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Berlin Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re searching for sex in Berlin you’ll find all the info in this guide whether you’re single or a couple.

This guide not only will show you the best places where to hook up, but also you’ll get an insight into the no-string attached relationships and hook up culture.

Read more if you would like to have sexual encounters, regular hookups, or find a sex partner in Berlin.

This Berlin Sex Guide was last updated on June 2024



Girls in Berlin

The capital of Germany is the melting pot between East and West Europe. So Berlin girls tend to have mixed features.

Nevertheless, Berlin women have angular faces, strong jaws, and fair skin tones. Most of them have light brown to blonde hair and light-colored eyes, like green or blue.

meet girls in Berlin near you clubbing nightlife

Another common thing you’ll notice in German girls in Berlin is that most are educated and very independent. So it’s not rare to meet girls with doctorate degrees.

Additionally, they are punctual and straightforward. These women don’t beat around the bush and like to get things done in an orderly fashion.

Despite these serious traits, the girls here party as hard as the men and are also sexually liberated. This means Berlin girls are not afraid of taking the initiative when they want to.

Because the German dating culture is stress-free, women are not rushed into relationships. So it’s normal for single women to have casual relationships.

It’s also important to note that flirting is not part of the dating style here. If you’re interested in a girl, whether to hook up or date, you’ll have to let her know.

You’ll find useful info in our latest article “How To Get Girls To Hook Up With You“.

Keep in mind that they dislike dishonesty which is a major turn off for the local girls. And if you want to succeed in picking up women in Berlin, then avoid empty compliments.

You have to be sincere and pay attention to them. Talk about something interesting, and always be respectful to spark their interest.


Summary of Berlin Girls

  • 3 traits: Berlin girls are smart, independent, and straightforward.
  • 2 tips: To succeed in picking up girls in Berlin, be direct, sincere, and avoid dishonesty. After that if you know how to hook up with a girl, it’s an easy ride.
  • 1 fact: Women in Berlin are educated. So the majority have degrees and take up graduate studies.


Men in Berlin

Men in Berlin have varied roots being in the middle of West and East Europe. This is because of their diversified heritage coming from the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Despite this fact, there are many characteristics regularly seen in Berlin guys. These are prominent broad foreheads, defined noses, and distinct chins.

meet Berlin men nightlife

Additionally, their average height is 5’8. The majority have light-colored skin and eyes, and brown to blonde hair.

Berlin men like to stick to the rules and keep things planned and in order. While hardworking, they are strict in maintaining their work and personal lives separate.

German guys are generally known to be cold and distant, but that is because they are extremely shy. This is especially true when it comes to strangers.

So you should know how to flirt with a guy in person if you want to get laid.

The reason being they hardly make the first move if you aren’t obvious with your intentions.

However, before you strike up a conversation, remember to be genuine and polite. Try to find something fun or exciting to talk about since German men in Berlin aren’t into small talk.

Besides being proactive, you need to know that splitting the bill is the norm rather than the exception.


Summary of Berlin Men

  • 3 traits: Berlin men are hardworking, law-abiding, and shy.
  • 2 tips: For you to pick up guys in Berlin, you need to make the first move. Remember to be direct, polite, and genuine.
  • 1 fact: Men in Berlin don’t usually pay for the full bill on dates.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

Berlin only has the finest to offer if you’re planning on having fun and hooking up. This city is known globally for having bars and nightclubs that cater to all types of people and sexaul interests.

casual sex in Berlin easy to get laid

In other words, Berlin is one of the best cities to get laid in Europe. So there’s no need for you to go to the red light district in order to have sex in Berlin.

If you’re looking for a quick hook up, then it’s best to use adult dating sites.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Men and women in Berlin have the same freedom and privilege when it comes to sex. Because of this, everyone can enjoy their sex lives without judgment.

For example, just pay a visit to the infamous KitKat Club to witness how sexually liberated people are here.

Aside from that, people in Berlin take the long road to relationships. So they’re pretty much open to casual flings and the like.


Swinger Activities in Berlin

As a result of the Berlinese’ acceptance of sexuality, there are many swingers in Berlin. In effect, there are lots of active swingers and sex clubs.

The entry fee depends on the club and event. Couples pay as low as €35 or as much as €90. Some offer free entry to single women, while men are always charged.

There’s a strict dress code for the clubs, and they hold specific activities. So you should always check the schedule. If you don’t, then you might end up attending an LGBT party by mistake.

Alternatively, you can hook up with like-minded people on adult sites like Adult Friend Finder. There are many horny singles and couples looking for no string attached sex.


