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Amsterdam Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking for sex in Amsterdam, this guide has all the info that you need whether you’re a single or a couple.

This guide will show you the best places where to find sex and how to get laid in Amsterdam. But also you’ll get an insight into the hookup culture and no-string attached relationships.

Read more if you would like to have sexual encounters, regular hookups, or find a sex partner in Amsterdam.

This Amsterdam Sex Guide was last updated on 26 April 22

Amsterdam hookup guide


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Girls in Amsterdam

You won’t find just Amsterdamese girls (natives of the city) here. Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city that’s home to several Turkish, African, and Asian girls.

And thanks to the presence of several universities, you can hook up with students quite easily. For example, on sites like Sugar Daddy Meet, there are plenty of girls looking for a relationship with benefits.

Look And Physical Appearance

If you are into tall, blonde/brunette and skinny women, then you are surely going to love the girls in Amsterdam.

You can find all sorts of girls from the posh ladies to the hipsters. The variety of girls here is amazing.

Attitude And Values

Most girls in Amsterdam aren’t that feminine. Usually, they are into drinking, and parting while enjoy having casual sex. And you should expect aggressive behaviors, especially when they are drunk.

While posh Dutch girls in Amsterdam prefer wealthier guys, the hipsters are more inclined toward dating those with a spark of creativity.

You should also be mindful that girls here can be direct and opinionated. They’re not necessarily being rude but they can come across that way to foreigners.

However, you’ve got lots of options with the immigrant population in Amsterdam, as well as the tourist girls in Amsterdam. Yup, the Dutch capital is full of tourist girls all year round.


Luckily for you, not only girls here are beautiful but also very liberal. In fact, Amsterdam girls are eager to sexually explore and feel comfortable with nudity.

Yet, they aren’t so easy to pick up in public places. You’ve better chances trying to hook up online by using popular adult dating sites.

Summary of Amsterdam Girls

  • 3 traits: Girls in Amsterdam are liberal forward sex, open to explore kinks and easy going.
  • 2 tips: To charm the ladies here, be fun to be around and avoid to be too stingy.
  • 1 fact: Amsterdam girls love to drink beer.


Men in Amsterdam

As mentioned earlier, Amsterdam is a fiercely liberal city, and this liberal ethos is reflected in Amsterdamese men embracing feminism.

Look And Physical Appearance

In terms of their appearance, men in Amsterdam are smart in their own way without being overly obsessed about male grooming.

They’re also the tallest men in the world (officially), are generally athletic and healthy, but certainly not the most handsome.

Attitude And Values

Guys in Amsterdam are open to his date settling her half of the bill. He also digs equality, so he won’t openly flirt if you’re clearly not reciprocating.

Men here gravitate towards women who are smart, liberal and who enjoy discussing social issues and politics.

And they enjoy doing this in the chilled-out atmosphere of a coffee shop, or even a weed coffeeshop.


Dutchmen in Amsterdam are very open-minded and it’s pretty easy to hookup with a guy by knowing a few tips. Keep in mind they prefer that you’re honest and hate girls who brag too much.  bragging.

Other than that, men here like to experiment with their sexuality and are willing to try new things in the bedroom.

When it comes to the women they date, they prefer the natural look, rather than the heavily made-up look. Dress casually and adopt a chilled attitude if you want to get laid.

Summary of Amsterdam Men

  • 3 traits: Super confident, touchy-feely and masculine.
  • 2 tips: Avoid to wear high heels and dress casually.
  • 1 fact: Amsterdam men want sex on the first night.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

hookup nightlife in Amsterdam get laid

The sex life in Amsterdam usually takes quite a liberal form. This means that it should be pretty easy for you to get laid in Amsterdam.

But keep in mind the following things:

  • Amsterdam is famous for its red light district. This is an area you’ll definitely want to avoid if you want to hookup in Amsterdam without paying for sex.
  • During the day, it’s hard to meet new people. It is after sunset that things start to truly become wild.
  • Online hookups are the most popular way for singles and couples to get laid.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

The best part about people in Amsterdam is that they do not sugarcoat things and prefer pro-honesty.

You’ll find guys and girls very open to the idea of casual sex, casual dating and friends with benefits arrangements.

Swinger Activities In Amsterdam

Just a look at Adult Friend Finder make you realize how many swingers in Amsterdam organize meetups online.

They organize private sex parties as well as meet-ups for couple swapping and threesomes. Once you get into the local community, you’ll have plenty of invitations.

The swinger clubs in Amsterdam are mainly for couples, but some of them welcome singles too. Single ladies get in for free while single guys pay a hefty price.

If you’re a single guy, you’re better to find a sex partner on Adult Friend Finder first and then visit a sex club together. Weekends are the best days, with Saturday night the busiest time.

Is It Easy To Hook Up In Amsterdam?

The hook-up culture is growing fast in Amsterdam. As a result, it’s easy to get laid and find sex partners.

The best places to hook up in Amsterdam are the adult dating sites and sex clubs.


Where To Meet People For Sex in Amsterdam

Your best option to get laid in Amsterdam is to use hook up sites. There are also sex clubs that work out well for couples and other kinkier venues if you’re looking for something specific.

So, have a look at the options below and find the one that suits you best.

