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Paris Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking for sex in Paris, this guide has all the info that you need whether you’re a single or a couple.

This guide will show you the best places where to find sex and how to get laid in Paris. But also you’ll get an insight into the hookup culture and no string attached relationships.

Read more if you would like to have sexual encounters, regular hookups, or find a sex partner in Paris.

This Paris Sex Guide was last updated on 8 September 2020
It provides info for any sexual orientation and gender



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Girls In Paris
Look, values and sexuality

Men In Paris
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Paris

Where to Meet People For Sex in Paris
Night hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgenders and BDSM

How Live Sex Camming Online
Chat, interact and get an orgasm online

Find Companionship in Paris
How to arrange mutually beneficial relationships

Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Paris
Best hostels for hookups and kinky hotels in Paris

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play hard but keep safe


Girls in Paris

Paris women are a pleasure to look at. Not only they have cute faces, but they have nice bodies thanks to their healthy diet. And when you’ll hear their sexy accent, it’s hard to resist their charm.

However, you’ll need to put all your preconceptions on hold for a moment because, contrary to popular belief, Parisian girls are not all wealthy fashionista’s who stick their noses up at men who try to flirt with them. Instead, they’re laid back, charming and very easy to talk to.

As long as you’re charming, witty and can hold a good conversation, you’ve got a chance. Oh, and you must be confident and you must dress well.

But don’t think it’ll be easy to have sex with a local Paris girl. The majority of girls here see sexual relationships as a long term affair rather than a quick hookup.

Sexually speaking, girls in Paris are very passionate. If you can get talking to a girl during the day and woo her by showcasing your cultural knowledge and “joie de vivre,” there’s no reason you can’t create mutual attraction and intimacy.

That all said, you will need to work hard if you want to pick a girl up here. She has a lot of choices and she loves to be chased.

She also knows how to flirt with men making unclear the boundaries between just friendship and sexual relationship. You might take a girl out for dinner but get no sexual action afterward.

A thing that French girls in Paris can’t tolerate is timid and introvert guys. Instead, it’s better to show confidence by first walking up to her and engaging in French. Even if your French isn’t awesome, she’ll find this very cute.

Yet, don’t invite them to some cheap place, women in Paris have standards…

Don’t forget, though, that Paris is popular among tourist girls by day and night. As long as you use your charm, be romantic and flirty, there are endless opportunities to get laid in this amazing city.


  • Parisian girls are very passionate
  • Paris is the City of Love – girls here expect to be romanced
  • Be confident, flirt and speak to her in French


Men in Paris

You’ve seen the movies featuring guys whizzing through the Champs Elysee on their motorcycles without a care in the world.

And it’s true that Parisian men know how to live their life. They love art, good cuisine, good cars, fashion, great music, sexy women – and romance.

They also love to chase women and flirt. This is the main reason why it’s really important that you visit Paris with the mindset that the man is meant to work hard to woo you.

They love a bit of mystery and they don’t necessarily appreciate a woman who is too clingy. If you make it too easy for them, they will get bored.

Other than that, it’s straightforward to meet guys in Paris. Here, single men hang out at the cafes and bars, but you will also find them lounging in the parks or sitting by the banks of the Seine.

The galleries are great places to meet men, too. All you need to do is catch their eye and they’ll initiate a conversation about a painting you’re both looking at.

And the good news is, tourist girls and female expats have a great chance with Paris guys because they’re dying to show you around their fantastic city.

If you hit it off there’s every chance he’ll offer to take you back to his place. But don’t be upset if this doesn’t happen straight away, though.

In fact, you can increase your chances of success by playing hard-to-get and turning the man down at first. This will strengthen his desire to impress you and win you over eventually.

Expect French guys from Paris to be very romantic and passionate in bed. And try to be open-minded because most French men love to experiment sexually.


  • Men here love to live life to the fullest
  • Let them chase you – it’s what they want
  • Men in Paris appreciate passionate, sexually confident women


Sex Life And Hookup Culture


Looking to get laid in Paris? The good news is that Paris is an open-minded city forward sex.

