be that special girl who got his attention and affection. And it seems to be the perfect guy but it’s unfortunate that he is married.

This article should shed light on the questions you have and give you the most probable reasons why a taken guy is approaching you.


9 Reasons Why A Married Man Wants To Sleep With You


1. He’s In A Sexless Marriage

We believe that Michael Bergman is correct in stating that one of the reasons a married man looks for an affair is because he is missing something from his marriage.

For the most part, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that men can’t live without sex. It’s a basic need such as food and water.

So they can’t be happy happily married without sex. He’ll want to seek out another woman to fulfill his sexual desires.


2. You’re More Attractive Than His Wife

It’s generally accepted that women take the burden of caring for the house and family when they get hitched.

As a result, it’s typical for them to become homely and worn out a few years into the marriage.

Due to this significant downgrade in their looks, some men end up losing interest in their wives. Not to mention, a guy might not even get turned on by his wife anymore if she has totally let herself go.

So if a married man spots a woman who he finds more attractive than his wife, he’ll want to sleep with her. Usually, they seek younger girls in their 20s.


3. An Ego Boost

Considering a men’s mindset, sleeping with you could simply be an ego boost for a married man. You could just be one of the many girls he uses to bring himself up.

In fact, scoring especially with younger girls outside of his marriage may be his way of validating himself. The reason being most guys strongly value their masculinity above all.

And for many of them, nothing shows their manliness more than sleeping around with several women.

In their eyes, this type of attention proves that ‘he’s still got it.’ This also confirms that they’re as physically desirable as they were back in the day.


4. He Likes The Thrill Of Having An Affair

The excitement of being with somebody eventually dies down after a while in regular relationships. Yet with affairs, the high somewhat stays consistent.

How could it ever get dull when he is doing something that shouldn’t be done? It’s a kind of taboo.

The secret relationship will give him a rush that he can’t get from his marriage. It’ll make him feel alive and remind him of how good it feels to be adventurous.


5. He’s A Womanizer

You can figure out a lot about a guy based on what other people say about him.

In other words, if a taken guy has a reputation for being a womanizer, you can more or less assume one thing.

He’s just a married player who just wants to hook up with you. It’s only about casual sex and nothing more.

And if you’re still wondering why he is married instead of being single and fuck around, probably because he’s got a high sex drive that his wife can’t keep up with.


6. He Wants To Escape His Marriage

We all know that the proper way to end a relationship is to talk to your partner and break up.

In spite of this, many men can’t be honest about their feelings. They don’t want to be the first to bring up the topic.

When it comes to marriages there might be also financial issues and kids involved.

So instead of being direct, a married man chooses to escape the marriage by having an affair.

Lachlan Brown goes into detail about why men cheat and cites this as one of the main reasons.


7. He Wants To Have A Connection With Someone

There’s a chance that the married man who’s making the moves on you may want to form a real connection.

For one thing, it’s not unheard of for couples to grow apart since people continue to change as they age.

And in some marriages, husbands and wives become completely out of touch with one another.

If your guy is in this situation, he and his wife are basically no different from roommates at this point. They’re only together on paper since it’s a loveless marriage.

He might actually be sincere in his intentions if he has genuine feelings for you. Although, it isn’t easy to know if a married man loves you more than his wife.


8. He’s Bored With His Life

As people get older, the fun in their life starts to slow down and hit a plateau.

When this happens, some guys turn to hobbies to get rid of their boredom, while others turn to women.

Therefore a married man who shows signs of wanting to sleep with you may be doing it cause he wants to liven up his life.

He’s tired of dealing with the same old routine of work and home.

Sex with his wife has probably gone stale for him as well. And by having an affair with you, he can spice things up and enjoy his life again.


9. For Revenge

This is unfair to you, but sometimes you’re just collateral damage in a married couple’s issues.

In this case, a married man might be sleeping with you to get revenge on his wife. In other words, he is using you.

There are tons of reasons why a man would go this far to get even. For example, maybe his wife had an affair, and he’s having one to get back at her.

Or she may have done something to trigger his jealousy and anger, like getting close to a male friend.

The bottom line is that he’s fooling around with you to teach her a lesson. No more, no less.


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