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Glasgow Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking for sex in Glasgow in the form of a casual relationship or just hook up, you’ll find all the info below.

This guide explains how to find casual sex partners and get laid in Glasgow whether you’re a couple or single.

But you’ll also learn about the local hookup culture, swinger scene, and best places to find casual sex.

Read more if you would like to have sexual encounters, nightstands and find a fuck buddy in Glasgow.

Glasgow hookups guide

Glasgow is a pretty fun city for singles as the people here don’t have sex with the intention of dating.

The locals are also often attracted to foreigners, so if you’re a tourist, then you won’t have to sleep alone.

You can either head out at night to look for sexual opportunities or hop on to adult dating sites.

But unfortunately, this city isn’t swinger friendly as London. There are only a few swinger clubs you can go to, and sex parties are usually held behind closed doors.

Yet, there are plenty of ways to connect with like-minded people, and this guide will have all the info you need to get laid in Glasgow.


This Glasgow Sex Guide was last updated on 13 December 2021


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Girls in Glasgow

The majority of the girls in Glasgow come from either Scottish or British blood. So if you’re into Caucasian beauties, then the girls here will definitely please you.


Look And Physical Appearance

Most of the women in Glasgow are either slim and tall or meatier and shorter.

nightlife single women get laid guide

Light-colored eyes are common for girls here. And they mostly have brown or blonde hair with fair skin.

You’ll also notice as you look around that Glasgow girls have a casual-trendy fashion style, which makes them easier to approach.


Attitude And Values

In general, Glasgow girls are friendly and helpful. Their kind nature extends to foreigners, as they enjoy interacting with them as well.

Since Glasgow women are outgoing and chatty, they’re known to be sociable and you’ll regularly see them hanging out with friends at pubs

Their dating culture’s laid-back, so it’s common for girls in Glasgow to hook up and have one night stands.

So the only thing you need to do is brush up your flirting skills, and you’re set to go.



Glasgow girls are open to casual sex, but they can be picky as they enjoy being pursued.

Additionally, some of them might be pretty shallow as looks and status play a part in attracting them.

You’ll find the women here to enjoy funny guys and find foreigners interesting. And if you get their humor, you’ve got a pretty good chance of sleeping with them.


Summary of Glasgow Girls

  • 3 traits: The girls in Glasgow are chatty, outgoing, and kind.
  • 2 tips: To attract women in Glasgow, dress well, and be charming. Try to be funny but not too forward to keep them interested.
  • 1 fact: The majority of girls in Glasgow have sex before getting into a relationship.


Men in Glasgow

True to their reputation, you’ll find Glasgow men to be generally kind and warm.

But keep in mind that during weekends there are too many drunk men around.


Look And Physical Appearance

The majority of men in Glasgow usually have light eyes and skin. Their hair colors range from light brown to blonde, and they’re generally around 5’8 tall.

You’ll also see that many of them have facial hair, and a lot choose to grow out their beards.

glasgow guys casual dating bars

Men in Glasgow mostly wear casual or comfortable streetwear when going out either during the day or night.

And when undressed, you’ll find their penis size to be above the average 6.35 inches.


Attitude And Values

Known for their kindness, Glasgow guys are the warmest men in England. They’re hospitable, polite, and always willing to lend a helping hand even to strangers.

Typically, Glasgow men get married around 34. So they don’t really pursue serious relationships until then because they prefer hookups and casual sex.

So if you’re hoping for a serious relationship with a man in Glasgow, then you first need to learn how to emotionally attract him.



Men in Glasgow can be somewhat shy when approaching women. But that’s easily aided by alcohol, so you can wait for them to make the first move.

However, don’t expect the same reservations when it comes to their bedroom performance.

Not only do Glasgow guys have strong stamina, but they’re also passionate lovers, more than other guys in the UK.

Now, if you want to physically attract men in Glasgow, be presentable and use natural-looking make-up, but don’t overdress.

In addition, try to joke and banter with them since humor is a big factor here.


