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Lisbon Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re searching for sex in Lisbon, you’ll find all the info in this guide whether you’re a couple or single.

This guide will show you the best places where to find sex and how to get laid in Lisbon. But also you’ll get an insight into the no string attached relationships and hookup culture.

Read more if you would like to have sexual encounters, regular hookups, or find a sex partner in Lisbon.

This Lisbon Sex Guide was last updated on 10 August 2021

Lisbon hookup guide

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and the best place where to get laid. Not only the local population of 500.000 people offer plenty of hookups, but there are also many tourists looking for casual sex.

Just take sign up with any local hook up sites and apps to match with some horny single or couple.

In this guide, you’ll find a list of the best places to get laid in Lisbon and tips to play safely.

If you’ve any questions to ask, don’t hesitate to use the form at the bottom.



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Girls In Lisbon
Look, values and sexuality

Men In Lisbon
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Lisbon

Where to Meet People For Sex in Lisbon
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Lisbon
How to arrange mutually beneficial relationships

Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Lisbon
Best hostels for hookups and kinky hotels in Lisbon

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play hard but keep safe


Girls in Lisbon

meet single girls in Lisbon get laid

Lisbon is one of Europe’s cultural epicenters. It’s a bold, fiercely proud city – and these values are reflected in its women.

Indeed, girls in Lisbon have been used to their independence for some time now. Here, they’re treated as equals to men which means you can expect confident, bold and assertive girls who aren’t afraid to go after what they want.

If this sounds like the kind of girl for you, you will love Lisbonese girls. Make no mistake, though, that chasing women here will be a tall order.

They’re open to flirting with locals, tourists and expats. But they’re also free to choose who they date and when – which means you will need to work hard to get what you want.

If you want to get your day game on, the good news is that Lisbon girls like to get out and about in this sunny city during the day.

The Rua Augusta shopping district is full of foot traffic, especially in the cafes where women like to take a break from shopping. There are also beaches full of women during the warmer seasons, and they’re (mostly) easy to approach.

At night, you will find that Lisbon has a lively club scene. The bars are always full of locals and tourist girls, and these include the likes of Silk Club, Topo and O Purista.

However, you’ll have far more luck at the weekend than during the week. Women here prefer to work hard during the week and party hard at the weekend.

And unlike Portughese women in other cities, they’re not afraid to reveal some flesh by wearing super revealing outfits.

You’ll find women in Lisbon to be passionate, hot for some fun – and they want to meet confident men who can give them what they want.

Summary: Lisbon Girls Traits & Tips

  • Girls here are confident and independent
  • Rua Augusta shopping district is a great place to meet Lisbon women during the day
  • Lively club scene full of locals and tourists women


Men in Lisbon

You know the saying that “the best way to a man’s heart is via his stomach”? It’s rarely truer than it is among Lisbonese men. They just love their momma’s food, and if you can cook, you’ve got every chance of winning his heart.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that the first thing you should say to a guy in Lisbon is “can I cook you a meal?”

Men here like to take things slowly; they love honesty and openness, and they’re super friendly. But they take time to warm up and they’re not as openly expressive or passionate as, say, men in Paris until you show that you’re keen.

Once you do this, you’ll notice that Lisbon men are very expressive with their hands.

That all said, Lisbon is a very cosmopolitan city, which means you will find a huge dating scene made up of locals, as well as tourists, expats and foreign students.

Here, you will find handsome Lisbon guys, as well as German guys, British guys, French guys, Polish guys and more.

This means that the language barrier shouldn’t present too much of a problem if you don’t speak Portuguese very well. Whilst Lisbon men aren’t always fluent in English, many of the expats and tourists are.

In terms of their sexuality, it’s no secret that Portoghese men in Lisbon are very loving. They desire intimacy and many of them are looking for long-term relationships.

In fact, they’re pretty quick to introduce you to their mother, who they’re generally close with!.

However, it’s still totally possible to find hookups in bars and nightclubs without getting into a serious relationship. And don’t miss out on the clubs popular with tourists, such as O Purista on a Friday or Saturday night.

Be warned, though, that locals can be super conservative, which means your best chances of having some fun will probably be with a tourist.

