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Rotterdam Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re after sexual experiences in Rotterdam, this guide has all the info you’ll ever need.

Rotterdam is home to some of the most sexually liberal people in the Netherlands. So if you’re into casual sex, then you’ll certainly enjoy your stay in this city.

In case you don’t know where to start, this guide will arm you with all the info that you need to get laid.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics including the local hookup culture, kink and swinger scene along with the best places to find sex partners.

Rotterdam Guide

Rotterdam is a paradise for singles as hookups are the norm here.

Plus the city’s beautiful architecture and nightlife attract tourists from all over the world, so you can also enjoy cultural diversity.

But unfortunately, we can’t say the same for couples. There’s only one swinger club here so partner swappers are better off trying their luck online.


This Rotterdam sex guide was last updated on 27 December 2021


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Girls in Rotterdam

Multi-cultural and head-strong, girls in Rotterdam are simple and down to earth. Those in search of naturally gorgeous women will have their fill here.


Look And Physical Appearance

Most Rotterdam girls have Dutch blood and commonly have blonde or brown hair, with blue or brown eyes. Their skin tones are mostly white as well.

There are also women in Rotterdam who have Turkish and Surinam ancestry. And they typically have dark hair and eyes, along with olive skin.

Generally speaking, girls here are tall at 5’5 – 5’7 feet. Moreover, many of them have slim or fit bodies and only get a bit meaty when they age.


Attitude And Values

Practical and efficient, women in Rotterdam like to plan their schedules in detail, whether it’s during or outside work hours.

Known for being independent and direct, local girls don’t sugarcoat their words. This may seem harsh to others, but it’s just them being upfront.

If you’re a sensible person who can’t stand harsh comments face to face, we recommend flirting with the local girls over text.



For women in Rotterdam, sex is a normal need. As a result, hookups are just the norm.

The best part is most girls in Rotterdam have a high sex drive and are naturally interested to try erotism to all a new level.

In fact, it’s pretty normal for a Holland woman to go around the house half-naked if not fully naked.

However, this doesn’t mean that girls in Rotterdam are an easy catch. They want to be charmed by a confident man.

In case you lack confidence, the best approach would be to exchange digits and tease her on text to build tension.


Summary of Rotterdam Girls

  • 3 traits: Girls in Rotterdam are practical, independent, and direct.
  • 2 tips: For you to hook up with Rotterdam women, be presentable, and dress neatly. Also being confident and talk about intelligent topics make the difference.
  • 1 fact: Women in Rotterdam are attracted to a man’s personality rather than his wealth.


Men in Rotterdam

Well-dressed and athletic, Rotterdam men will draw you in with their refreshing honesty and simple nature.


Look And Physical Appearance

Rotterdam guys tend to have dark to light-colored hair and brown eyes, while some have blue. Their skin color also ranges from white to tan.

Additionally, the penis size of guys in Rotterdam is 6.25 inches while their average height is 5’11. Meaning most men here are short but with a good hung.

Besides that, Rotterdam guys are fashionable yet keep their style on the casual side.


Attitude And Values

You’ll find the men in Rotterdam to be honest and open-minded. They always mean what they say and don’t hold back on their opinions.

Having said that, they don’t like wasting time and will let you know what’s exactly on their mind.

As for dating, most Rotterdam guys don’t commit quickly. That is why if you want a serious relationship with a local man, you better learn how to make a man crave you emotionally.



Due to their culture, it’s normal for women to approach men in Rotterdam. The guys here flirt by making eye contact and smiling until the women talk to them.

On the other hand, they have the opposite attitude when it comes to sex. They are aggressive in bed and are satisfying partners.

And if you want to try new kinks, men here are sexually open-minded.


Summary of Rotterdam Men

  • 3 traits: Rotterdam guys are honest, straight to the point, and don’t hold back on their opinions.
  • 2 tips: For you to appeal to the men in Rotterdam, be well-groomed and go for a casual look. Avoid small talks, and be sincere when you chat them up.
  • 1 fact: Rotterdam men are normally approached by women.