Summary of Glasgow Men

  • 3 traits: The men in Glasgow are kind, helpful, and hospitable.
  • 2 tips: To attract Glasgow guys, use natural make-up, and be appropriately dressed. Try to get their humor so you can joke with them.
  • 1 fact: Glasgow men are very helpful even when it comes to strangers.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

single hook up culture Glasgow meet people getting laid

Most people in Glasgow don’t consider marriage until the age of 35. So hookups are the norm here for young people.

Stay away from the red light districts around Blythswood Square and Glasgow Green, otherwise, you’d end up paying for sex.

Instead, another alternative is to try local hook up sites for something more casual.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

In general, singles and even couples are into casual sex, whether it’s hookups or friends with benefits.


Swinger Activities In Glasgow

Even though the locals are open-minded forward swinging, there aren’t many sex clubs in Glasgow.

Most of the time, sex parties take place in private houses. So we recommend connecting with couples on Adult Friend Finder.

The good thing about private parties is you don’t have to pay to attend. Instead expect to pay an entrance of about £10 to £30 for the swinger clubs.

If you would like to learn more, I’ve reviewed the best swinger clubs in Glasgow here.


Is It Easy To Hook Up In Glasgow?

Hooking up in Glasgow is reasonably easy. Foreigners appeal to the locals, so the chance for success is pretty good.

For those who want to skip the pubs and nightclubs, looking for sex partners online is the way to go.


Where To Find Casual Sex In Glasgow

There are common places where to find hookups in any city. But below we cover the best one in Glasgow…


1. Sex Dating Online

The people of Glasgow are quite open towards causal sex, so you don’t have to work too hard to get laid.

Just use an adult dating site like Adult Friend Finder, there are plenty of horny singles and couples searching for fun.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

gentleman clubs Glasgow strippers erotic nightlife

Despite the lack of sex clubs, the swinger scene in Glasgow is quite active.

Just a look at AFF will show you how many members there are here. Keep an eye on the board room for the sex parties.

Most local swingers are usually couples over 35 years old, but you’ll find also several singles that enjoy having threesomes.

Now that you know the general dynamics, here are the two swinger clubs available in Glasgow:

Club X– Located at 68 Virginia Street, the tagline for this club is “where anything and everything goes”. You can find mixed ages and sexualities here.

Moreover, Friday’s here are dedicated to the LGBT spectrum.

• CJ’s Swinger Club – This club offers a relaxed environment for swingers. There are seven playrooms, two lounges and a separate smoking area.

There’s also a dungeon for kinksters, and voyeurs are also allowed.


3. Bars And Nightclubs

Glasgow has an exciting nightlife. Especially on ladies ‘ nights and weekends.

Here are the top 5 nightclubs and bars for singles in Glasgow:

Sub Club – Located at 22 Jamaica Street, this is one of the most popular nightclubs in Glasgow.

Apart from churning out some of the most popular DJs, you can always hook up here.

La Cheetah Club – Located At 73 Queen Street, this is an intimate club that has the capacity for up to 200 party animals.

It is an ideal place if you want to dance with people aged 20-30 and find hookups in Glasgow.

Nice N Sleazy – Located at Sauchiehall Street, this bar is open 7 days a week and has a welcoming atmosphere.

You can often find live bands playing here along with people of all age groups.

Bamboo Club – Located at West Regent Street, this dance club is famous among university students.

With the three floors of dance floors, you can party here all night and even get drinks for as low as £1!

All Bar One – Located at Vincent St, you can often find older women coming here after work.

Overall, a great place to hook up with cougars in Glasgow.

Stay away from Blythswood Square which is the main Red-light district area in Gaslow.

Instead, go around Buchanan Street, Argyle, and Sauchiehall where the best nightclubs, bars, and restaurants are located.


4. Strip Clubs

If you’re only looking for a striptease, then you don’t necessarily have to visit a gentlemen club. You can entertain yourself on cam sites like Strip Chat from the comfort of your home.

But if you’re looking for other services like lap, pole and table dances, then there are more than a few places you can go to.