Is It Easy To Hook Up In Berlin?

Most people in Berlin have an open mind when it comes to casual sex. Relationships and marriage aren’t prioritized here, so friend with benefits relations are well received.

So, hooking up with a man or woman in Berlin is pretty easy. Especially if you know how to hook up online.


Where To Meet People For Sex in Berlin

Berlin is the most open-minded city in Germany forward casual sex. In fact, getting laid in Berlin with locals and foreigners is a breeze.

If you are looking just for a nightstand, there are plenty of nightclubs and bars that you could go to.

But if you want to explore your kinks, and go for something more specific then you can try out the sex clubs or hook up online on an adult dating site.

Without wasting any time, let’s explore some options in Berlin for you to find casual sex.


1. Sex Dating Online

If wandering in the nightclubs and bars is not your thing, then do not worry. In a city as large as Berlin and so technological, you are sure to find partners for casual sex on this site.

Being one of the largest sex dating online platforms, Adult Friend Finder can easily help you connect with people into no strings attached sex.

So if you want to get laid in Berlin without wasting time and money on drinks and parties that aren’t any good for your health anyway, you can just use hookup sites.


2. Night Hookups

Being one of the most densely populated cities in Germany and the party capital of Europe, it should not come as a surprise that there are many exciting places you could go to for night hook-ups.

Here are a couple of bars and clubs that you Should visit if you’re into parties and casual sex.

Kitkat Club – Located at the Kopenicker Street, the KitKat club attracts horny people from all over Europe thanks to its music selection and sexually uninhibited parties.

Keep in mind that you need need to strip or wear sexy outfits to enter the club. And don’t miss out CarneBall Bizarre every Saturday starting at 11 pm.

Kaschk Bar – If you want to spend your time in a laid-back and open environment, then the Kaschk Bar is a great place.

Located at Linienstr Street, there are plenty of men and women you can find here to initiate a conversation with and perhaps something even more.

Sisyphos Nightclub – Situated near Hauptstrabe Street, if you like techno music, then you are going to love spending time at the Sisyphos Club.

The parties here often run from Friday to Monday where you can find friendly people to mingle with.

Watergate Club – Situated near Falckensteinstr Street, the Watergate club is also a wild place to party in Berlin.

Although it is closed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s, the good news is that it is open for 24 hours from Thursday to Saturday.

Berghain Nightclub – This dance club is at a short walk from the Berlin Ostbahnhof main railway station and has becomes associated with decadence and hedonism

People indulge in casual sex in the darkest corners of the club.

3. Everyday Life Situations

Anywhere you go in Berlin during the day presents opportunities to meet new people. And you never know if it leads to a hookup.

For example, the Mitte district hosts some of the finest cafes and shopping malls in Berlin.

Apart from finding numerous hot girls and guys, there’s a great chance that you might also find a hook-up partner there.

Moreover, Friedrichstrabe and Kreuzberg are also two amazing areas with a lot of foot traffic.

meet and pick up girls in Berlin Friedrichstrabe area and get laid

Friedrichstrabe in Berlin

If you’re a man, you need to be confident when you approach girls. Instead, if you’re a woman don’t expect Berlin guys to approach you because they are a bit introvert.


4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

It isn’t that hard to find private sex parties in Berlin. Just talk with Berlin’s members on Adult Friend Finder, and you’ll get an invitation pretty soon.

Then you have the swinger clubs around Berlin that get busy on weekends with kinksters. And even certain nightclubs as explained earlier in the “Night Hookups” section.

Having said that, here are the best sex clubs in Berlin:

Insomnia – Just as the name suggests, you would not even think about sleeping when you visit this club.

Located at Alt Tempelhof, Insomnia is a dance and sex club combined into one. It is only closed on Monday’s and the entrance fee varies wildly depending on the event. I

In fact, the Insomnia club has several themes nights, so check their calendar before go.

Avarus Swinger Club – Located in the neighborhood called Wedding in the North of the city, the entry fee is around €50 for couples that go up to €90 for single men.

The prime focus of this club is for people to have sex and relax instead of showing their sexy outfits like in the Insomnia club. Dirty chocolate games in the steam sauna, pool fucking and sex on the love swing are just a few of the many more games available.

And don’t miss out on the orgy night on Wednesday.

Swingeroase Zwiespalt – This swinger club is open 24/7 all year round. Meaning you can walk in any time of the day and have some fun.

Situated between Neukolin and Tempelhof, the entrance fee is around €55 for couples and €70 for single men.

Their most popular day is Wednesday when they have the gangbang party.