Sex Life and Hookup Culture

swinging couple Rotterdam casual hookups

Aside from the tourists, there are also many expats in Rotterdam looking for fun. Making it easy for locals and foreigners to hook up and get laid.

And though it’s not as explosive as Amsterdam, Rotterdam still has a booming sexual scene.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Rotterdam’s people are extremely accepting of sex that you’ll have several sexual conversations with people just met. The reason is men, as well as women, don’t face criticism.

And because sexuality is seen as natural as eating food, people tend to be promiscuous. Meaning casual sex encounters are common.


Swinger Activities in Rotterdam

Most of the Rotterdam swinger scene takes place behind closed doors. The reason is there is only one sex club in Rotterdam while another one is 73 Km outside the city.

If you want to get invitations to private sex parties, mingle with Amsterdam members on sites like Adult Friend Finder. The people there are friendly and well-mannered.


Is It Easy To Get Laid In Rotterdam?

Although it’s easy to hook up in Rotterdam, you’ll still need to exert a bit of effort. The people here are into casual hookups, but only if they find the opposite sex interesting enough.

You also have the option to hook up with tourists and expats in the city if you’re looking for variety.


Where To Meet People For Sex in Rotterdam

Whether you want to explore your kinks, enjoy the swinging scene or even mingle with strangers, finding sex in Rotterdam is quite easy.

So let’s explore some of the best places to get laid in Rotterdam…


1. Sex Dating Online

Getting laid in Rotterdam is easy both online and offline. Obviously, on adult sites like Adult Friend Finder, it takes less effort to find casual sex partners.

But keep in mind that you still need to show some personality. To increase your chances, try making your profile as detailed as possible by making sure to mention your kinks.

We’ve listed the top tips to hook up online for further help.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

orgy swinger club Rotterdam couples

There’s only one swinger club in Rotterdam, but another one is just 18km away in Moordrecht. These two clubs are Colorotica and Fun4Two .

These establishments are strictly for couples and single women, except on certain days and occasions.

Both clubs have differing schedules and opening hours. The entry fee for Coloratica is € 20-40, and for Fun4Two, it’s € 50-360.

Fun4Two is well known for its Gigolo Night which takes place on the first Friday of the month. Women can enjoy sexually with several men.

While Coloratica holds a sextravaganza party where “anything goes,” from BDSM, gangbangs, and other similar activities.

To gain access to private sex parties and the online swinger community in Rotterdam, consider signing up on an adult site like AFF. It won’t take long to get an invitation.


3. Bars And Nightclubs

Being one of the Netherland’s trendiest cities, Rotterdam’s nightlife is as good as it gets.

Here are some nightclubs and bars in Rotterdam known for easy hookups:

• Now&Wow Club – Located at Maashaven Zuidzijde Street, this is one of the top electronic music clubs in Rotterdam. Apart from welcoming all sexualities, the venue is quite spacious with 3 big stages.

Transport Club – Located at Schiestraat 18, if you’re searching for a club where you can mingle with strangers and dance to your heart’s content, then this is the place to be at.

Baroeg Club – Located at Spinozaweg 300, this club is described as a “sub-cultural pop venue” and is known for its exciting events and concerts.

De Witte Aap Bar – Located at Withstraat 78, this is one of the most popular bars in Rotterdam. Although the venue is compact so it quickly becomes packed.

Munch Club – Located at Maasboulevard 300, this venue is described as a social club because it’s a great place to find casual hookups.

• Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub – Located at Rodezand, pubs are a prime spot to flirt with older women, and this one isn’t an exception if you want to meet cougars.

Rotterdam’s city center undoubtedly offers the best nightlife for singles.

You can visit famous streets such as Nieuwe Binnenweg and Witte de Withstraat to find some of the best pickup bars and nightclubs in the city.


4. Strip Clubs

stripper Rotterdam erotic dance get laid pole dance

There are many strip clubs in Rotterdam that offer stripteases, lap dances and even some intimate time alone if you spend some extra cash.

