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Edinburgh Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking for casual sex in Edinburgh, you’ll find the best ways to go about it in this guide.

You can get important information on how to get laid in Edinburgh whether you’re single or a couple. No matter your sexual orientation or kinks.

We cover all topics about casual encounters, swinging activities, and expose the local hook up culture.


This Edinburgh sex guide was last updated on 26 January 2023

Edinburgh hookup guide sex

Edinburg is the capital of Scotland. It’s a great place for stressed-out university students to party and hook up.

While couples have some swinger clubs to attend, most sex parties are held privately. And the only way to get invitations is to network with like-minded people on popular swinging sites.

The interesting part is for those interested to hook up with trans, the city has a large community of transvestite and transexuals.

And after using for a month several casual dating apps and sites while in Edinburgh, we can say that hooking up online is popular here.

Read more if you would like to find nightstands, have sexual encounters with strangers, or want to find a fuck buddy in Edinburgh.



Girls in Edinburgh

Slim and lovely, Edinburgh girls are quite feisty. Those looking for fun and interesting women will surely have a good time.


Look And Physical Appearance

It’s common for girls in Edinburgh to have brown to blonde and most of them have pale, ivory skin and blue or green eyes.

Compared to their English neighbors in the UK, Edinburgh girls are thin and are typically around 5’4 tall.

Near you girls Edinburgh nightlife hook up bars Grassmarket

If you don’t like fussy girls in high heels and glam dresses, you’ll appreciate Edinburgh women’s trendy but relaxed style.


Attitude And Values

As you spend time here, you’ll find girls in Edinburgh are funny, smart, and welcoming.

And true to the Scottish stereotype, they’re very passionate and warm.

The dating culture here is stress-free. Meaning Edinburgh girls usually choose to have fun hooking up during their youth.



Interestingly enough, women in Edinburgh masturbate the most in the UK according to the Sun. That tells how horny girls are here.

Sex on the first date is pretty common but there are some girls on the conservative side. It might take 2-3 dates before getting laid.

Yet, don’t expect to be an easy ride to hook up here. You need to know how to seduce girls if you want to hook up regularly.


Summary of Edinburgh Girls

  • 3 traits: The girls in Edinburgh are welcoming, helpful, and funny.
  • 2 tips: To successfully hook up with Edinburgh women, dress nicely and be well-groomed. Try to know what’s trendy and joke with them.
  • 1 fact: There are some traditional women in Edinburgh who don’t like to hook up.


Men in Edinburgh

Reputed for being the most educated in Scotland, Edinburgh men have more than their accent to sweep you off your feet.


Look And Physical Appearance

Men in Edinburgh normally have light to dark hair, including many redheads in the mix. Most of their eyes are either green or blue and yet brown isn’t rare.

Where meet guys Edinburgh nightlife hook up bars Cowgate

Their standard height is 5’8 – 5’9, and most Edinburgh men have a good tool of 6.45 inches.


Attitude And Values

Hardworking and helpful, Edinburgh men are always willing to lend a hand. Besides that, you’ll see that they’re educated, hospitable, and approachable.

Furthermore, Edinburgh guys love football and either root for Hearts of Midlothian or Hibernian Football Club.

So, learn something about those football teams if you want to impress them.

When it comes to committing to relationships, however, they’re not as thrilled.



They’re not as reserved as the British in general, but they need a bit of time and courage.

And even if they’re very outgoing in general, men in Edinburgh are still shy about women. You still need to encourage shy guys to make a move.

Yet once in bed, they are quite adventurous.


Summary of Edinburgh Men

  • 3 traits: Edinburgh guys are hardworking, helpful, and approachable.
  • 2 tips: To appeal to men here, be presentable, and neat-looking. Be confident, and try to pick up their humor.
  • 1 fact: Edinburgh men are passionate fans of their city’s two football teams.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

hook up Edinburgh singles couples swapping

Edinburgh’s residents enjoy having casual sex. And the amount of tourists increases the chances to hook up here.