So here are the 3 best strip clubs in Glasgow:

Platinum Lace – Located at 24 Durry Street, this is one of the most luxurious strip joints of Glasgow.

You can book a lap dance, a private party and even something more here with your group of friends.

Diamond Dolls – Situated near Mitchell Street, this is another strip club with stunning strippers and an entire VIP floor for special shows.

Seventh Heaven – Located near 14 Elmbank Garden, it is open 7 nights till 3 am and even has special offers for larger groups.

You can always find yourself surrounded by stunning women here who would be more than willing to give you private lap dances.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

The people of Glasgow have a very progressive mindset and have no issues with transgender and transsexual.

Although there aren’t any pure trans clubs in Glasgow, you can find numerous LGTBQ friendly venues.

You can always join the Trans Masculine Scotland community or go to other LGBT-friendly venues such as Katie’s Bar.

Anyway, a better way to hook up with local trans is to use popular trans dating sites.


6. BDSM Clubs

There is an active BDSM community in Gaslow where you can satisfy your kinks and fetishes.

If the idea of being turned into a slave and having sex while chained up turns you on then you can head to CJ’s at the Townhouse.

They organize sex parties while the house has a fully equipped dungeon to go wild with your bondage friends.

Apart from that, you can always find like-minded people on BDSM sites like


7. Hookups During The Day

The people of Glasgow are very friendly, so you can easily strike up an interesting conversation with them.

Being witty and humorous can certainly make your life easier, and increase your chances of getting laid.

Buchanan and Argyle are the main shopping districts of the city. Meaning those areas are great places to flirt and find hookups during the day.

Glasgow mall

Crowded malls like St. Enoch Centre and Buchanan Galleries are another great alternative.

Otherwise, if you’re into students, hang out in the cafes around the University of Glasgow.

Lastly, a walk throughout Pollok Country Park during summer is where you’ll connect with people into fitness.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Glasgow

Most of the people in Glasgow are into hooking up, so finding action isn’t a problem at all. But what if you want companionship and intimacy?

Going for a traditional relationship can be quite messy. Feelings get always in the way, especially when comes the time to break up.

Instead, an arranged relationship offers all the benefits without the drow back. You can have companionship, friendship, and intimacy without drama jealousy and unreasonable demands.

In Glasgow, there are many sugar babies (usually students) and sugar daddies. But they aren’t easy to spot.

Even though the locals are open-minded, you can’t go around asking someone to be your sugar baby or sugar daddy. This is why people use sites like Sugar Daddy Meet to connect.

All you need to do is create a profile, mention your expectations and start going through potential partners with benefits.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Nothing beats the thrill of banging in public. You can find plenty of places to have outdoor sex, just need to be a bit creative.

Here are some exclusive spots to have public sex in Glasglow:

• Pollok Country Park – This extensive woodland has all the places that you need to hide for a fun session.

• Kelvingrove Park – A huge park that is crowded during day, but mostly empty at night.

• Dams to Darnley Country Park – You can find a huge woodland area here, but make sure to bring a sheet and a mosquito repellent.

• Robroyston Park – This park is less crowded due to littering, so you can potentially make it your prime make-out spot.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex In Glasgow

If you’re young and you want to enjoy Glasgow’s nightlife, then staying in a party hostel is a must. There you also have the highest chance to hook up.

Here’s a list of the 3 best party hostels you could crash at:

• Glasgow Youth Hostel

• Euro Hostel

• Alba Hostel

Instead, mature singles and couples would prefer to stay in hotels with romantic interiors and good service like:

• CitizenM

• Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel

• Hotel Du Vin


Safe Sex and Clinics in Glasgow

The last thing you would want while enjoying sex life in Glasgow is to contract STDs or unwanted pregnancies.

Even if you always opt for safe sex, periodic check-ups can be reassuring while using condoms is a must.

The best STI clinics in Glasglow are Sandyford Sexual Health Service and The Private Clinic Glasgow to get yourself checked.

Hope you enjoyed the Glasgow Sex Guide.




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