Summary: Lisbon Men Traits & Tips

  • Men here are loyal, honest and friendly
  • Very loving, prefer intimacy but still possible to find one night stands
  • Not only Portuguese men but also lots of European men in Lisbon


Sex Life And Hookup Culture


Sex in Lisbon can be easy to find if you know where to look.

Lisbon is a Catholic city, but the locals, tourists and expats certainly don’t shy away from hooking up when the opportunity is presented.

This goes as much for young students as it does for older, mature singles who are divorced or even widowed.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Lisbon is one of Europe’s hottest cities (both in terms of the climate and the men and women!) and it’s emerging from years of Catholicism. This means that years of suppressed sexuality are finally being eroded in favor of liberalism.

Nowadays, most women here are very receptive to the idea of using contraception, while more guys than ever are willing to use condoms. This has allowed more people to get laid in Lisbon without unwanted pregnancies and the risk of STDs.

Swinger Activities in Lisbon

The sex life in Lisbon extends to swinger activities. But be warned, there are only a few sex clubs in Lisbon.

They tend to be outside the city in secretive areas, so your best bet is to meet swingers online who are willing to either invite you to a Lisbon swingers club or at least give you the correct address.

That said, whilst single women and couples are usually allowed any day of the week, single men will typically have fewer choices. This means sex clubs in Lisbon prefer single females and couples over single males.

Is It Easy To Hook Up In Lisbon?


You just need to meet people in social places or hookup online. Make sure to dress well and make an effort to know the other person.


Sex Dating Online

If the nightlife in Lisbon does not work out for you, you can always try your hands at sex dating online with the help of Adult Friend Finder.

Rather than carrying emotional baggage around, on this adult dating site, you can meet singles and couples for no string attached sex.

Just create a profile, write something about yourself and what you’re looking for, and you’re ready to go. The best part is free to register, so you have nothing to lose.


Where To Meet People For Sex in Lisbon

There are numerous places you could go to in Lisbon if you are looking to have a night (or day) to remember, so let’s see where you can hook-up in Lisbon.

Night Hookups

If you are looking to hook-up during the night, then there’s a good chance to find someone for sex in Lisbon. People here love to party, and after a few drinks, they are very friendly.

From wine bars to night clubs, there are several places where to go all over the city. But the two main areas for nightlife in Lisbon are Pink Street in Sodré and Barrio Alto District.

pink street nightlife lisbon pick up girls get laid

Pink Street in Lisbon during weekend.

And to make things easy for you, here’s a list of some of the best nightclubs in Lisbon:

Lust in Rio located near Cais do Sodre. This nightclub suit the party animals who love to mingle.

Tokyo is another nightclub located in Cais do Sodre. The entry fee is only €5 and there are a great number of girls and guys looking for a nightstand.

Incognito at R. Poiais de São Bento. There’s a reason this night club located near Sao Bento is called incognito.

It appeals to the fans of indie where you can not only party hard with some rock and post-punk music, but also potentially find someone to get laid with.

And keep in mind that people in Lisbon love to socialize in wine bars early in the evening. Meaning nightclubs aren’t the only place to meet strangers for sex.

Some of the best bars in Lisbon for singles are:

Keep in mind that you don’t need a taxi to get back home from a club or bar cause the metro in Lisbon work 24X7.

Everyday Life Situations


It isn’t particularly necessary for you to scour at night if you want to get laid in Lisbon. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to meet someone during the day too.

Residents in Lisbon are very friendly and welcome foreigners. So there’s a great chance you might find someone not only for a conversation but for some amazing sex.

The Cento Colombo and Centro Vasco da Gama are two of the places you could try your luck at. Those shopping malls get busy in the afternoon until closing.

Of course, guys have to walk up to girls and initiate a conversation with confidence.

On the other hand, if you are a girl, then you do not really have to do much. Stand beside shopping malls or cafes for a while, and it wouldn’t take long for guys to start hitting on you.

Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

It is surprising to find such good sex clubs in Lisbon. The swinging community here is amazing. Everyone speaks great English and you’ll a great time.

The only downside is the swinger clubs are located outside the city near Sintra town and the airport. So take an Uber or cab to get there.

The best swinger clubs in Lisbon are:

Fun 4 You – Located in a town named Sintra, the Fun 4 You club is enough to satisfy all your sexual fantasies. The club is open only on weekends, Friday for everyone and Saturday only for couples and single females. Open from 11 pm until 5 am.