There are red light districts, nightclubs, bars and sex clubs where people meet to find sex partners.

Yet, don’t expect to get laid the same day you meet someone new. Sex is seen as a need complementary to a romantic or sexual relationship rather than an act to itself.

Meaning hardly you’ll get the chance for a nightstand, but you’ll have several opportunities to find friends with benefits and sex buddies.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Steamy, erotic encounters in Paris are ingrained in the Parisian culture. If two people feel as though something physical is going to happen, it’s natural that they would follow through with it.

In fact, casual sex isn’t a dirty word here in Paris. However, you might have to spend time getting to know someone before having sex.

Swinger Activities In Paris

The French are open to experimentation when it comes to sex (just check out some of the old French movies of the sixties!). And this means there are lots of private sex clubs in Paris.

Many of them are located in dimly-lit backstreets, such as the infamous Les Chandelles.

However, it’s not too hard to find them, and you can even ask the taxi drivers for help (they might grin at you sheepishly, though!).

Make sure to check out the dress code for any swinger clubs you plan to visit. Even better would be to visit a club with friends that live in Paris.

If you don’t know anyone here, you can meet like-minded people on an adult dating site like Swap Finder. There are plenty of singles and couples into swinging activities.

Is It Easy To Hook Up In Paris?

For women, it’s easy to hook up with French men in Paris. But for foreign men, it takes an effort to hook up with French girls unless they go for tourist females.

There are opportunities to meet people during the day as well go out at night by visiting bars and clubs. But the best way to hook up is to use an adult dating site.

The only thing you might need is to know a few words of French to spark interest from the other party and to make them feel familiar forward you.


Where To Meet People For Sex in Paris

Getting sex in Paris isn’t as hard as you might think. After all, there is a reason is Paris is called the city of love.

Apart from having a wild nightlife, the city has several tourist destinations where is possible to hook up with tourists.

From night clubs to swinger parties and sex clubs — let’s see where you can hook up in Paris.

Night Hookups

If you want to enjoy the sinful nightlife in Paris, bars and nightclubs are the best starting point to get laid as the booze makes everyone more friendly.

The major nightlife areas are Pigalle, Bastille, Austerlitz, The Latin Quartes and Grands Boulevards.

Here are a couple of the best bars and nightclubs in Paris to get laid:

La Bellevilloise at Rue Boyer. This is one of the busiest clubs in Paris, especially during the weekend. This club attracts hordes tourists from around the globe, so there’s a great chance you might find someone for casual sex here.

Supersonic at Rue Biscornet. You are almost always going to find stunning Parisian girls and guys who you could chat up with.

Wanderlust at Quai d’Austerlitz. Being one of the favorite super clubs of Parisians, you can always expect to have a blast here. It’s a great place to mingle around and find some casual sex.

Rex Club at Boulevard Poissonnière. Huge dance floor where to pick up French girls (for guys) or attract French men (for girls).

Boum Boum at Avenue de Friedland. As the name of the club suggests, if you want some “Boum Boum”, then you can find a good company here.

Sex Dating Online

If you would love to meet new people, connect and build a rapport for fun times without getting too serious about a relationship, adult dating sites like Adult Friend Finder is the way to go.

You’ll find non-judgemental, open-minded and extremely horny singles and couples for meetups and sex.

So, if you are having a hard time getting laid in Paris, then this site may just be what you need.

Everyday Life Situations

You do not have to wander around only at the night to find casual sex in Paris. In fact, there are more than enough everyday life situations to meet new people if you go to the right places.

The idea of visiting the Eiffel tower at night might sound romantic to most people. However, it is just as exciting during the day as well. And with the number of tourists there, you might not be the only one that wants to get laid in Paris.

Malls and university cafes are also some great places if you want to have a chitchat with younger girls/boys and possibly end up finding casual sex.

Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

Les Chandelles swinger club in Paris

In Les Chandelles swinger club in Paris you can dine and wine while making new friends.

You’ll have an easy time to meet swingers in Paris simply because the city has one of the top swinging scenes in Europe known as “Prive Libertins.”