Yet, it’s more fun and chapter to enjoy a variety of online erotic shows on sites like Stripchat.

Having said that, here are some strip clubs that you should check out:

• Club Lido – Located at ‘s-Gravendijkwal, there are stunning strippers doing pole dancing and stripteases in this place. €25 entry fee.

• Club Mayfair – Located at Bilderdijkstraat 108, this is one of the best gentlemen’s club in Rotterdam.

It is open from Tuesday to Saturday and also has private booths for you to spend some intimate time with a stripper.

• Club OQ – Located at ‘s-Gravendijkwal, this is one of the most erotic strip clubs in Rotterdam. The entrance fee is around €25 which includes 3 drinks.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

Rotterdam is a very trans-friendly city and hosts numerous activities for the LGBT community.

For starters, you could participate in the Rotterdam Pride Festival that is hosted every year. There are so many trans around that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hook up.

Other than that, the famous Massilo nightclub is also popular among the LGBT community, so there’s also a great chance for you to meet transgender people there.

Just make sure to understand the in and out of how to flirt with trans women.


6. BDSM Clubs

As open as the locals of Rotterdam are about sex, they still prefer exploring their kinks behind closed doors.

There aren’t any BDSM dungeons in the city although it’s still possible to hook up with like-minded people on sites like


7. Hookups During The Day

Rotterdam has a very active daytime hookup scene, and you can fully take advantage of it by visiting the right places.

If you want to meet sexy Dutch people, then Witte de Withstraat also referred to as “Axis of Art” is one of the most vibrant areas of Rotterdam.

From amazing restaurants to famous pubs such as De Witte Aap, this street alone offers numerous spots for you to mingle with new people.

Otherwise, if you would like to meet a mix of both locals and foreigners, then head to Koopgoot which is also the biggest shopping district in the city.

Alternatively, you can also go to famous malls such as Central Plaza Rotterdam and Alexandrium Shopping Center.

Lastly, big gyms like Fox Gym are also great for pickups, especially if you have a good physique.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a city where getting sex is much easier than finding companionship.

Besides, serious relationships can become quite stressful, so it’s best to stay away from them anyway.

And especially with the trend of sugar dating growing in the city, there’s no need for you to make your life miserable.

There are many sugar babies and sugar daddies in Rotterdam who are down to form a transactional relationship.

You can get both intimacy and companionship from your sugar partner without any emotional baggage or drama to worry about.

Yet, getting to know a sugar daddy or baby isn’t that easy unless you connect on niche sites like Sugar Daddy Meet.

Just create a profile and state your expectations. Once you find the perfect match, start meeting up.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Rotterdam is a beautiful city packed with plenty of potential places for outdoor sex.

Here are some of the best picks:

• Het Park – One of the biggest parks in Rotterdam, you’re prone to find an empty area at night.

• Vroesenpark – A landscaped park with many tall trees to cover your deed.

• Luchtpark Hofbogen – Quieter than other parks in the city, making it an ideal spot, especially for nighttime hookups.

• Lage Bergse Bos – Forest area with marked hiking routes, so get off the trail and you’re sure to get some privacy.

Lage Bergse Bos


Hostels And Hotels For Casual Sex

If you want to make your stay in Rotterdam exciting, then there’s no better place to stay than a party hostel. Choosing the right hostel can potentially help you find a hookup partner as well.

Here are three of the best party hostels in Rotterdam:

King Kong Hostel

Ani & Haakien Hostel

ROOM Hostel

Do you want to spend some erotic time with your partner or fuck buddy instead?

Check out these erotic hotels in Rotterdam to spice up your sex life:

Room Mate Bruno Hotel

Hotel Bazar

Euromast Hotel


Safe Sex and Clinics

Casual hookups and nightstands can be exciting, but let’s not forget how important sexual health checkups are.

The two best clinics in Rotterdam with English-speaking staff are Mobi Doctor and IHCR Clinic.

We hope this Rotterdam sex guide is been educative for you.



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