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Hooking with the Same Person Multiple Times – 11 Reasons Why It Happens

hooking up with the same person

Did you hook up with someone recently and now they’re asking for around 2? Or perhaps you had already a few sessions.

And now you might be confused if it’s even normal. After all, hookups are supposed to be a one-time thing, right?

Let’s get this straight: there’s nothing wrong with hooking up with the same person multiple times.

Now that we’ve sorted out any doubt if you can hook up with someone more than once, let’s get to the real question: why does it happen?

And that’s exactly what we’ll be exploring in this article. So let’s go through 11 reasons why he/she is asking you to hook up again:


1. The Sex Was Unforgettable

Before we explore other possibilities, let’s first talk about your first experience.

Did you two bang like it’s your last day in the world? If so, then you’ve got your answer.

There’s no need to overthink. YOur casual sexual partner is probably coming back because he/she can’t get enough of that steamy session.

A good orgasm is like a drug. Take it once, you’d want it twice. Take it twice, and you’d be hooked for a lifetime.

So if the hookup really did go that well, then get ready because you’d be hearing more often from him/her.


2. The First Time Was Awkward

Sometimes casual sex can end up being awfully underwhelming and awkward. We’ve already discussed hook up tips and tricks to avoid that.

But in a nutshell, this normally happens due to a lack of communication.

Your previous experience may have been bad, but there’s a chance that they think it could’ve gone better.

So to make sure of that, they now want another shot.


3. You’re Too Hot to Resist

Do you often get complimented for your looks? Then you’re probably too hot to resist.

And if you hook up with a guy more than once, perhaps he is too hot to resist.

Just think about this for a moment. All of us are attracted to good looks to some extent.

In fact, most probably you hooked up with him or her because you felt attracted physically. Emotional attraction comes later down the line.

Basically, ever since the hookup, the other person can’t stop thinking about you. And now your new sex partner is probably lusting for you and wants your body again and again.

On a side note, this one will especially be an ego booster for all our male readers.

The idea of being so desirable to a woman, that she keeps coming back to fuck you should certainly make you proud.


4. There Was No Drama Involved

The whole idea behind a hookup is to enjoy sex without having to worry about emotional baggage.

But unfortunately, many people cannot separate sex from love.

They keep unrealistic expectations from their hookup partner which in turn, creates drama.

So if the other person is coming back for another session, then it might be because you know how to keep it casual.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why guys hook up with the same girl over and over again.


5. The Chemistry was Unreal

You can have sex with a person 100 times. It would always feel underwhelming if there’s no chemistry.

But have sex with a complete stranger in which there is chemistry, and you’d keep thinking about it for years.

These two girls explain well the importance of sexual chemistry between two people…

So did the sex make your body and mind feel ecstatic? If it did, then honestly, who wouldn’t want it again?

Enjoy it while you can, because you never know when you’d get it again.


6. They Are Potentially Developing Feelings

There’s a chance that your sex partner may have developed feelings for you. But how to know for sure if that’s the case?

Well go through the unspoken hook up rules that we’ve covered in this article and ask yourself, did you break any of them?

If you did, then your sex partner has likely developed feelings for you and that also explains why they want to get physically intimate with you again.


7. You Two Share the Same Kinks

We often have kinks and sexual fantasies that we don’t share with other people. So did you share the same kinks or sexual fantasies with your new hookup partner?

If this is the case then it honestly doesn’t come as a surprise why they want you again.

Even though most people have liberal lives nowadays, it’s still hard to find open-minded individuals who are comfortable experimenting when it comes to sex.

This is why if you do find one, then make sure to keep him/her around to spice up your sex life.


8. Your Oral and Foreplay Game is Mind Blowing

This point is worth considering for both sexes.

If a man wants to hook up again, perhaps you’re a master at giving heads. Especially when capable to give deepthroats.

Not many women are capable of deepthroats, as a result, not many men experience it. For him, it’s like finding a gold saddled unicorn.

In the case is a woman who wants to hook up again, then you’ve probably proved yourself to her.

In comparison to 90% of men, only 50% of women orgasm during intercourse.

We’ve already explained that in most cases the size of your tool doesn’t matter that much. Unless your penis is really too small for most women.

And if you think that you have to pound her for hours to reach orgasm, that isn’t so important too. What matters is the effort you put in foreplay and oral sex.

So if you’ve been practicing your oral game lately, then this gives you the answer to why she wants to hook up again with you.


9. You’re Easy to Access

Hooking up can be difficult for people who don’t have their own place. Booking a hotel every time you want to have sex can be heavy on the pocket.

So do you have your own place where you can invite him/her for a session any time?

This might just be the reason why the other person is interested to hook up again.

You’re easily accessible so they want to form a casual long-term thing with you.


10. They Want a Long-Term Hookup Partner

If the sex is good and there’s no drama involved, then we don’t see what’s wrong in hooking up with someone again?

It’s hard to find people with whom you can have perfect chemistry on several dimensions like sexual and emotional.

So your new friend might be hooking up with you again because interested to turn it into a friend with benefits relationship.


11. They Have No Other Options

If you can’t relate to any of the reasons above, then he/she might just be hooking up with you because they have no other options.

Even if it sounds disappointing, this happens far too often. But hey, you shouldn’t let that affect you.

If you think your new find is worth keeping around, then you can also use him/her for sex.

However, if you have better options, then feel free to reject their offer and enjoy your time with someone else.


How Often Do People Hook Up With The Same Person?

two people hook up with the same person again

In most cases, people don’t hook up with the same person more than two times if sex wasn’t satisfactory.

You see, the first time can happen to be awkward for many different reasons. And it usually comes down to not knowing the other person’s sexual preferences.

Yet, if the sex was good and there’s no drama involved, then it isn’t uncommon for people to hook up with the same person multiple times.

Often this situation develops into a friend with benefits relationship but rarely becomes a serious relationship. We expressed our findings in this article: how long can a friends with benefits relationship last.

In the case you like having sex with him/her but aren’t ready or interested to commit, we recommend don’t see your hookup more than twice a week. Anything more than that is prone to make you develop feelings for the other person.

Watch out for these signs a casual relationship is getting serious so you know where you stand sentimentally.




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