SaunApolo 56 – Located at Luciano Cordeiro Street, SaunApolo 56 is a spa club where you can wandering around the maze of rooms and hooking up over a period of hours.

Xclube – Located near Lisbon airport. Starting at the entry fee of just €12, the X Clube is one of the wildest swinger clubs in Lisbon. Whether you are coming for a short tour or looking to spend a night of pleasure, this is one place you must go to.

Keep in mind in those sex clubs, there is not just swing, but also orgies, trios, exhibitionism, voyeurism and cuckold.

And you can use this site to meet singles and couples to bring with you. When you visit a sex club with someone else, not only it’s more fun but you’ve higher chances to get in.

BDSM in Lisbon

If you are looking for some bondage and fetish fun, then you would not be disappointed in Lisbon.

You can explore all your kinks and fetishes to your heart’s content as men and women from Lisbon are often open to the idea of BDSM.

The House of Drakkar is a dedicated space for BDSM lovers in Lisbon. And is the place where to meet play partners in Lisbon.

Transsexual And Transgenders

Lisbon is very trans-tolerant. This is shown by having its own transgender bars and even an International Queer Film Festival dedicated to screening gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transsexual themed films

Bar 106 is definitely the most popular bar among crossdressers and transgender people in Lisbon. There are regular themed parties and live music shows.

Then there is Finalmente Club, a drag club in the center of Lisbon where you can enjoy shows and meet up with trans.

If nothing works out for you, then you can always use one of the biggest transgender dating networks TSdates as well.

Strip Clubs

strip club in Lisbon where pick up girls near you

If you truly want to make your night exciting then here’s a list of popular strip clubs in Lisbon to visit:

Tamilia Strip Club – Located in Marques de Pombal, the Tamilia has shows every day.

San Payo – Near Marques de Pombal in Lisbon, San Payo is another popular strip club with quality girly shows.

Photus Erotic Club – Located at the center of Lisbon, Photus Erotic Club is a lively strip club with an entry fee of around €30 for men while for women is free.

Keep in mind that strip clubs in Portugal try to scam customers sometimes. So make sure to confirm prices and ask for the club’s rules.

Also, you can always enjoy a naughty performance online on sites like StripChat without having to visit a local strip club.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Lisbon

Lisbon is a great city to visit or to live in, but it’s always better when there’s someone by your side.

It’s normal to feel a little isolated while living or traveling abroad, and have a friend with benefits makes it more comfortable.

Serious relationships can be a mess when breaking up, so you’re better of to go for a casual relationship without drama, jealousy and unreasonable demands if you plan don’t stay in Lisbon forever.

In other words, you need a sugar baby/daddy relationship. The good thing about this type of relationship is you can be honest with him/her without no one make a big deal out of it.

Here, such a relationship tends to work like this: a sugar baby (usually a young student) meets an older man who can afford to support her.

She will accompany him to the malls, to the beaches, to the theatre, to restaurants and so on. And of course, she’ll also give intimate moments.

However, it’s really up to the two people in question to set the terms.

That said, it’s not exactly easy to meet a sugar baby or daddy. Whilst there are lots of sugar babies and daddies in Lisbon, they’re not easy to spot.

This is why it might be a good idea to use site such as Seeking Arrangement. It connects sugar babies with sugar daddies.

And because it was literally created for this kind of relationship, it removes all judgment while allows people to get straight to the point.

As long as you’re open and honest, you will get what you’re looking for.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Lisbon

Looking for Hostels to crash into in Lisbon to presumably party and have casual sex?

Here’s a list of the three best hostels in Lisbon:

Yes! Lisbon Hostel
Urban Garden Hostel
GSpot Party Hostel

If you are looking for a more intimate setting to have some fun time with your romantic or sex partner, consider these hotels:

9 Hotel Mercy
Bairro Alto Hotel
Altis Belem Hotel

Note that these hotels may be a bit pricey, so this is something you might want to keep in mind.


Safe Sex and Clinics in Lisbon

As exciting as casual sex and one-night stands can be, it is important to always prioritize your and other safety.

Using condoms and go for periodic check-ups keeps STDs under control and safe from unwanted pregnancy.

If you are looking for a clinic in Lisbon CMIL or Hospital da Luz have personnel that can speak English.



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