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Copenhagen Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

Copenhagen is the tourist hub of Denmark, so you’re prone to find plenty of sexual opportunities in the city.

In this Copenhagen sex guide, we’ll arm you with all the info that you need to get laid.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics including the local hookup culture, the swinging scene, as well as the best places to find sex partners.

Night Copenhagen getting laid

Copenhagen is known for being the happiest city in the world and rightfully so.

It has an exhilarating nightlife for singles and with the liberal mindset of the locals, sex is pretty easy to score.

Also, couples and singles into threesomes and orgies can enjoy the swindling clubs as well as looking up with like-minded people online.

All in all, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that this city offers something for everyone.


This Rotterdam sex guide was last updated on 28 December 2021


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Girls in Copenhagen

The majority of girls in Copenhagen are Danish but you’ll find a minority of Middle-eastern and Asian races.


Look And Physical Appearance

Light hair and blue eyes are typical for Danish girls while those from the Middle-east and Asia have dark brown eyes and black hair.

Talking only about the Danish girls in Copenaghen, they are generally tall, have blue eyes and blond hair.

If you’re into fair skin ladies, most probably you’ll find Copenaghen women the most beautiful girls in Europe.


Attitude And Values

Career-driven and independent, Copenhagen women are strong and make their own money. They’re proud of their jobs and can take care of themselves.

When it comes to their beliefs, they’re very passionate and honest. You can expect them to be direct and say what’s exactly on their mind.

So if she’s into you, then she’d either say it upfront or at least drop obvious signs that she is secretly attracted to you.

Since they enjoy their freedom, they don’t get into serious relationships quickly. They’d rather have sex first, and only later consider making the relationship serious.



Girls in Copenhagen are sexually liberated and don’t hesitate to make a move on guys they’re interested in.

In fact, as we mentioned above they are straightforward in their sexual intentions.

One or two dates are enough to sleep with any girl in the city but you should expect the same easy attitude to disappear after a hookup.


Summary of Copenaghen Girls

  • 3 traits: Girls in Copenhagen are strong, career-driven, and honest.
  • 2 tips: To attract Copenhagen women don’t talk about politics instead focus on your passion.
  • 1 fact: Copenhagen girls usually have sex first to test physical compatibility before getting into a relationship.


Men in Copenaghen

The good-looking Copenhagen men are gentle giants perfect for assertive women.


Look and Physical Appearance

Despite the significant number of ethnicities, the men in Copenhagen can be distinguished cause of their distinct ethnic and physical traits.

The Danish are typically tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes while the Asians and Middle-easterners men living here have commonly dark hair and eyes.


Attitude and Values

Copenhagen men are famous for being respectful and polite. However, don’t expect them to give women special treatment, as they view everyone equally.

Although they’re cold to strangers, in reality, they’re just really private. They don’t want to bother others and prefer to be approached instead.

Even in dating, they’re generally passive and laid-back. As such, they don’t commit too soon and simply have casual relationships, unless they get emotionally attached.



On average, Copenhagen guys highly value having a good sex life, whether they’re in a relationship or not.

And in contrast to their submissive nature, they’re good partners in bed as they’re ranked as one of the world’s best lovers.

So as long as you don’t ask personal questions, your hook-ups won’t become awkward.


Summary of Copenaghen Men

  • 3 traits: Copenhagen men are respectful, passive, and private
  • 2 tips: To get the attention of men in Copenhagen, be trendy, and be the one approach.
  • 1 fact: Copenhagen guys view everyone equally and don’t give special treatment to women.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

find couples singles hookups Copenaghen one night stand

Copenhagen people have a liberal take on sex. As a result, they are free to hook up and have casual relationships without being judged.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Because of the country’s early and honest sex education program, the people here are well-educated about it. They consider sex as normal and ordinary.

Everyone can explore and enjoy their sexuality without judgment, no matter what they do in the bedroom or with their sex partners.


Swinger Activities in Copenaghen

There are several swinger clubs in Copenhagen. They all hold different kinds of parties most days like cougar and cuckold nights.