Berlin swinger club Swingeroase Zwiespalt

Inside Swingeroase Zwiespalt in Berlin

Note: the above venues like most of the Berlin sex clubs include drinks and buffet in the price.


4. BDSM Venues

You can find plenty of people in Berlin who would be willing to explore their kinks.

For example, visit a site like to find several singles and couples into all sorts of fetish.

And when it comes to meeting places there are a few BDSM clubs and events that you might want to go to…

Even and clubs for BDSM in Berlin

BDSM Lounge Berlin – This club is exactly what its name suggests.

You can find plenty of BDSM action here and people who would be willing to explore different kinks and fetishes.

Located at Kirchhofstraße Street, this club is open to all sexualities.

Insomnia – You may have come past the Insomnia club also in the swinger section of this guide, and on Wednesday is BDSM and Fetish day.

Kitkat Club – You may have also previously come across the Kitkab Club on our list.

However, what you may not know about this nightclub is that it has a special light fetish night on Saturdays.

While the BDSM scene in this club may not be as extreme as the two clubs we mentioned above, it can still be an ideal place if you are just getting started in exploring your kinks.


5. Trans Friendly Spots

There is a lot of tolerance for trans in Berlin. And as you might imagine, there is an active drag scene in the city.

You will find most trans bars and clubs between Boddinstraße and Rathaus Neukölln.

But unless you’re an active member of the drag community here, you better off to make new friends on a popular trannny site.

Don’t miss out the Thursdays in Club Culture Houze because there are sex parties where you’ll find also transgender in the mix.


6. Strip Clubs

If you want to have the ultimate bachelor’s night out or want to enjoy the company of sexy ladies, there are plenty of strip clubs.

Without getting stuck between choices, I’ve reviewed only the best strip clubs in Berlin.

Angels – This strip club is located in the Kolwitzkiez area and has a modern vibe to it.

You can find several deals here for stag parties with the most popular being €160 for 5 people which includes a private or stage dance, 25 Angel dollars and of course, drinks.

Bon Bon Table Dance Club – If you want to party, then you will love the neon light atmosphere here.

Located near Stuttgarter District, the starting deal for 5 people comes pretty cheaply at €100 which includes drinks and a stage show/private dance.

Club Cleopatra – Located near Ullsteintrasse Street that is known to be a party zone, this is one of the best strip clubs in Berlin for erotic parties.

The entry fee varies on the day, but in general, this strip club is cheaper than most of the others in Berlin. The timings for this club are Wednesday to Sunday 9 pm to 5 am.

Sixx Paxx Theater & Ladies Club Berlin – It’s a strip club just for women. There is a 90 minutes performance with a lot of interaction with sexy males.

In the case you don’t feel like visiting a strip club, there is the possibility to interact with horny women online on sites like StripChat.


Find Companionship In Berlin

Nothing beats starting your day with a beautiful young girl by your side. You can create the perfect memory in Berlin with a temporary lover that will make sure you have a great time.

Are you interested in making the most of your trip with the ideal partner? There’s nothing better than visiting cultural hot spots with an attractive girlfriend.

Just imagine spending time with a young and horny girl in Berlin…

rent berlin girl companionship intimacy

She’ll take care of your physical and emotional needs on your terms. Meaning you don’t need to worry about anything but your enjoyment. Savor the city’s delights, from morning until night.

The best part about arranging a girlfriend in Berlin is you don’t have to deal with the usual downsides of a relationship like nagging, drama, complaints, unreasonable demands, and so on.

Yet, you’ll enjoy the emotional and sexual benefits that only a girlfriend can offer.

The best way to find companionship in Berlin is to use a site like Sugar Daddy Meet whether it’s for a week or a long-term set-up.

Not only you’ll find German girls but also Latina, Asian, African and even some trans. As said earlier, Berlin is a multi-racial city.

Once you’ve spotted your candidates, send them a message. Be direct in your wants and needs.

Keep in mind to talk about the conditions outside Sugar Daddy Meet by getting the girl’s phone number or email or WhatsApp.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Berlin

In a party city like Berlin, knowing which hostel to pick is essential to have a good time.

Here the top 3 party hostels in Berlin where you may even find casual sex with strangers:

Looking for a place to get intimate with your partner or for a passionate one nightstand?

These 3 hotels in Berlin are all about intimacy and sex:


Safe Sex and Clinics in Berlin

Berlin has an active sexual lifestyle. It’s important to play safe by using condoms and check for STDs regularly.

STI clinics in Berlin with fluent English speaking staff members are Meo Clinic or Dr Cotanidis.

This concludes the Berlin sex guide. Enjoy your time there.



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