This means you can also hook up with strangers from all over the world and not only with the residents.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

The majority of the folks in Edinburgh like having sex. And since there are several yearly festivals, hookups and one night stands with tourists are part of the norm.

Additionally, people in Edinburgh generally have a slow-paced lifestyle. They are all about living life the way they want to without any problems.


Swinger Activities In Edinburgh

There are only a few swinger clubs in the city that cater mostly the local couples. If you would like to attend swinger parties, most of them take place privately in houses and hotels.

You’ll find many Edinburg members on Adult Friend Finder organize swinger parties regularly. The community is friendly, welcoming, and not pushy.

Just let them know you’re new here and it won’t take long before someone invites you. And don’t forget to bring booze because it shows that you are generous as well as friendly.


Is It Easy To Get Laid In Edinburgh?

Yes! Especially if you’re single. There is a great hook up culture, and people here are friendly and easy-going.

Instead, couples will have a harder time hooking up, but still possible if you work out the swinger club and adult dating sites.


Where To Find Casual Sex in Edinburgh

Whether you’re into nightstands, swinger parties, or even BDSM activities, you’ll find just about anything in this Scottish city.

So let’s explore some of the best places and ways to get laid in Edinburgh…


1. Sex Dating Online

After testing several hookup apps and sites for a month, we found out that the easiest way to get laid is to use a platform like Adult Friend Finder.

It’s loaded with horny singles and couples into all sorts of sexual experiences.

If it’s your first time using adult sites to get laid, take some time to learn how to hook up online. In short, you need to:


2. Bars And Nightclubs

The nightlife of Edinburgh is the ultimate stress-reliever. The whole city is packed with night venues for singles that it’s unlikely you’ll lever run out of places to party and hook up.

Here are some of the best singles bars and nightclubs in Edinburgh:

• Cabaret Voltaire – Located 4-min walk from Mary King’s Close, this dance club is the life of Edinburgh.

• The Hive – Located at Niddry Street, this is one of the cheapest nightclubs you’ll find in Edinburgh.

But make no mistake, because the diverse range of music is perfect for people of all ages!

• Liquid Room – Located at Victoria Street, you’re sure to have the time of your life at this nightclub.

From diverse music to renowned artists and amazing people, a night of fun and casual sex is almost guaranteed.

• Sneaky Pete’s – Located at Cowgate Street, this cozy nightclub always has buzzing loud music and is perfect to find late nightstands.

• Panda & Sons – Located at Queen Street, this bar offers great cocktails as well as wines and craft beer.

If you’re confident enough to approach strangers, then you might even find a hookup partner for the night.

• Why Not – Located at George Street, this is one of the most popular nightclubs among students.

From dance floors to cocktail bars and party booths, you can find just about anything here making this place perfect for hookups.

• Nightcap Bar – Located at 3 York Pl, if you know how to flirt with older women then this cougars bar won’t disappoint you.

Edinburgh nightlife is diverse with George Street coming at the top of the list with its sophisticated nightclubs.

If you want to grab a drink and possibly find hookups opportunities early in the night, then you can head to Cowgate and Grassmarket.

And don’t forget to take your dates to New Town to explore the various restaurants.

Stay away from the informal red-light district at Salamander Street in Leith.

We have also covered the hookup nightlife in Glasgow, another great Scottish city to have fun.


3. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

Edinburgh swinger club erotic party orgies gang bang

There weren’t too many swinger clubs in Edinburgh before the pandemic, and now there are even fewer.

Even though the few remaining sex clubs organize swinger parties periodically, the majority of sex parties take place privately.

The best way to meet couples and also singles into this lifestyle is to use an adult site like Adult Friend Finder. Be friendly and you’ll get several invitations to sex parties on the weekend.

With that said, these are the lifestyle clubs in this city:

• Club Aphrodite – Located in the city center, this swinger club is open on Friday and Saturday nights. You can expect to find all sorts of adult fun here and a comfortable atmosphere to relax.