The entrance fee depends on the activity but it’s usually DKK 200 – 400 for Couples, DKK 100 – 400 for single men, and DKK 50 – 150 for single women.

Some swinger clubs also offer free tours to those thinking of participating, and others only reveal their events to guests.

Yet, you don’t necessarily need to visit a swinger club to Join sex parties. On sites like Adult Friend Finder, you’ll find several Copenhagen members hosting private events.

Just let them know you’re new in town, they’ll happily invite you to a private sex party on the weekend.


Is It Easy To Hook Up in the Copenaghen?

All things considered, singles in Copenhagen are loose when it comes to sex. So, it’s relatively easy to hook up in the city.

Dress well, be polite and sociable and you’ll get laid in Copenaghen pretty fast.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a wild city that offers something for everyone.

Whether your target is passionate about nightstands or you want to satisfy your naughty kinks, finding sex in Copenhagen is quite easy.

Let’s explore some of the best places and ways to get laid in Copenhagen


1. Sex Dating Online

The majority of the youngsters in Copenhagen prefer casual sex over traditional relationships. While there are several couples having an open relationship.

This is why hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder have many members looking for no string attached sex.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

As sexually liberal as the people of Denmark are, they still feel hesitant in openly discussing their love for the swinger scene.

But if you pay a visit to AFF you realize immediately that singles and couples are into sex parties. Plenty of people organizing private hookups.

Also, the swinger clubs are busy on weekends, so we’ve reviewed all of them:

City Swingers – Located near the metro station. It’s the most popular lifestyle club in Copenhagen and Denmark for that matter.

With 12 different playrooms to an erotic couple’s only area, the club opens 7 days a week. The entrance fee depends on the occasion but expects it to be around 100 DKK.

City Swinger 2 at Vesterbro – If you want something more conveniently located in the city center of the city, this is perfect for you.

xxDark – There’s also a sex club on Godsbanegade Street. This is more of a hardcore sex club where gangbangs and orgies take place. So expect the majority to be men.

• Swingergaarden – If you don’t mind driving one hour outside Copenhagen, then this club is in Stagelse.

It allows people of all sexualities and has porn movie bars, glory holes, massage booths and of course, plenty of sex.

Swingland– Located in Ishøj, also a sex club outside the city that offers a countryside swinger experience.


3. Bars And Nightclubs

The nightlife in Copenhagen is wild but it starts late. Usually, people get drunk at home because drinks in clubs and bars are expensive.

Here are the best bars and nightclubs in Copenhagen for singles:

Culture Box – Located at Kronprinsessegade Street, this is an ideal music venue if you want to enjoy the clubbing scene of Copenhagen and of course, hookup!

Chateau Motel – Located at Knabrostræde Street, this nightclub has 4 levels of entrainment.

Jolene Bar – Located at Flæsketorvet Street, the place to get drinks with strangers in a relaxing, yet, exciting atmosphere while enjoying live rock music.

Ideal Bar – Located at Enghavevej Street, during the week is a bar while on weekends it transforms into a nightclub.

Hive – Located at Skindergade Street, this exclusive nightclub appeals more to the posh audience of the city.

• Natcaféen – Located at Gothersgade 13-15, a great place to pick up cougars in Copenhagen. But whether you can get into their pants or not depends on your skills.

If you’re after nightstands, then approaching directly isn’t the best strategy.

Instead, try to befriend their group and get the contacts of the person you’re interested into start building sexual tension over text.

The best nightlife areas in Copenhagen are the Norrebro District where you can hook up with students. Or head to Griffenfeldsgade 52 and The Nyhavn for more mature hangouts.


4. Strip Clubs

Copenaghen gentleman club sensual girl strip tease night

Strippers in Bada Bing club – Copenhagen

Strip clubs aren’t in short supply in this city. Most are located in Vesterbro which is the red light area in Copenhagen.

However, strip clubs are an expensive affair since Copenhagen is an expensive city compared to other European sexual cities. That is the reason many people just hop on to cam sites like Strip Chat to enjoy an erotic, yet more affordable experience.