Here are some of the top swinger clubs in Paris to mingle:

Les Chandelles at Rue Thérèse. This is one of the most popular swinger clubs of Paris. The best part about this club is that you can find tourists here from all over the world, so you never know who might be looking for some fun. For couples, door charges are around €24-€90. For women is less than €50 and €50-€100 for men.

Le We Club at Rue Quincampoix. Also known as the ‘Yes’ club is another place where guys and girls can truly get wild. The entry for ladies and couples here is free, while single guys pay €105.

• Quai 17 at Quai de l’Ois. Being one of the largest sex clubs in Paris, you are surely going to love partying at this nightspot. There is even a cinema where pornographic films are played. The door charges range anywhere between €20-€105.

Yet, it’s the private sex parties in Paris where things truly get wild. And the only way to get access to the private swinger parties and orgies is to get in contact with like-minded people on this site.

BDSM in Paris

Want to truly satisfy your kinks and fetishes by finding a bondage partner? You are in luck because you can find several people in Paris that enjoy this lifestyle.

One of the best communities to find partners for erotic BDSM and sex dates is You’ll find play partners here to satisfy all your fetishes.

Transsexual And Transgenders

If you want to mingle with transvestites and transsexuals in Paris, there are several G/L/B bars up in the Marais and in Bois de Boulogne. But keep an eye open because these areas have a lot of prostitution too.

Some of the top trans bars and clubs in Paris are:

  • La Mutinerie
  • Club Le Rouge in Folies Pigalle. Every Sunday they horst a transgender party called Escualita (see video below).
  • Michou in Paris. Not a bar or club but a well-known cabaret show with beautiful trans.

If these places do not work out for you, then you can always use one of the biggest transgender dating networks like TSdates to hook up with transgenders in Paris.

Strip Clubs

Pink Paradise strip club in Paris

Want to visit a strip club? You won’t disappoint in this regard either.

Whether you are looking for a simple lap dance, or something more, here are some of the best strip clubs in Paris:

Keep in mind those places a pretty expensive, with cover charges starting at 30 Euros.

But the good news is they are conveniently located around the Pigalle and Rue Saint-Denis red-light districts.


How Live Sex Camming Online

Going to a strip club isn’t always possible. But fortunately, you can chat and interact with naughty girls, boys and couples online.

The only thing you need is a high-speed internet connection and the cam site will do the rest. Have fun!


Find Companionship In Paris

Paris is the ideal city for finding companionship in the form of a sugar baby/daddy relationship. Why? Because the city is home to the biggest universities in France and there is wealth.

In fact, many such relationships here in Paris are between students and older, wealthier men.

The idea is that the gentleman pays for the hard-up student’s tuition fees and loans, while the student returns the man’s favor in the form of companionship.

Just imagine spending time with a young and beautiful French girl without the hassles of a regular relationship. No drama, no muggings, and no unreasonable demands.

The best way to find a temporary girlfriend in Paris is to use a site like Seeking Arrangement, which is aimed specifically at these kinds of relationships.

This site is popular in Paris, where wealthy men come to work and travel for business and pleasure, and where young women come to enjoy life.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Paris

Hostels can be a great place to crash for solo travelers to party and enjoy one-night stands.

Hotels are more suitable for couples and mature singles who want to make the moment as intimate as possible.

Here are 3 best hostels to party in Paris:

Generator Paris – Ideal for solo travelers who want to get laid
St. Christopher’s Inn Gare du Nord – Best to party
Les Piaules – Top couple choice.

On the other hand, the best “sexy” hotels in Paris are:

La Fabe Hotel – Intimate boutique hotel with only 17 guest rooms.
Champs Elysees Plaza Hotel – Famous for erotic and quirky décor.
Elysees Regencia Hotel – Stylish and affordable.


Safe Sex and Clinics in Paris

Hook-ups can be fun, but the last thing you want is to contract STDs and to give it to someone else. So it’s important to get yourself checked frequently.

While in Paris you can visit the American Hospital or the Hertford British Hospital.

We hope this sex guide to Paris is been informative enough. Have fun!



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