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Munich Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you want to enjoy sexually Munich, then you can’t go wrong with this city. The people here are open-minded and promiscuous.

With this Munich sex guide, you’ll be armed with everything you need to hook up no matter your sexual orientation or kinks.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics over the course of this article including casual sex tips, local hook up culture, and best places where to find sex partners.

Munich hookups guide and sex

Munich is a great city for couples into partner swapping as you can find many sex clubs. But also singles are quite promiscuous as casual sex is pretty much the norm here.

In other words, Munich isn’t only about beer festivals and old breweries, but also a great destination for nightstands, sexual encounters, and finding friends with benefits.


This Munich sex guide was last updated on 22 December 2021


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Girls in Munich

If you’re into long-legged beauties, then the girls in Munich will be a feast for your eyes.


Look And Physical Appearance

You’ll regularly see Munich girls with blonde or brown hair and blue or green eyes, yet brown is expected as well.

Meet singles German Munich girls casual relationship

They usually have fair-skin and an average height of 5’4 – 5’6 feet. You’ll also see many curvy and big-boned girls in Munich. While the older ones tend to be fat.


Attitude And Values

Known for their intellect, the women in Munich are brilliant and hardworking. They’re strict law abiders and are always punctual and organized.

As a result of their strictness to rules, they can come off as cold and rude. But Munich girls are simply being honest and don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

With their careers as their priorities, Munich girls don’t commit to relationships until they marry at 31-32.

But they still love hooking up, so you won’t have any problems in getting laid, as long as you know how to ask for it.



The women in Munich are open-minded and sexually active. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for girls here to have one night stands or fuck buddies to satisfy their sexual urges.

And they aren’t shy to experiment with sex toys or walk in a swinger club.

Definitely, women here are sexually adventurous. All you need to do is turn them on by touching their hot spots.


Summary of Munich Girls

  • 3 traits: Munich women are smart, punctual, and honest.
  • 2 tips: To gain the interest of girls in Munich, dress nicely and be well-groomed. Chat about exciting topics causes small talk bores them.
  • 1 fact: The women in Munich appear cold and rude, but they’re just honest and don’t want to waste time.


Men in Munich

Quiet and reserved, the guys in Munich will appeal to those who like the tall and mysterious type.


Look And Physical Appearance

The majority of Munich guys have light to dark hair, and though light eyes are more typical, many also have brown eyes.

singles nightlife Munich pick up men get laid

They ordinarily have white complexions and a standard height of 5’9 – 5’10 feet. Aside from that, Munich men’s average penis size is 5.72 inches.


Attitude And Values

Munich guys are logical and private, as they like doing things efficiently, without bothering others. It’s why they keep to themselves and appear standoffish.

However, men in Munich are very festive when it comes to traditional events, and not only during the Oktoberfest.

In contrast, they’re low-key about dating and go for casual sex instead.

So unless you learn how to trigger emotional attraction in a man, you can forget about forming a serious relationship.



Men in Munich are very nervous when it’s concerning women. At most times, they don’t even approach even if they’re interested.

That doesn’t mean they’re not into hookups. Actually, Munich guys like having sex and aren’t shy in the bedroom.

The only downside is they’re known to be selfish lovers in bed and focus more on their needs than their partners.


Summary of Munich Men

  • 3 traits: The men in Munich are logical, shy, and traditional.
  • 2 tips: To hook up with Munich guys, be neat-looking, and use little makeup. Take the initiative, and be straightforward when you approach them but not too aggressive.
  • 1 fact: Munich men don’t commonly approach women even if they’re interested in them.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

find couples singles hookups Munich one night stands

Overall, the singles in Munich are promiscuous and enjoy having sex. Hookups are common here, and everyone minds their own business.

What’s more, Munich has several festivals throughout the year. This means there are plenty of opportunities to drink, party and get laid. Not only with locals but also with tourists.

There are many places that offer sex services like erotic massages, brothels, and the like. But it’s pointless to visit them when you have plenty of opportunities for casual encounters in Munich.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

People in Munich love having sex. It’s a normal part of life for men and women alike whether it’s casual or not.

Don’t expect only the young to be promiscuous, also the couples are into casual sex, swinging, and orgies. Just a visit to this site makes you realize how promiscuous people are here.