Having said that, here is a short review of the best strip clubs in Copenhagen:

• BADA BING – Located at Gothersgade Street, this place is regarded as one of the best international strip clubs of 2019.

• 7th Heaven – Located at Hausergade, if you’re into lap dances, then this strip club is going to take you exactly where its name says.

From luxurious VIP rooms to sexy strippers, this club is sure to provide you with a memorable bachelor’s night.

• Angels Club – Located at Nørregade Street, this is one of the most luxurious gentlemen’s clubs in Copenhagen.

The strippers here are selected among the top dancers in the world, so naturally, expect to pay a lot of money to get the best experience.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

Copenhagen is the most LGBT-friendly city in Denmark.

If you would like to meet transgenders and transvestites here, then we suggest going to Studiestræde Street as it is famous for its LGBT nightlife.

You can find Ts partying here almost every other night due to the high number of bars and nightclubs in the vicinity.

Moreover, you can use trans sites to hook up with the local transgenders.


6. BDSM Clubs

The Danes in Copenhagen are known to be kinky and as you can imagine there is a part of society who enjoys the fetish scene.

One of the top fetish clubs in Copenhagen is ManiFest Fetish which provides well-equipped playrooms and hosts frequent fetish parties.

The membership of this venue starts at 200 DKK, but it’s worth every penny thanks to the erotic atmosphere.

In case you want to hook up with like-minded people, check out the community of BDSM lovers on


7. Hookups During The Day

The daytime hookup scene is unfortunately dull in Copenhagen.

However, if you would still like to try, then make sure that you do not use cocky humor and instead, go for decent talks and smart but casual dressing.

The Stork Fountain Square is located in the city center and is an ideal place if you want to meet both locals and expats.

Otherwise, the Nyhavn District caters to numerous bars where you can get a drink with strangers to potentially score a date.

The chances of finding daytime hookups in this city heavily depend on your experience and how you approach things.

Be prepared to face multiple rejections before you finally get a stroke of luck and find sex.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Copenhagen

Most people enter serious relationships to enjoy both companionship and intimacy.

But unfortunately, what they have to deal with half of the time is constant nagging and headaches.

Wouldn’t life become so much easier if you could only enjoy the perks of a relationship avoid dealing with all the BS that comes in the package?

If that sounds too good to be true, then you should enter into a sugar arrangement. Sugar dating is more common than you think in Denmark.

And with so many tourists flocking to Copenhagen every year, you’d be surprised to see the number of sugar daddies you’d find.

But don’t worry, there are just as many sugar babies in the city as well. The easiest way to connect with them is on a site like Sugar Daddy Meet.

It’s a platform that helps you find mutually beneficial relationships. The only thing you need to do is create a profile, state your expectations and start meeting up once you find the right match.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

If you have a kink for hitting it in public then there are plenty of outdoor places for sex in Copenhagen.

Here are some of our top picks:

• Fælledparken – One of the largest parks in the city with 15 football fields available. There is plenty of parking space for car sex.

• Churchill park – This green space has huge trees that you can use as your cover.

• Amarminoen – Hiking area that you’ll mostly find empty at night.

• Østre Anlæg Park – A hidden gem due to the less crowd, so you can turn it into your basecamp for sex.


Best Hostels And Sex Hotels In Copenhagen

The best way of finding casual sex in Copenhagen is by finding the right place to stay.

For solo travelers, the choice of the hostel can matter the most. While for couples or mature singles, finding an erotic hotel can make sex feel so much better.

Here are the three best party hostels in Copenhagen:

• Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

• Sleep in Heaven

• Generator Hostel

Similarly, here are the three most erotic hotels in Copenhagen:

• Hotel D’Angleterre

• Nimb Hotel

• Avenue Hotel – (Most pocket friendly)


Safe Sex And Copenaghen Clinics

Casual sex can always be fun, but don’t forget to play safe and keep a track of your sexual health by going for periodic checkups.

If you don’t know where to get started in Copenhagen, you can visit Vitanova Clinic and CityDoctors to find English-speaking staff to check your sexual health.
This ends the Copenaghen sex guide. I hope it is been useful.



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