1. Sex Dating Online

There is no better way to find no string attached casual sex then Adult Friend Finder. It’s a hook up platform which means you can skip the emotional baggage and the drama of relationships to easily get laid.

People resort to hook up sites simply because everyone there is looking for the same thing: sex. Just make an attractive profile for hookups, and the rest will fold naturally.

2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

swinger club in Amsterdam Paradise Club

Club Paradise main playroom

The good thing about Amsterdam is that people don’t have to hide their sexual lifestyle.

In fact, when you check out adult sites like AFF, you’ll find many members who are open about their sexual needs.

And the best thing is when they know you’re new in town, they introduce you to other members of the swinging community. And it won’t take long before you get invited to a sex party.

There are also other sites for swingers to explore and several sex clubs too. These are the most popular swinger clubs at the moment:

Club Paradise at Nassaukade. It’s considered the most beautiful sex club in Amsterdam. It hosts couples-only nights and has three different areas, including a bar and a spa.

Same Place at Nassaukade. Popular swinger club in Amsterdam thanks to the theme nights and open policy that welcome straights, gays, transvestites, transsexuals.

Fata-Morgana at Rijksweg. Only couples are allowed and you need transportation because the club is outside Amsterdam.

3. Bars And Nightclubs

Amsterdam is the city of sinful nightlife where people hang out to have a good time and why not, to find casual sex. With booze and fag their basic urge gets ignited, and here is the chance to get laid.

Here is a list of the best bars and clubs for hooking up in Amsterdam at night:

De School at Dr. Jan van Breemenstraatl is a former school building in the Amsterdam West that is now a nightclub, restaurant, and cultural complex.

Here there are plenty of drunken tourists down to fuck.

The Waterhole at Korte Leidsedwarsstraat is a live music bar in the center city.

Club Up at Korte Leidsedwarsstraat presents a stage for young DJs and producers where you may enjoy the company of cute people besides the jamming.

Escape at Rembrandtplein is a nightclub located on the Rembrandtplein, city center. It is famous for endless entertainment who don’t want to forget a night.

Air at Amstelstraat is a massive nightclub with open-minded people forward nightstands.

One more place worth to go is The Box at Mekongweg. It’s an event area that is a goldmine for hookups.

It’s usually full of women and men that want to make the most of their freedom. This means to get wild and dirty.

4. Strip Clubs

strip club in Amsterdam with stripper girl

There are many strip clubs in Amsterdam that offer live on stage couple sex, female stripteases, male stripteases, shows with bananas, vibrators and ribbons.

Yes, a lot of sex activities going on in the adult clubs around Amsterdam. Here are our top picks:

Moulin Rouge in the middle of the red light district area.

Casa Rosso in the Amsterdam Red Light District.

Club BonTon on the Stadhouderskade, just next to the Heineken Brewery and the Marie Heinekenplein.

5. Transsexual And Transgenders Venues

Most places in Amsterdam are tolerant forward trans. Bars around the Zeedijk and the whole Regulierdwarsstraat area don’t judge at gender or sexuality.

But if you want to meet transvestites and transsexuals in Amsterdam, De Lellebel cafe near Rembrandtplein is a sure bet.

Yet, the easiest way to hook up with trans women in Amsterdam is to use a trans-friendly hook up site or apps.

6. BDSM Clubs

Amsterdam has a kinky disposition, and you’ll find BDSM clubs and the biggest Fetish and BDSM events and festivals in Europe.

There is also a big BDSM community online that you can meet on sites like You’ll find play partners for any fetish.

7. Hookups During The Day

Well, if you are more comfortable meeting people in the daytime, Amsterdam wouldn’t disappoint you. The city is always ready to witness ‘sins.’

Vondelpark is a huge green area where people go to relax. And it’s a great opportunity for guys and girls to get to know each other.

If you are not interested in going there, Foodhallen is a food market where hipsters hang out and socialize while having a bite.

Start a discussion with intelligence and educational topics. Make some witty remarks, and the University cafes will become your favorite spot to hook up with students.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies In Amsterdam

Not looking for a hookup in Amsterdam but something more?

You can also find companionship and intimacy here in the form of a sugar baby/daddy relationship.

In fact, because Amsterdam is one of the most liberal cities in Europe, this kind of relationship isn’t frowned upon at all. If anything, it’s encouraged.

Many hot student girls instead of cleaning tables part-time prefer sugar relationships to finance their education.

However, don’t even think about visiting the university campus to look for sugar babies. Because there are sites like Sugar Daddy Meet which puts sugar babies in touch with sugar daddies.

When you set up your profile, be clear about what you expect and what you can offer. It saves everyone time.


Adult Hostels And Hotels For Hookups

Hostels are wonderful accommodations for solo travelers who love to party. But also to have the best chance to have some casual sex.

On the other hand, hotels suit more couples and mature singles who want intimacy and sex in a new place.

So, the best hostels to get lucky in Amsterdam are:

While the best “sexy” hotels in Amsterdam are:


Safe Sex and Clinics in Amsterdam

The thing about casual datings and hookups is that they are fun. But it’s important to play safe and check up periodically.

No one wants to contract STDs or get unwanted pregnancies. And don’t forget to get tested regularly.

For this purpose, the best clinics in Amsterdam are Nieuwe Achtergracht and the Amsterdam Tourist Doctor.

We hope you’ve found this Amsterdam sex guide helpful.



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