The city also welcomes thousands of visitors every year for its festivals so hooking up with tourists isn’t uncommon.

On top of that, people prioritize their careers here more than serious relationships. This is why having a fuck buddy or multiple sex partners is pretty typical for singles.


Swinger Activities In Munich

In comparison to Frankfurt and Berlin, Munich doesn’t have as many sex and swingers clubs. But there are still plenty of clubs here that cater to different tastes.

Those who want to try BDSM should give Lillith Club a go. It has 7 themed rooms, with one dedicated BDSM room fully equipped with toys, whips, and cages.


Is It Easy To Get Laid In Munich?

It’s not easy to pick up during the day because people’s attention is on their jobs or schools. And at night there are too many drunk people around.

The best way to get laid is to sign up with a popular hook up site and get to know people.  local hookup sites.


Where To Find Casual Sex in Munich

When it comes to getting laid in Munich, the possibilities are endless due to the numerous options to get hooked up.

So let’s look at some of the best places to find sex in Munich…


1. Sex Dating Online

Munich is a city of wild singles and naughty couples. So whether you want to hook up or find a fuck buddy for multiple sessions, there are plenty of people online looking for the same thing.

The most popular site at the moment for hookups is Adult Friend Finder. It has a large community of people who are just as excited to get laid as you are.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

swing couples Munich group sex cuckolds fantasy

When it comes to enjoying sex life, Munich people do not hold back.

There are several swinger clubs as well as a lively swinger community online on AFF that organize sex parties and orgies privately.

In other words, it’s a great city to explore all your sexual habits.

Here are our 3 favorite sex clubs in Munich:

• Burg Ibiza Club – Located on the outskirts of the city, this is one of the most beautiful swinger clubs in Munich.

• Cats Swinger Club – Located at Peter-Anders-Straße Street, this is perhaps one of the oldest and most popular swinger clubs in Munich.

• Lillith Club – Located at Benzstraße Street, this club prioritizes providing its guests with a relaxing atmosphere.

With its different exciting rooms such as the Ice Cave and Mirror Room to couple areas and BDSM dungeons, this place has more than what anyone could expect from a sex club.


3. Bars And Nightclubs

Munich offers one of the most exciting and vibrant nightlife in Germany, especially for the younger. A couple of drinks with a stranger are more than enough to get laid.

Here are some of the best nightclubs and singles bars in Munich:

• Neuraum Nightclub – Located at Arnulfstraße Street, this nightclub rocks three different dance floors with pop tunes & electronic music being the jam here.

• Nachtgalerie – Located at Landsberger Street, from international fast food to R&B, hip-hop music and themed nights.

• Die Goldene Bar – Located at Prinzregentenstraße Street, if you want to grab a couple of beers with strangers with a high possibility of finding a hookup partner.

• Substanz Club – Located at Ruppertstraße Street, this relaxed club/bar is an ideal place to lay back after a long day with a couple of drinks.

• Rote Sonne – Located at Maximilianspl, this subterranean dance club invites some of the best DJs playing house and techno and even live music at times.

• PALAIS Club – Located at Arnulfstraße Street, this club starts filling after 3 am, so if you’re looking for an afterparty then this after-hour club is the ideal place to find some late-night action.

• Couch Club – Located at Falkenturmstraße 9, this old school cocktail bar is a hotspot if you want to hook up with cougars in Munich.

Munich nightlife starts pretty late at around 11 pm and goes till 8 am.

If your primary target is to find sex then during these hours, head to Maximiliansplatz which is full of clubs, bars and of course, singles looking for nightstands.


4. Strip Clubs

Munich gentleman club sensual strip tease night girls

If you want to have an exciting night out, then there are plenty of strip clubs in Munich where you can get lap dances, stripteases, and even private intimate interactions.

For those who don’t like the overcrowded atmosphere of strip clubs, hop on adult cam sites like Strip Chat. You can find performers from all over the world there, so it naturally also has more variety.

Here are the best clubs that you should visit in this city:

• Madam Strip Club – Located at Ledererstraße Street this club has some of the finest strippers in Germany.