• After 8 Club – Located at Spittal Street, although this club weighs a bit higher on the pricing side it hosts some of the wildest swinger parties in town and caters to the most gorgeous girls.


4. Strip Clubs

strip club near me Edinburgh UK stripper

Similar to other venues, the strip clubs in Edinburgh also offer a lot of variety. From regular stripteases to lap dances and at times even something kinkier.

But if you feel that the strip joints here lack variety, then adult cam sites like StripChat might be a better alternative for you. It has performers from all over the world and caters to every audience.

Nonetheless, here are 3 of the best strip clubs in Edinburgh:

• Fantasy Palace – Located at Shandwick Place, this is one of the best lap dancing clubs in Edinburgh.

• Baby Dolls: No1 Showbar – Located at Lauriston Street, you’ll find sexy ladies, quality champagne, and wine. It’s open 7 days a week.

• Burke & Hare – Located at High Riggs, if you want private dances, drinks and a night to remember in as little as £10.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

There are numerous LGBT friendly venues to hook up with transsexuals and transgenders in Edinburgh.

For starters, you can join the Edinburgh Trans Women Support Group to stay updated with their meetings and social events.

Similarly, you can also head to one of the many LGBT venues such as Café Habana.

Although not particularly, but there’s always a chance you might encounter trans people walking into such places.

You can also connect with trans people by signing up on trans dating sites.


6. BDSM Clubs

Are you looking to add some spice to your sex life? Does spanking, masochism and pain play turn you on?

The only place for BDSM activities where you can also find other like-minded people is Club Aphrodite.

This swinger club hosts frequent fetish parties and you can take advantage of the six bondage playrooms to punish your partner.

If you don’t have a partner yet, check out It’s a hookup site for BDSM people.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Edinburgh

Are you thinking about finding a partner but get turned off after remembering the trouble that comes along?

We don’t really blame you – serious relationships can be a total mess.

Every day you have to deal with nagging and unreasonable demands just for mediocre sex at the end of the day (that too depends on the mood).

But that comes as a part of the package and you can’t only get the perks, right?

Well, what if we told you that you can get companionship and intimacy without the constant drama and BS.

Imagine spending time with a sexy partner, going on romantic dinner dates, and then having blasting sex. Spend time with someone who looks after you.

If that is what you’re looking for, then a sugar arrangement can turn your dreams into a reality. The easiest way to go about it is to use a site like Sugar Daddy Meet.

There are many sugar babies and daddies looking for mutually beneficial relationships.

After that, simply schedule a meetup with your sugar daddy or baby to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

All you have to do is to sign up and look for the right partner.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Unable to get enough privacy at your home and can’t afford a hotel? Why not spice things up by exploring some outdoor places for sex.

Here are some of your options in Edinburgh:

• Holyrood Park – The largest park in Edinburgh encompassing almost 260 hectares, so you know why it’s here.

• Easter Drylaw Park — One of the less crowded parks in the city and it’s even emptier at night.

• Figgate Park – Known for its multiple walking trails, and overall greenery, so you’re likely to find a secluded spot.

• Trinity Path – A huge path that connects to multiple parts of the cities. Plenty of nooks and crannies here for a fun session.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex In Edinburgh

It goes without saying that if you truly want to enjoy the city and hook up easily, then finding the right party hostel is a must.

These are the best party hostels in Edinburgh to have a good time:

• Kick Ass Hostel

• Castle Rock Hostel – During the Fringe Festival, almost every show is gonna held near this hostel.

• High Street Hostel

Similarly, there are plenty of love hotels you could take your partner or fuckbuddy to if you want an erotic night of pleasure.

Here are the best erotic hotels in Edinburgh:

• The Rutland Hotel

• Fingal Hotel

• Tigerlily Hotel


Safe Sex and Clinics in Edinburgh

Having casual sex is good fun. But it’s important to cover up to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to check up periodically for STDs.

You can visit the Chalmers Sexual Health Centre and Medicspot Clinic to keep your sexual health in check.

If you enjoyed the Edinburgh sex guide, don’t hesitate to share it with someone that might need it.



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