From top models to stunning showgirls, here you can have an erotic time all 7 days a week.

• Queens Strip Club – Located at Goethestraße Street this club is particularly famous for its sexy nude dancers and beautiful hostesses.

The first-class service you will find here will certainly make this your go-to strip club for all occasions.

• Boobs Gentlemen’s Club – Located at Dachauer Street, this club has hosted over 15 years of table dance in Munich.

From private parties to seductive pole dance and stripteases, this strip club is ideal for the ultimate bachelor’s night out.


5. BDSM in Munich

swinger club meet bdsm swinger spanking fetish role play

If you want to explore the kinkier side of Munich, then people usually prefer to engage in BDSM activities behind closed doors.

However, often you can find fetish parties at the Lillith Club. This club has fully equipped BDSM rooms to punish your partner.

In case you’re still searching for a bondage partner, then you can head to to connect with a large community of people who are not afraid of exploring their kinks.


6. Transsexual And Transgenders

Munich has a very LGBT friendly atmosphere. But there are no particular streets or clubs dedicated to trans people.

The majority of the people here use trans dating sites to hook up with transgenders. Alternatively, there are numerous trans clubs in Berlin.


7. Hookups During The Day

Munich has a decent daytime hookup scene, however, you may not get immediate results. Both men and women in this city are career-oriented and are busy with work during the daytime.

Yet, you can exchange digits and try building sexual tension over text once their shift ends.

With that being said, you can head to the Englischer Garten to meet new people.

Englischer Garten Munich

Similarly, the city center of Munich, Marienplatz Square is also crowded with people.

There are some great malls nearby such as Kaufingertor Passage where you can meet locals and foreigners.

Lastly, if you want to hook up with students, head to the University of Munich to engage in educational conversations that might become a casual date.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Munich

Munich is a beautiful city, with plenty of greenery. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to explore it with a sexy partner accompanying you?

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about getting into a traditional relationship. We don’t want you to suffer from constant nagging and stress of unreasonable demands.

But rather, we’re talking about getting intimacy and companionship, without jealousy and passive-aggressiveness.

Basically – all the perks of a relationship minus the emotional expectations. A partner who you can go out with, and engage in all sorts of sexual activities.

If that sounds too good to be true, then it’s about time that you start looking for sugar relationships. There are many sugar daddies and babies in Munich ready to spoil and get spoiled.

The easiest way to find a sugar baby or a sugar daddy is to sign up with a popular sugar dating site. Then you need to create an honest profile and be clear about what you’re looking for. It won’t take long to get into an arrangement.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Still, live with your parents and don’t have a car to makeout in? Or perhaps is your kink to have sex in public places?

There are plenty of outdoor places to have sex in Munich. Following are some of the best options:

• English Garden – This is one of the biggest parks in the world so there’s no better place to find a secluded spot.

• Pasinger Stadtpark – We’ve added this park due to its long trees where it’s easy to hide behind for sex.

• Allacher Forest – Push your partner against a tree, and get started. Just be sure to remember the way out.

Luitpold Park – One of the emptier parks in the city, not even crowded during summertime. It can be your potential spot for daytime sex.

Luitpold Park

Luitpold Park


Hostels And Hotels For Sex In Munich

If you’re looking to hook up then you should search for hostels that have a reputation to be party hostels. In a Low-key hostel unluckily you’ll find anyone interested in hooking up in the first place.

These hostels in Munich have developed a reputation for debauchery.

• Wombats City Hostel

• The 4You Hostel – (Best for young backpackers with no reservation cost)

• Jaegar’s Hostel

Similarly, for mature singles or couples who want to spend some sexy time in a more intimate setting, hotels offer more privacy.

These hotels in Munich offer an erotic setting:

• BEYOND by Geisel

• Ruby Lilly Hotel

• Euro Youth Hotel


Safe Sex and Clinics in Madrid

Hookups and nightstands can be fun, but they always come with a risk of STDs or unwanted pregnancies.

You can pay a visit to Dr Thomas Rieger’s and Dr Deckers’ Clinics to find English speaking staff members to help you keep your sexual health in check.

Did you enjoy the Munich sex guide? If so, share it with someone that might benefit from it. They’ll be grateful for it.



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